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Vibram Shoe Size Chart: Are The Vibram Five Fingers Suitable For Running?






Vibram is an old Italian brand founded in 1937 by Vitale Bramani. The brand started producing rubber soles around the 1930s. Because of the high durability and adhesion of the sole, the sneaker models from Vibram are often used for sports or climbing purposes. However, that also makes Vibram rarely pay attention to fashion lovers.

In 2005, Vibram introduced a new type of shoe with a design based on the shape of the foot and called them “FiveFingers”. From its launch until recently, Vibram “FiveFingers” seems to have only appeared in the field of dedicated sports. In the fashion field, people find shoes very monstrous and oddly ugly. It is even ranked on the same list as the ugliest shoes on earth, like Crocs.

Vibram soles

This article might help you determine what size Vibram shoes will fit you. Look at the graph below and follow its instructions.

Vibram FiveFingers Men’s Shoe Size Chart

Vibram shoes – SPYRIDON EVO

The Vibram Shoe Size Chart is used to help you determine what size shoe or boots you should order when purchasing from the Vibram website. This chart is essential because if you order the wrong size, your foot can get cramped from trying to squeeze into a shoe that does not fit.

When ordering a new pair of shoes or boots, you must take your measurements and match them up with this chart before ordering any footwear from the site. The proper sizing will ensure that your shoes are comfortable.

US UK EU Inches CM
8 38 9.61 24.4
6 39 9.88 25.1
9 40 10.00 25.4
7 41 10.24 26.0
10 8 42 10.51 26.7
11 9 43 10.75 27.3
11½ 44 10.98 27.9
12 10½ 45 11.26 28.6
12½ 11½ 46 11.50 29.2
13 12 47 11.73 29.8
14 13 48 12.01 30.5
15 14 49 12.24 31.1
16 15 50 12.52 31.8

Vibram FiveFingers Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Vibram women shoes – V-TRAIL 2.0 WOMEN’S

This post has the Vibram shoe size chart. It contains information about finding your Vibram shoe size, determining if Vibrams are good for you, and determining the size ranges best suited for different feet

To find your size in Vibram, measure the length of one of your feet from the heel to the point where your toes start. You then match this measurement on our size chart for an accurate shoe size. Please note that these measurements were taken with socks on and not barefoot. 

US UK EU Inches Centimeter
5 34 8.11 20.60
3 35 8.39 21.30
5⅞ 36 8.62 21.90
4 37 8.86 22.50
6⅝ 5 38 9.13 23.20
7 6 39 9.37 23.80
8 40 9.61 24.40
9 7 41 9.88 25.10
10 8 42 10.12 25.70

How Comfortable Are Vibram Five Fingers?

Walking around with Vibram Five Fingers is about as pleasant as being barefoot since there isn’t much of a shoe there pulling your foot into a particular form or elevating your heel off the ground in an uncomfortable way.

Additionally, they are pretty light. The closest thing to not wearing shoes you can find is Vibram Five Fingers. You’ll find that you can feel the ground much more clearly when you first put on a pair of Vibram Five Fingers.

When worn correctly, Vibram Five Fingers are tremendously comfortable. Vibram Five Fingers aren’t something you can just put on and do everything you’d typically do in ordinary shoes, and they’re not something you can use right out of the box to run a 10K.

In a pair of shoes like these, you may use all the analogies you want to suggest that you are spiritually one with the Earth, but when you can feel the ground so precisely, your walking and running are much more deliberate.

Who Could Appreciate Wearing Vibram Fivefingers?

Although toe shoes, like the Vibram FiveFingers, may not be suitable for all foot types, they may be helpful for many people to develop strong and stable feet and toes. The following people could like how Vibram FiveFingers sneakers fit and feel:

  • People who have already switched to minimalist footwear.
  • People are seeking flexible and foot-strengthening exercise shoes.
  • People who want to experience natural barefoot movement when exercising, such as jogging, hiking, or CrossFit.
  • People desire to get as near to nature as possible while having a layer of protection between their soles and the earth.
  • People who are either free of or making progress with significant toe abnormalities.

According to our observations, Vibram FiveFingers are most effective for those who have progressed toward rehabilitating their feet and toes and wearing minimalist footwear. The changes are easier for those already accustomed to wearing minimalist shoes, and they often perform better in this type of thin-soled, very flexible footwear.

Are The Vibram Five Fingers Suitable For Running?

You should give Vibram Five Fingers a try if you’re a runner who isn’t entirely thrilled with more conventional running shoes, especially if you haven’t been able to discover a running shoe design that enables you to run without experiencing any pain.

Start with short runs on softer, more natural terrain, like grass or dirt. After becoming accustomed to your new stride and cadence with Vibram Five Fingers and being more deliberate with your foot strikes, you may extend your running distance and switch to paved surfaces.

But eventually, many runners discover that they have less knee discomfort, more muscular arches, more flexible ankles, enhanced balance, and an all-around more pleasurable experience with their Vibram Five Fingers due to the more natural running technique Vibram Five Fingers encourages.

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Are The Vibram Five Fingers Suitable for Hiking?

Vibram shoes for hiking via Twitter

The answer is yes if you’re hiking on well-maintained trails and you’re comfortable wearing Vibram Five Fingers. You shouldn’t put on a pair of Vibram Five Fingers for the first time and spend the whole afternoon on a strenuous 10-mile hike up a mountain since you can feel the earth in them. If the terrain on your hike is challenging, your feet will feel every bit of it.

When hiking with Vibram Five Fingers, you must take extra care to avoid stubbing your toe on a rock or tree root. If you know your path will be muddy or damp, you might wish to change into another pair of shoes. Vibram Five Fingers can be wet, although it may take at least a day to dry out completely.

Vibram Has Renewed Its Appearance Through Collab

In the last two years, it seems that Vibram clearly understands that it is time they need to change its designs to target a wider audience instead of just sports players as before. Therefore, Vibram actively collaborates with other brands to launch more trendy and better-looking barefoot shoe models to reach more customers.

As a designer who tends to be dad-core, it’s no wonder Demna Gvasalia from Balenciaga collaborated with Vibram – a brand close to those “who rarely care about fashion”. It’s not that Demna can’t make luxurious designs simply because he wants to break the strict rules about the glitz and glamor that the super-rich set for fashion. Demna wanted to bring the mundane or dad-core stuff into couture, showing everyone that it’s also beautiful in its way.

In addition to the collab with Balenciaga, Vibram also shook hands with many other prestigious names such as C2H4, TAKAHIROMIYASHITA, TheSoloist, ALYX… During those collaborations, Vibram’s shoe designs were constantly renewed in a youthful direction, eye-catching, and more popular. Changes on each familiar “Five Finger” model and other shoe models from the brand.

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Will Vibram FiveFingers work with my bunions?

Depending on how severe the bunion is. Many customers successfully use Vibram FiveFingers and report having minimal pain, according to our experience. Numerous customers frequently comment on how amazing the fit and the silky fabric feel, offering comfort where other “traditional” shoes would rub and hurt.

Do Vibrams work well on broad feet?

Vibram Five Fingers are designed with a sole that can widen as needed because of the rubber that wraps around the foot at the sides. Stretchy uppers and toe pockets may also increase the width as needed.

How warm are Vibram FiveFingers?

Although specific models feature thicker soles and fabrics on the uppers, Vibram Fivefingers are not typically warm. They are made to feel like you are walking barefoot by being low to the earth and adding protection.

Is it possible to wear socks with Vibram?

Yes, we have a great selection of toe socks from Injinji and other manufacturers for your Vibram FiveFingers. You can pick the ideal pair to go with your Vibrams because they come in various weights, styles, colors, and lengths.

What Should the Fit Be of Vibram FiveFingers?

Your toes may have frequently been 1 to 2 cm to 5/8 inches away from the end of your “traditional” shoes. When using Vibrams, your feet should be considered more closely confined inside the shoes. Your toes should have room to move inside each toe pouch, and your heel should be securely fastened to the rear.

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