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Tsukihoshi Shoe Size Chart: Are Tsukihoshi Shoes Good?






Do you want your toes to be compressed and squeezed when you wear sneakers? No, and if they do cramp up, it’s terrible for your health. For more than 140 years, Tsukihoshi has cared about offering shoes that are cozy, entertaining, and permit toe movement. The kid-friendly, fashionable, and machine-washable shoes from Tsukihoshi are adorable.

Since 1873, Tsukihoshi, which translates to “Moonstar” in Japanese, has been a supplier of shoes in that nation. In terms of technology, methods, and design, Tsukihoshi has advanced over time. Despite several changes, the company’s primary goal of providing kids with enjoyable shoes that allow for movement has not altered.

Tsukihoshi brand

The Tsukihoshi shoe size chart is a footwear conversion chart for children. This online size guide for shoes was created to help make shopping easier for customers looking to purchase Japanese shoes online. If you’re looking for shoes to accommodate a larger or smaller foot, we have some suggestions for you on where to look.

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Tsukihoshi Child & Youth Shoes Size Chart

It’s hardly surprising that Tsukihoshi is the brand of sneakers preferred by star infants, given its unique but practical selling features, such as a green tea-based deodorizer.

Sizing for Tsukihoshi shoes can be a complex and confusing process, but with the help of this Tsukihoshi shoe size chart, you should be able to find the perfect fit! Thankfully, we’ve put together a handy table of all the shoe sizes that they offer. Find the lengths of your child’s foot and corresponding size; then, you will know what to buy! Have fun shopping for your new child’s shoes on the Tsukihoshi website.

Tsukihoshi manufactures shoes for kids in sizes ranging from infants to youth. Your child’s toes may move freely in each of their shoes, just like they would if they were barefoot. Their shoe sizing chart is available here.


Tsukihoshi Child & Youth shoes via Tsukihoshi Official
Tsukihoshi Kids’ Size Foot Length
13 19.00 cm
12 18.00 cm
11 17.00 cm
10 16.10 cm
9 15.10 cm
8 14.20 cm
7 13.20 cm
6 12.30 cm
5 11.30 cm
4 10.30 cm
3 9.30 cm


Tsukihoshi Youth shoes via Tsukihoshi Official
Tsukihoshi Kids’ Size Foot Length
5 24.20 cm
4 23.10 cm
3 22.00 cm
2 21.00 cm
1 20 cm

What Are The Features of Tsukihoshi Shoes?

Each pair of Tsukihoshi shoes comes with unique features that help provide your child with the utmost comfort. They include:

It is capable of being washed in a cold machine. Dry the insole by airing it out.

  • Comfortable and light.
  • No chemicals are utilized in this antibacterial insole to destroy bacteria that cause odors.
  • Simple to put on and remove.
  • Barefoot comfort.
  • Friendly to pedorthists.
  • Arched support.
  • Foot Stabilizer.
  • Free of latex.
  • Breathable.

These shoes are great for kids since they are cozy and brightly colored. They are great for parents since they provide us peace of mind knowing our children’s feet are being supported correctly and are breathable. This will assist prevent odor-causing shoe odor and the green tea extract. Just throw them in the washing if they start to smell or become dirty.

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9 Reasons Why Tsukihoshi Shoes Are Good

Tsukihoshi Youth sneaker – STORM Youth Shoes via Tsukihoshi Official Site

Children’s feet need unique qualities in a shoe that will support and encourage the healthy growth of their feet because they are not merely little versions of adults’ feet. Nobody understands this better than Tsukihoshi, whose mission is to design fun, cozy shoes that let your kids’ toes move freely.

There are several benefits associated with these shoes. Aside from the inner comfort and health benefits, you can enjoy their fashionable looks without worrying about your child’s feet getting dirty.

Freedom To Move The Toe

All Tsukihoshi footwear is designed with an oversized fit in the front to allow for natural toe spread, stretching, and wriggling. Because of this, as they grow, your child’s grip and balance will improve as their toes stay in more excellent touch with the ground.

Simple On/Off

These shoes open up exceptionally wide because many include a unique tongue that swings across to produce an easy-access opening and prevents the tongue from becoming stuck in one place but not the other. They also have no-thread closures, making it simple for youngsters to put them on and close them themselves.

Lightweight, flexible shoes

With its incredibly comfortable “Flex-Joint Outsoles,” Tsukihoshi helps your child’s feet flex, encouraging natural motions. You’ll be astounded by how light these shoes feel, and when our young testers put them on for the first time, they notice a change right away—no more bulky, hefty weights on their feet!

Stabilizer for Firm Heels

Although there is space in the front of the shoe, Tsukihoshi included extra support in the foot arch and the heel to offer more stability and guard against overpronation.

Antibacterial Sole

All of Tsukihoshi’s footwear includes a brilliantly designed detachable antibacterial insole loaded with organic green tea extract to help combat bacteria and that sweaty foot odor. High fives for this technology since we noticed a difference between these and our kids’ ordinary footwear!

Washable By Machine

Let’s face it, even with anti-odor insoles; there comes a moment when your kids have run in muddy puddles enough that you need to give them a thorough cleaning. Throwing them in the washing machine is a straightforward remedy for Tsukihoshi. They emerge looking like they just left the factory.

Large Variety Of Styles And Sizes

We particularly like their vibrant yet tastefully done patterns from Tsukihoshi, but they also offer fantastic neutrals. Tsukihoshi is recognized for its wide variety of exciting color choices. They run from size 4 to big kid size 7, so you may start your toddler wearing them at that point.

Four Seasons Fashion

Additionally, they have designs for every season, from quick-dry technology for spring and summer, including our two favorites, Marina and Mako, to water-resistant and waterproof boots ideal for soggy fall and chilly, snowy winters.

Perfect Shape

The shape of Tsukihoshi’s shoes is ideal for children’s feet and toes. Since the shoes are designed carefully, they can be worn comfortably by kids and provide them with lots of fun in their activities without causing any problems to their feet or toes. Those who have used these shoes say they can practically wear them for hours without experiencing soreness.

Note When Choosing Children’s Shoes

A good pair of shoes is a pair of shoes that help children move freely without affecting the development of the child’s bones.

A pair of immature legs with bone structure and motor system is in the process of being perfected. They need to be supported and protected as best as possible. Avoid collisions as well as other impacts from the outside. Here are four criteria to help parents choose the right shoes for their children.

Shoe material

Choosing and checking the material of children’s shoes is very important. It is explicitly affecting the skin of children’s feet. The shoes are made of hard and thick materials that look very nice in shape and quite sturdy. But that is what makes children’s feet hurt by being rubbed, secretive and uncomfortable for children when moving and playing.

Parents should choose children’s shoes made from soft materials (genuine leather, fabric). And breathable, safe for children’s skin and health.

Infant shoes: 

Parents should buy shoes made from high-quality, gentle fabrics for children’s feet. Minimize water absorption. But still can absorb sweat. Soft and cool when children wear shoes.

Toddler shoes:

Parents can also choose canvas shoes or shoes made from premium soft leather. These materials are usually relatively light, making it easier for babies to get used to wearing shoes—the best support for children’s first steps.

The design of the shoe sole

Shoe soles are critical criteria parents should pay special attention to when choosing shoes for children; a good shoe sole needs to ensure the following factors:

  • Made of rubber, it is both durable and has a certain toughness.
  • Not too hard nor too soft, and it is convenient for babies to move on different terrains. Flexible movement protect the soles of the baby’s feet from foreign objects on the road.

Prefer to choose shoes with an anti-slip groove design on the outsole. Limit slipping when your baby runs, jumps, or moves on slippery and shiny terrain.

In addition, the sole and inner lining must be soft and smooth for children’s feet. You should carefully check the inner padding; the linings made from fabric or leather will be softer with the air cushion. Choose cushions that absorb sweat and breathe. To limit the accumulation of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors for children. And help limit fungal diseases.

Shoe style

Children’s footwear designs are incredibly diverse, with many different styles. They cater to a wide range of activities. In particular, children’s shoes are very colorful for parents to choose from. However, parents should pay extra attention when choosing shoes for children, such as:

  • Choose shoes with a round-toe design, avoiding cumbersome details. The rounded nose will allow your baby’s toes to stretch comfortably. Ensure your baby’s feet develop naturally when wearing children’s shoes daily.
  • It would be best to buy footwear designs with loose straps and ventilation. The shoes with straps or fake straps are convenient, and it is easy to change the size to hug children’s feet. Quick, easy to put on and take off, and does not hurt children’s feet.


Shoes and sandals that are too wide can slip when children move. It makes children uncomfortable when moving and playing and can even cause them to trip. Unable to hug the child’s leg, unable to support the child’s ankle, unable to support the skeletal system when moving.

If the children’s shoes are too tight, the child will be highly uncomfortable when wearing them. Children’s feet are restrained and pinched, affecting the activities and natural development of children’s feet. And in the long run, it will cause damage to toes and heels, causing deformities and deformities of the foot bones.

The ideal shoe size is if it is 1-2cm from the longest toe or 1-2cm longer than the baby’s foot length. Suppose you don’t have time or can’t take your baby to the store to try on shoes. Parents can measure the child’s foot length. Then compare with the shoe size chart. Pick out your child’s best pair of shoes.


Do Tsukihoshi shoes run small?

Tsukihoshi shoes fit pretty long; therefore, you don’t need to get them in a larger size; however, I understand that this may seem strange. Because they are constructed of soft materials, these shoes have shown to be highly helpful for kids with sensory difficulties.

What kind of shoes should they buy when buying appropriate shoes for toddlers and kids?

The best thing is to buy a pair of children’s shoes that are well-tolerated by your child. Most parents will choose those with anti-slip material, breathable lining, and elastic straps. Besides, it is better to buy relatively high-quality products without waiting too long for delivery.

Is there a choice of colors when buying?

You can choose any color as long as it fits your desired size. Colors may look different in real life due to different monitor settings (we only show computer monitors). However, remember that even if colors appear different on the screen, they will be the same color when delivered.

Are Tsukihoshi shoes of high quality?

We receive inquiries like this quite frequently. The answer is yes, Tsukihoshi shoes are one of the best quality in the market. Tsukihoshi Shoes is a leading brand of children’s shoes. Realizing the need for child-friendly footwear, Tsukihoshi invested in its development to produce high-quality leather and fabric baby shoes & sandals based on the principles of nature.

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