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Alphalete Size Chart: 9 Tips For Choosing Gym Clothes






These days, the clothes you wear when you go to the gym reflect your personality and how you live your life. When we go to the gym, a lot of us put careful consideration into what we wear because we believe that what we wear directly reflects how we feel about our approach to fitness and health. Because of this, numerous brands market themselves to consumers as “tribes” or “families,” groups that consumers desire to be a part of.

Have you been staying up to date with the most recent information regarding the Alphalete Athletics clothing line?

Alphalete was founded in 2012 as a simple YouTube channel; however, over the following years, it developed into a clothing company that now produces apparel and gear for the community of people who engage in physical activity. They provide apparel that is ideal for gym and all-day wear and is designed to provide consistent comfort over an extended period.

The following article will provide you with all the information regarding the Alphalete size chart you require.

Alphalete Size Chart For Men

Alphalete Size Chart For Men
Alphalete Size Chart For Men via Instagram

Is it time for you to upgrade your wardrobe? The Alphalete size chart for men will help you identify what size is best for the next items of clothing that you purchase. This article provides all the information that you need in order to make an informed decision about which size to purchase.

What are your measurements? How tall are you? What is your weight range? Take a minute and find out with this quick quiz! Once these have been determined, we can get started! 

XS 26 – 27 35 – 37 28 34 – 36
S 28 – 30 37 – 39 30 36 – 38
M 31 – 33 39 – 42 32 38 – 40
L 33 – 34 42 – 45 34 40 – 42
XL 35 – 37 45 – 48 37 43 – 44
XXL 38 – 40 48 – 50 40 45 – 47


Determine the circumference of your chest by going around the fullest part. Maintain a horizontal position with the measuring tape. A little less than one “below the line of the armpit.


Take your measurement around the fullest part of your natural waist. Measure this area after bending to the side to locate the natural crease that forms in your waist. Approximately at the same general location as your belly button.


To take a hip measurement, a person should stand with their feet shoulder-width apart and measure around the broadest part of their hips. A little bit higher than the middle of your glutes.

Alphalete Size Chart For Women

Alphalete Women clothings
Alphalete Women clothings via Instagram

Clothing that is the appropriate size and fit for the wearer is among the elements that constitute one of the essential components of any exercise regimen. This information is not only important for comfort but also for safety, as clothes that are too small may cause discomfort and even injury when working out.

Here’s a handy chart with guidelines on what size Alphalete will work best for you:

XXS 29 – 31 23 – 24 32 – 34
XS 31 – 33 25 – 26 34 – 36
S 33 – 35 27 – 28 36 – 38
M 35 – 37 29 – 31 38 – 40
L 37 – 38 32 – 34 40 – 42.5
XL 39 – 41 35 – 37 42.5 – 45
XXL 41 – 43 38 – 41 45 – 48


32 XS XS S S M M
34 XS S S M M L
36 S S M M M L
38 S M M L L XL


Determine the circumference of your chest by going around the fullest part. Maintain a horizontal position with the measuring tape.


Take your measurement around the fullest part of your natural waist. Measure this area after bending to the side to locate the natural crease that forms in your waist. In the neighborhood of two “above the button on your belly.


When determining your hip size, you should stand with your feet together and take your measurement around the fullest part of your hips. a little bit higher than the middle of your glutes.

Things To Know About Alphalete Brand

Alphalete Clothing Brand
Alphalete Clothing Brand via Instagram

The product that a company sells is, without a doubt, the focal point of most people’s attention, and with good reason; however, other aspects of a business can significantly impact the overall experience that a customer has with that business. The following paragraph will provide you with all the essential information you’ll need to know, including a look at their pricing, shipping policies, and other business practices.

Overall Rating

Given that the company has been in business for about ten years, you can find a lengthy list of recent and old customer reviews that provide an insightful look at how the business functions. You’ll find that customers fall into two distinct categories: those who are completely dissatisfied with the business, on the one hand, and those who believe they are well worth the investment, on the other.

The importance of their products is only one part of the equation; other aspects, such as shipping and customer service, also play a significant role.


Although the company states that orders will arrive within seven to ten business days, many customers have reported that the company’s shipping can be inconsistent in many different ways. Because their website only sometimes reflects their current stock, there are times when customers order products that the company is unable to fulfill.


Although they are not the most affordable option available, purchasing an item of clothing from them is not guaranteed to blow your budget. The price range in their catalog is typically between $20 and $80, but this can vary depending on the category you are looking through.

Is Clothing From Alphalete Made of Quality Materials?

When working out, we must wear robust and durable clothing that will not quickly wear or tear and will not restrict our movements. The utilization of various textiles allows for increased longevity in athletic wear. 

The amount of fabric in each component can impact the degree to which it is stretchy and comfortable. To determine whether or not several of Alphalete’s most famous pieces are of a high enough quality, we have analyzed the material that makes them up.

Men’s Training Tight

A popular option available for men is the Men’s Training Tight, which comes in five different colors. These stockings are constructed using a combination of spandex and polyester. Because polyester is durable, you won’t have to worry about the tights ripping quickly. In addition to this, it is stretchy, making it an excellent choice for activities such as squatting and stretching. When you work out in spandex, it will help you feel the burn more effectively and will also support your muscles.

Womenswear Pants 

The Women’s Alphalux Essential & Pocket Leggings are constructed from nylon and spandex, whereas the other womenswear pants are constructed from various materials. These also provide a great deal of stretch, but in addition to that, they make sure that the wearer’s rear end is well-supported by the leggings. Additionally, the waistband helps to create the appearance of a toned and flat stomach.

Women’s OG Revival Leggings

Polyamide, polyester, and elastane are the three components that make up a pair of Women’s OG Revival Leggings. The materials used in the leggings make them exceptionally durable and resistant to tearing and wear and tear. These leggings perform exceptionally well for strenuous workouts in the fitness center.

In addition to producing leggings of a high standard, the line also includes other excellent pieces in terms of the quality of the materials used to construct them.

Women’s Crop Tank

Cotton and elastane are the materials for making the Women’s Crop Tank. In contrast to polyester, cotton does not absorb sweat odor to the same extent, making it a more breathable and desirable fiber.

Surface Infinity Sports Bra

The Surface Infinity Sports Bra utilizes a specialized surface fabric exclusive to the brand. To provide excellent support & shape retention, which are crucial for women’s busts, this fabric is a blend of spandex and polyester.

Overall, it is evident that the company considers the efficacy of various materials regarding particular pieces. This is crucial to ensuring that the appropriate gym attire is chosen based on the wearer and the activity they will be engaging in. The various material combinations mentioned above are typical in activewear and effective for athletic clothing.

Alphalete: Does It Run Small?

Several consumer complaints about Alphalete Athletics on review websites like Trustpilot Inc. and the Better Business Bureau. Many highlight how the company makes goods that are either too small or need to fit correctly.

Alphalete indeed wears apparel that fits very closely. The majority of the leggings in the gym are made of spandex, which is a material that is designed to adhere closely to the body. This can occasionally produce a feeling of constriction, which is something that a lot of individuals find unpleasant. Before making the purchase, it is critical to investigate the composition of the fabric used in the leggings. If one of the fabrics used is spandex, it is recommended that you purchase a size larger than you typically would for the item in question.

The brand is quite solid when it comes to providing a selection of sizes in a variety of options.

  • The sizes for women’s clothing go from XXS to XXL, while those for men’s clothing go from XS to XXL.
  • Even though the company does not provide a comprehensive sizing guide on its website, it does include a description of how certain parts ought to fit to assist clients in determining which fit is most appropriate for them. For instance, men’s joggers are designed to be baggy but tapered in the legs and arms.
  • On the other hand, women’s leggings are said to have a fit that is consistent with the regular fit of the firm. New consumers, who are typically unfamiliar with Alphalete’s typical sizing, may need clarification.

9 Tips For Choosing Gym Clothes

Gym Clothing
Gym Clothing

There should be rules for choosing clothes in a professional, severe environment or a free and comfortable place. For the gym, there are also rules that men and women need to know to choose the right gym clothes for men and women. Here are the top 9 tips for choosing gym clothes you have collected. Let’s find out what it is now.

3 tips for choosing gym clothes before working out

Choosing the right gym clothes for men and women is half the journey at the gym. The rest is the time, effort, and determination to conquer the gym of young men and women.

Gym clothes for each subject

Before buying men’s and women’s gym clothes, you need to determine what subject you will participate in when going to the gym. With different subjects, there will be different ways to choose clothes.

For example:

If you want to practice yoga, this subject requires regular stretching, so you must choose clothes with good elasticity to practice yoga movements and postures easily.

If you want to do cardio, this exercise needs a lot of movement often, so it is necessary to have a tip for gym clothes, such as choosing clothes that are sweat-absorbent and cool to perform body fat burning comfortably.

If you want to run or dance Zumba, you can choose outfits including crop tops and shorts for women or T-shirts, tank tops, and shorts for men.

Gym clothes according to the weather

The weather can also affect the quality of your workout if you don’t choose the right gym clothes for the weather.

For hot days, exercise plus hot weather will make it easier to sweat more. Therefore, choosing cool clothes, absorbing sweat well, and limiting water loss during exercise are necessary.

For cold days, gymnastics men and women also need to choose products such as long pants, leggings, long-sleeved shirts, or gym clothes with suitable heat-retaining materials, helping to keep the body warm during the day while working out.

Or wear layers of clothing to help keep warm. Add a male sports shirt and leggings, as women can wear a sports bra inside and outside. Men can wear long-sleeve t-shirts and short pants. Inside, you can wear more sports socks (leggings) for men.

Today’s fashion brands also use materials with good heat retention in sportswear products, so players have more options for themselves.

Gym clothes by material

Gym clothes for men and women are made from many materials, the most popular of which are elastic, cotton, and synthetic fibers.

Elastic fabric: This fabric can create many types of gym wear, from men’s and women’s gym shirts to short and long pants or leggings. The fabric has 4-way stretch, suitable for subjects that need high elasticity, such as yoga.

Cotton fabric: Has good sweat absorption and ventilation properties, so this is also one of the gym clothes tips about materials that gymmers need to know. Thanks to these properties, cotton fabric can be used as clothing for most sports in the gym.

Synthetic fiber fabric: Synthetic fiber fabric is durable, does not mildew, and dries quickly, so this is also one of the materials commonly used to create men’s and women’s gym clothes.

4 tips for choosing gym clothes while working out

After choosing the right clothes for the subject, material, and weather, the following tips for gym clothes need to be noted are:

Wear the right size

When doing sports, especially going to the gym, it is necessary to wear clothes that are the right size for your body to be comfortable during exercise. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, restrict blood circulation, or cause discomfort when performing movements. Also, do not wear too loose clothes, as that only obstructs and limits your ability to function.

Equipped with the necessary clothes and tools

In addition to men’s and women’s gyms, clothes, shoes, socks, and gloves are essential for gymers. These items will help maximize the activities and movements in the gym, helping the practitioner achieve the best effect.

Wear clothes with matching colors

People with fair skin are usually not picky about the color of their clothes, so they can easily choose colors according to their preferences. People with dark skin should avoid wearing luminous costumes such as pink, neon green, yellow, etc. Instead, choose more skin-friendly colors such as black, nude, beige, gray, etc.

Wear clothes appropriate to the place of practice

Choosing the right outfit for the gym is also a tip you should know. Some gyms will have their dress codes for each subject. Before coming to practice, you must also learn to avoid being “lost” compared to the rest.

2 tips for choosing gym clothes after working out

After practice, the men’s and women’s gym clothes you have worn will be soaked with sweat. The most important thing is cleaning up before going to the next gym.

Wash clothes after training

Sportswear is often made of specialized materials with a certain elasticity, so it is necessary to avoid over-squeezing when washing. Because when you wring it out, it can stretch the fabric, making clothes quickly damaged. Therefore, it is also necessary to limit washing gym clothes in the washing machine. Washing machines also cause clothes easier to lose their form.

Do not pour soap directly on the fabric or wash with hot water when washing gym clothes. These things will reduce the life of gym clothes.

Dry clothes naturally

Avoid drying clothes in direct sunlight. The direct sunlight on the clothes will cause them to discolor and damage the fabric quickly. When drying, hanging men’s and women’s gym clothes horizontally on the clothesline is recommended, avoiding drying like regular clothes. Because when drying with a hook, as usual, the fabric of the clothes hangs down, quickly loses its form, and stretches.


Does Alphalete Athletics make purchases in China?

There is evidence in the form of import records suggesting that Alphalete Athletics has purchased items from a Chinese company known as Vanquish (HK) Ltd., a well-known supplier in the Hong Chong region of China. It would appear that there was only one shipment in 2018 for a total of 446 products with the description of “Alphalete Simplified Joggers.”

Who was the founder of Alphalete Athletics?

In 2012, a popular YouTuber by the name of Christian Guzman founded the workout clothing firm that has since achieved incredible success. He is a fitness instructor and nutrition specialist who turned what started as a pastime of offering people advice on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram into a multimillion-dollar fitness business. 

The business presently has a sales volume of $1.63 million per year and employs twenty individuals specializing in design, fashion, and brand.

Is it worthwhile to purchase an Alphalete-branded product?

To answer your question in a nutshell: yes, in our opinion. The company sells various products designed to meet the needs of various gym-goers and athletes. There are leggings available that are ideal for high-intensity aerobic activities and focus more on strengthening the muscles.

In addition, the planet of Alphalete features a strong sense of community among its inhabitants. When you have items from the brand’s collection, you will likely experience an increase in self-assurance regarding your appearance and motivation to work out. 

Are the Alphalete leggings designed to withstand squatting?

They could be sturdy enough for most individuals, but they can still withstand repeated instances of squatting. Because there are many accounts from consumers describing how their leggings tore in the middle of a squat, this is something that everyone should consider before making a purchase.

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