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Oshkosh Shoe Size Chart: OshKosh Designed For?






When shopping for children’s apparel, there are many factors to consider, including sturdy and child-safe fabrics, adorable and quirky patterns, an incredibly soft feel, and, of course, price, given that young children are continuously developing.

OshKosh B’gosh, one of the world’s most recognizable children’s apparel companies, was initially introduced in 1985 in the Wisconsin town of OshKosh. Since Frank Grove, Howard Jenkins, and James Clark started it, the company was initially known as Grove Manufacturing Company.

Oshkosh store

The OshKosh line features a selection of clothes for newborns, infants, toddlers, teenagers, and tweens, from tops to bottoms, as well as cute accessories like lunchboxes and backpacks. Do you have a question about shoe sizes? We provide a chart of shoe sizes so you can easily select the appropriately sized shoes.

Oshkosh Toddlers Shoe Size Chart (1 – 4 years)

Oshkosh baby girls shoe – Gold Mary Jane Shoes via Oshkosh Official site

Many people are unsure how to find their baby shoe size in Oshkosh shoes. They like the shoe style, but for some reason, there is a lack of information about what size you would wear. 

Sometimes when you are trying on shoes, your child’s foot may be too big for one type and too small for another, making it challenging to figure out what size shoe would be best. However, there is an easy way to find your Oshkosh shoe size.

US Size Euro Size Inches Centimeters
5.0T 20 4.750 12.10
5.5T 21 5.000 12.70
6.0T 22 5.125 13.00
6.5T 22 5.250 13.30
7.0T 23 5.500 14.00
7.5T 24 5.625 14.30
8.0T 24 5.750 14.60
8.5T 25 6.000 15.20
9.0T 25 6.125 15.60
9.5T 26 6.250 15.90
10.0T 27 6.500 16.50
10.5T 27 6.625 16.80

Oshkosh Little Kids Shoe Size Chart (2 – 8 years)

Oshkosh little girls shoe – Floral EverPlay Sneakers via Oshkosh Official site

Knowing where your child’s shoes should be on this chart is beneficial if you have ever had trouble deciding what size to wear or if you’re shopping for shoes online. Find your perfect fit with this chart!

If you’re having problems deciding on a size for one particular style of footwear, or if you need to size up or down for your child’s particular foot shape, this is the item for you! This chart includes widths and lengths to heel heights and inseam lengths. It’s also easy to read so that it’s easy to find the right size without needing experience.

US Size Euro Size Inches Centimeters
11.0 28 6.750 17.10
11.5 29 7.000 17.80
12.0 30 7.125 18.10
12.5 30 7.250 18.40
13.0 31 7.500 19.10
13.5 31 7.625 19.40
1.0 32 7.750 19.70
2.0 33 8.125 20.60
3.0 34 8.500 21.60

Who Is OshKosh Designed For?

Even though OshKosh is made for children, parents adore it. Therefore, it is clear that the brand was created with the entire family in mind. Kids will adore the garments’ fashionable, adorable designs, and parents will appreciate their affordability and high-quality materials.

The goods are also great for giving as gifts, whether you’re taking them to baby showers or giving them to young children. Children can never have too many clothes; it’s a fact. They love to wear exciting styles and patterns and grow and mature quickly. OshKosh is thus here to assist!

Six Surprising Facts About OshKosh B’Gosh

The following information about OshKosh B’gosh may surprise you.

1. They have existed for a very long period

In 1895, OshKosh B’gosh was founded. That’s correct. OshKosh B’gosh has dominated the production of children’s clothing in America since 1895. It’s been a while, but I don’t know about you, but my favorite brand of overalls has always been OshKosh. In actuality, my daughter still wears them. They have persisted for all time. It’s probably safe to assume that OshKosh apparel is built nicely and durable.

2. Everything is their

Boys’ and girls’ high-quality, reasonably priced apparel from OshKosh is perfect for recreation, school, bedtime, special occasions, and more.

3. Offering gift-giving services

The time of year for giving. OshKosh provides gift wrapping for $5 per box, in case you didn’t know. You can order and send gifts to your beloved ones during special occasions or at any time. OshKosh is a great clothing brand for boys and girls. The fact that they offer this service indicates that the company cares about its customers and wants to serve them.

4. The OshKosh brand is true to size.

Since everything at OshKosh fits true to size, I’ve discovered that it’s not just durable but also more convenient for me to buy there. I don’t need to estimate or subtract size. It is fantastic not to leave a store crossing my fingers and toes that anything will fit. If necessary, you can also utilize their simple sizing charts.

5. Coupons 

Do you like to use coupons when shopping online? Did you know that by making an account on, you may receive emails with coupons and deals only available to registered users? Yes, register. Speaking of coupons, be sure you use the one above to save 25% on any in-person or online purchase of $30 or more! 

6. Trends

OshKosh has adorable trends for both boys and girls of all ages. Do you stay current with fashion? We do. Over the years, changing trends in children’s clothing have occurred. The OshKosh brand is always up to date with this trend. If you’re searching for clothes that blend sophistication and comfort into one piece of clothing, I’m sure you will love OshKosh’s line.

Four Things To Consider While Selecting Baby Shoes

Oshkosh baby shoe – Plaid Slip-On Shoes

You must consider many factors to choose a good pair of shoes suitable for your baby’s feet. That makes buying baby shoes difficult for parents.

1. Age of the child

Shoes for babies, toddlers, and kids starting school are entirely different. At different ages, children need different types of shoes and specific shoe materials; To ensure the normal and healthy growth of your baby’s feet.


At this age, your baby’s feet are incredibly soft. Compared to adult feet, baby feet are made up of more cartilage, so they are softer and easier to shape; Over time, the proportion of bones will increase, and the baby’s legs will harden and fixate. So, with babies, wearing baby socks or soft canvas shoes is best for them.


You should choose shoes with a space inside the toe that is wide enough for your baby’s toes to move comfortably and flexibly; At the same time, the baby’s ankle is also supported. In addition, you should buy removable shoe insoles with deodorant for your baby; Make sure your baby’s feet are dry and breathable and avoid infection. At the same time, you are also easy to clean and alternate insoles for your baby’s shoes.

Children 2-5 years old

At this age, babies wear shoes more often. It is even possible to wear shoes when the child is at school, and the baby is also more active. Therefore, there are two factors that you need to pay attention to when buying shoes for your baby, which are the heel and the material inside the shoe:

Heel: You should choose shoes with a heel height of about 0.5 – 1 cm to support the movement of walking, running, and jumping for your baby.

Material inside the shoe: Ensure the material is breathable; prevent your baby from smelly feet or even some skin diseases.

You should check your baby’s foot size every six months to ensure the shoes your baby wears are suitable for normal foot development.

2. Baby’s Shoe Size

This is a significant factor in deciding whether your baby can wear shoes or not. To choose the correct shoe size for your baby, you need to measure your baby’s feet correctly according to the best foot measurement guide. Follow the standard steps and choose your child’s shoe size; Make sure the shoes your baby wears will be comfortable and safe for the development of your baby’s feet.

3. Shoe Material

The shoe material is the third factor you need to pay attention to. The material must ensure that the baby’s feet are breathable, flexible, and resistant to infection. As shared, children’s feet sweat 2-3 times more than adults. Therefore, shoes must ensure moisture absorption so that the baby’s feet are always dry, thereby preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi, causing the baby’s feet to smell and affect health.

4. Shoe Structure

Choosing shoes with the proper structure for your baby’s feet will ensure healthy foot development. So what is appropriate? The shoe structure suitable for the baby’s feet needs to satisfy two main conditions:  Flexibility enough for the baby to move freely; and Snug Fit to support your baby’s activities and foot development.


Choose flexible shoes that can bend 1800 to support your baby in every step, Limited shock (force on foot), and stability in the baby’s heel. The sole must have an excellent frictional, anti-slip surface, usually rubber or flexible plastic, with many grooves.

Snug Fit

Choose shoes with sturdy straps and soles so your baby can run and jump comfortably. Especially for girls, to buy shoes for your baby to wear often, you should not choose shoes with many patterns attached to shoes or stylized shoe straps.

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Does OshKosh provide worldwide shipping?

Do not worry if you have already added goods from the OshKosh website to your shopping cart. The company offers international shipping, with prices and tariffs depending on location and package weight determined at checkout. Additionally, items arrive in about 5 to 14 business days, with more precise delivery estimates provided after checkout.

Is OshKosh a reliable name?

OshKosh has 61 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.03 stars, which shows that most consumers are typically happy with their purchases. Most commonly, happy OshKosh customers praise high quality.

What is the return policy for OshKosh?

OshKosh features a hassle-free return policy if your product isn’t the ideal fit. Customers can initiate a return using the website’s feature within 90 days by providing their order number, email address, and zip code. The firm then offers customers the option to print their return label or use the pre-paid one (a $6 cost will be taken from the refund). The client can then ship the item(s) back. 

Should toddlers wear Carter’s shoes?

Carter’s employs synthetic fabrics to keep costs down while giving baby feet supporting characteristics. The bottoms of these shoes include grooves to aid with grip, and they are lightweight and flexible, allowing babies to move around quickly. Additionally, its shape is adaptable so that it may be worn with any outfit.

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