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Do ON Cloud Shoes Run Small?






If you love running, you can’t miss out on the Swiss ON running shoe brand. It’s a newcomer that’s growing fast and has the potential to challenge big players like Nike and Adidas. ON is a Swiss brand that makes running shoes for better performance. It was started in 2010 by Olivier Bernhard, who used to win Ironman races, and two engineers. They wanted to create shoes that make running feel amazing soft landings and a strong bounce to give runners more power.

When you look at ON shoes, especially the Cloud and Cloudflow models, you’ll notice that they’re quite different from other running shoes. People who know ON will recognize the unique sole shape that looks like a “cloud.” In this article, we’ll talk about how well the On Clouds fit. Whether you’re a regular runner or have bigger feet, we’ll also cover if you should choose a larger size and provide details about finding the right fit.

Do On Cloud Shoes Run Small?

On cloud shoes
On cloud shoes

If you’re considering getting yourself a pair of On Cloud shoes, you’ve probably heard about their great fit and style. But before you dive in, you might be wondering: Do On Cloud shoes run small? The short answer is; generally, they run true to size. But there’s more to it than that, and we’ll break it down for you.

It’s not just about your typical shoe size while looking for the ideal pair of shoes. You need to consider a few things. On Cloud offers various sizes, so it’s important to make sure you measure your foot accurately to get the best fit possible. Your foot shape, arch support needs, and how you run all play a role in determining your ideal size. If you have wider feet, On Cloud suggests going up half a size for a better fit. It’s these little details that can make a big difference in your comfort.

So, to sum it up, On Cloud shoes generally run true to size. But finding your perfect fit involves a bit of foot measurement and understanding your unique foot shape and needs. And if you have wider feet, remember to consider that half-size increase. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be well on your way to finding the right On Cloud shoes for you. Happy shoe shopping!

ON Clouds: Pros and Cons

On is an athletic shoe and performance sportswear

ON Cloud shoes are popular for their unique design and innovative technology. In this discussion, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of these shoes. From enhanced comfort to potential drawbacks, we’ll break down what you need to know before lacing up a pair of ON Clouds.

Aspect Pros Cons
Style Versatility – Can work with a ton of different outfits – Some sizing inconsistencies, with some styles running half a size small
Variety – Available in numerous styles and colors – Sizing may require going up half a size for a proper fit
Comfort – Comfortable – Variability in toe box width, some styles are wider while others are more narrow
Convenience – Slip-on design in some styles – Price

Please be aware that as the material is based on reviews and first-hand accounts, each person’s experience with ON Clouds sneakers will be unique.

How To Find The Right Size on Cloud Shoes?

On cloud women shoes
On Cloud shoes

So, you’ve heard all the buzz about Cloud shoes the sleek, innovative footwear that combines performance and style like never before. Now, you’re eager to experience the comfort and cloud-like feeling they offer. But there’s one critical question: How do you find the right size for Cloud shoes?

Fret not, because in this article, we’ll guide you through the process confidently and expertly, ensuring that your feet will float on clouds in no time.

Understand the Basics of Cloud Shoes

On cloud men shoes
On cloud men shoes

Before we delve into the intricacies of sizing, it’s imperative to grasp the essence of cloud shoes. These marvels of footwear engineering are designed to provide ultimate cushioning and support, making every step feel like a gentle glide. Their unique sole structure, reminiscent of fluffy clouds, is composed of advanced materials that adapt to your foot’s shape, ensuring a personalized fit.

Start with Your Regular Shoe Size… But Stay Open-Minded

When embarking on your Cloud shoe sizing journey, your regular shoe size is a great starting point. However, it’s important to remember that cloud shoes often have a distinct sizing mechanism due to their specialized technology. Don’t be disheartened if your usual size doesn’t feel like a snug fit. The goal is to find a harmonious balance between the familiarity of your regular size and the unique requirements of Cloud shoes.

Consult the Cloud Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Cloud shoe size charts provide size conversion charts that correlate your usual shoe size with the corresponding cloud shoe size. These charts can be a treasure trove of insights, offering valuable guidance on how to translate your sizing into the Cloud shoe universe. Keep in mind that sizing may vary between different brands, so it’s wise to consult the specific chart for the brand you’re interested in.

Measure Your Feet Accurately

Precise measurements are key to unlocking the realm of cloud shoe comfort. Grab a ruler, a piece of paper, and follow these steps:

  • Stand on the paper and ensure your weight is distributed evenly.
  • Put a pencil vertically in your hand and trace the shape of your foot.
  • The breadth across the broadest portion of your foot and the length from the heel to the longest toe should also be measured.
  • Compare these measurements with the brand’s size chart for an accurate match.

Leverage Customer Reviews and Feedback

In the digital age, you’re not alone on your sizing quest. Rely on the experiences of fellow cloud shoe enthusiasts by delving into customer reviews and feedback. Pay close attention to comments related to sizing these anecdotes can offer valuable insights into whether a particular brand runs true to size or requires adjustments.

Consider Your Activity

Different activities may warrant different sizing approaches. If you’re planning to use your Cloud shoes for running, consider going up a half size to accommodate the natural swelling that occurs during exercise. On the other hand, for casual wear, your regular size might be sufficient. Always prioritize comfort, especially if you’re engaging in high-impact activities.

Embrace the Trial-and-Error Process

As you embark on your cloud shoe sizing journey, remember that finding the right fit might involve a bit of trial and error. Don’t be discouraged if your first choice doesn’t fit perfectly—each step brings you closer to the perfect cloud shoe size. Many online retailers offer a hassle-free exchange or return policies, allowing you to experiment until you find the ideal fit.

What Determines Your Shoe Size?

On CloudSurfer 7 Running Shoes

Imagine strolling into a shoe store, eyeing the latest footwear collection, and eagerly slipping into a pair that seems like it’s tailor-made for your feet. The anticipation of owning the perfect pair of shoes is undeniably exciting. However, achieving that flawless fit isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Your shoe size is influenced by a multitude of factors that extend far beyond mere numbers on a sizing chart. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of shoe sizes and discover what makes the perfect fit a puzzle worth solving.

The Dance of Foot Shape and Size

Feet, those remarkable foundations of mobility, come in all shapes and sizes. Just like no two people are identical, neither are their feet. The width, length, and arch height can vary dramatically from one individual to another. These variations play a vital role in how shoes fit. Some folks might have feet on the broader side, while others boast elegant arches or toes that extend with an artistic flair. 

Due to these little differences, you’ll need to exercise a little detective work by measuring your foot’s length and width and comparing them to the shoe’s sizing chart. This detective work will help ensure your feet nestle comfortably into those new shoes.

The Sock Factor

On cloud running shoes
On Cloud running shoes

Ah, the often-overlooked yet significant sock factor. The socks you choose can influence your shoe experience. Imagine slipping on a pair of chunky socks – they might make your feet cozy, but they can also take up valuable space inside the shoe. Result? A snug fit that feels more like a vice. 

On the flip side, thin socks might lead to a little too much foot-sliding action inside the shoe. When trying on new shoes, always consider the type of socks you’ll be pairing them with. A little sock thought can go a long way in ensuring your shoes don’t turn into foot-torture devices or slip ‘n slides.

Brand and Style: The Unique Dimensions

On Cloud Logo
On Cloud Logo

Imagine this: you’ve got your eyes set on a pair of On Cloud shoes that you’re convinced will have you feeling like you’re walking on, well, clouds. But hold on before you take that leap, consider this: different brands and styles of shoes have unique dimensions. Even if they bear the same size label, their fit can be as different as night and day. 

For example, On Cloud shoes might be known to run true to size but don’t rely solely on reputation. It’s always a wise move to consult the sizing chart, ensuring that your journey to cloud-like comfort is guaranteed success. And remember, shoes aren’t just shoes running shoes, boots, and various other styles might require a distinct size or fit from your everyday pairs.

The Swell Chronicles

Life is full of ups and downs and your feet are no exception. Your feet can experience swelling throughout the day, especially during active pursuits or warm weather. That pair of shoes that felt like a perfect fit in the morning might start feeling a bit snug by the time the sun sets. 

To counter this, consider trying on shoes later in the day when your feet are at their most “expansive.” Some shoes even come equipped with nifty features like adjustable straps or laces that can accommodate foot swelling. It’s like giving your feet a little extra room to breathe, even on the busiest of days.


What are ON Cloud shoes known for?

ON Cloud shoes are known for their innovative cushioning technology and unique design. They feature cloud-like pods on the sole that provide a cushioned landing and a responsive takeoff, offering a comfortable and efficient running experience.

What type of runners are ON Cloud shoes designed for?

ON Cloud shoes are designed for a wide range of runners, from casual joggers to serious athletes. They are especially popular among those looking for a combination of comfort, style, and performance.

Do ON Cloud shoes require a break-in period?

The ON Cloud shoes are crafted for immediate comfort upon wearing, usually eliminating the need for a prolonged breaking-in phase. Nevertheless, akin to all fresh shoe acquisitions, it is advisable to progressively accustom your feet to lengthier running sessions to facilitate the proper adjustment.

How do ON Cloud shoes differ from traditional running shoes?

ON Cloud shoes stand out from traditional running shoes due to their unique cushioning technology. The cloud pods on the sole offer a distinct cushioning and energy-returning sensation, setting them apart from more conventional foam-based cushioning systems.

Are ON Cloud shoes suitable for people with wide feet?

ON Cloud shoes come in various widths to accommodate different foot shapes. It’s recommended to check the specific width options available for the particular model you’re interested in to find the best fit for your feet.

Are ON Cloud shoes machine washable?

Most ON Cloud shoes are not recommended for machine washing, as they could damage the materials and the unique cushioning pods. Instead, it’s recommended to clean them by hand using a damp cloth and mild soap.

Can I remove the insoles in ON Cloud shoes?

Yes, the insoles in ON Cloud shoes are usually removable. This feature allows you to replace them with custom orthotics if needed or simply to clean and air out the shoes more effectively.

Do ON Cloud shoes offer waterproof options?

Yes, ON Cloud does offer waterproof versions of some of their models. These shoes are ideal for jogging in rainy or damp areas because they are made to keep your feet dry and comfy in those conditions.

Are ON Cloud shoes suitable for competitive racing?

Yes, many runners use ON Cloud shoes for competitive racing. The combination of lightweight design, cushioning, and responsiveness can be advantageous for shorter races where speed is a priority.

Can I use ON Cloud shoes for marathons?

While ON Cloud shoes can certainly be used for marathons, the suitability depends on your personal preferences and running style. Some runners prefer more cushioning for the longer distance, while others appreciate the lightweight and responsive nature of ON Cloud shoes.

How durable are ON Cloud shoes?

The durability of ON Cloud shoes is a central consideration during their design phase. The architecture of the cloud pods is strategically crafted to endure the rigors of regular running and physical activity. These cloud pods consist of robust rubber compounds, ensuring their resilience over time.

Are ON Cloud shoes beneficial for treating plantar fasciitis?

ON Cloud shoes may provide some relief for individuals with plantar fasciitis due to their cushioning and support. However, it’s recommended to consult with a medical professional to determine the best footwear for your specific condition.

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