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Sonoma Shoe Size Chart: Are They Worth It?






Kohl’s Corporation proudly produces and distributes Sonoma, a leading exclusive brand offering young customers a wide range of apparel and footwear. Sonoma’s primary mission is to provide comfortable and relaxed styles that cater to every facet of contemporary family life.

Recognized for its fusion of fashion and comfort, the Sonoma shoe brand has become a go-to choice for everyday footwear. Constructed with premium materials, each shoe boasts exceptional durability and longevity. From sandals to sneakers, boots to dress shoes, Sonoma offers a diverse range of styles to suit every occasion and individual preference.

Sonoma shoes pride themselves on offering an extensive range of sizes, including half and extended sizes, guaranteeing a comfortable fit for all. Their shoes are available in sizes for both men and women. No matter the occasion, Sonoma offers a footwear style that caters to your preferences. 

Sonoma Shoe Size Chart

The Sonoma Shoe Size Chart has garnered widespread acclaim as a premier sizing system for footwear, particularly in the United States. This comprehensive guide meticulously details the precise measurements required to achieve an optimal fit for shoes, catering to an array of foot shapes and sizes. 

The chart is incredibly user-friendly, enabling individuals to effortlessly utilize a ruler and measure their feet. With the Sonoma Shoe Size Chart, one can rest assured that they are selecting the appropriate shoe size, mitigating the possibility of discomfort and injury while elevating their overall style and comfort.

Sonoma Women’s Private Label Shoe Size Chart

Sonoma women shoe
US Numeric Foot Length (in) Foot Length (cm)
5.0 8.7 22.1
5.5 8.86 22.5
6.0 9.02 22.9
6.5 9.17 23.3
7.0 9.29 23.6
7.5 9.49 24.1
8.0 9.69 24.6
8.5 9.84 25.0
9.0 10.0 25.4
9.5 10.16 25.8
10.0 10.31 26.2
11.0 10.71 27.2

Sonoma Women’s Alpha Slipper Size Chart

Sonoma Women Slipper
Alpha Fits Shoe Size Foot Length (in) Foot Length (cm)
XS 5/6 8.7 – 9.02 22.1 – 22.9
S 6/7 9.02 – 9.29 22.9 – 23.6
M 7/8 9.29 – 9.69 23.6 – 24.6
L 8/9 9.69 – 10 24.6 – 25.4
XL 9/10 10 – 10.31 25.4 – 26.2
XXL 10/11 10.31 – 10.71 26.2 – 27.2

Sonoma Men’s Private Label Shoe Size Chart

Sonoma men shoe
US Numeric Foot Length (in) Foot Length (cm)
6.0 9.33 23.7
6.5 9.53 24.2
7.0 9.69 24.6
7.5 9.84 25.0
8.0 10.0 25.4
8.5 10.2 25.9
9.0 10.35 26.3
9.5 10.51 26.7
10.0 10.67 27.1
10.5 10.87 27.6
11.0 11.02 28.0
11.5 11.18 28.4
12.0 11.34 28.8
12.5 11.54 29.3
13.0 11.69 29.7
14.0 12.05 30.6

Sonoma Men’s Alpha Slipper Size Chart

Sonoma Men Slipper
Alpha Fits Shoe Size Foot Length (in) Foot Length (cm)
S 6/7 9.33 – 9.69 23.7 – 24.6
M 8/9 10 – 10.35 25.4 – 26.3
L 10/11 10.67 – 11.02 27.1 – 28
XL 12/13 11.34 – 11.69 28.8 – 29.7

Who Produces Sonoma Shoes?

Sonoma brand

TekTailor Inc, a Benefit Corporation dedicated to promoting sustainable textiles and products in the United States, is the proud manufacturer of Sonoma shoes. The Sonoma brand caters to both genders, starting with infant and children’s sizes and extending to adult sizes. While the line’s children’s offerings are primarily limited to socks, it also features high-quality footwear in various styles and colors.

In addition to footwear, Sonoma provides an extensive range of clothing options for children. For boys, the brand offers tees, tanks, polos, and button-down camp shirts. Meanwhile, girls can choose from a selection of tops, including tanks and graphite tees, designed in more feminine styles. The clothing line also features sweatshirts, tunics, cardigans, and other items.

Kohl’s corporation, established by Wisconsin entrepreneur Maxwell Kohl in 1946, expanded its successful line of grocery stores to include the first Kohl’s department store in the 1960s. Kohl’s expanded its merchandise offerings to include a range of items, from sporting equipment to clothing and motor oil. 

The company’s prices were set below those of premium department stores but higher than those of most discount retailers. Kohl’s now boasts over 1,000 stores nationwide and carries products from major manufacturers, as well as a long list of exclusive brands, including Sonoma.

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Why Are Sonoma Shoes Worth Buying?

Sonoma shoes store

Sonoma shoes are a popular choice for footwear enthusiasts and for good reason. The brand has been around for over a decade and has established a reputation for producing high-quality shoes that are both stylish and functional. This piece delves into the compelling reasons why investing in Sonoma shoes is a smart choice. We’ll present six convincing arguments for why these shoes deserve a place in your esteemed footwear collection.

Comfortable Fit

Comfort is paramount when it comes to shoes, and Sonoma shoes undoubtedly excel in this aspect. The brand offers a variety of styles with features like memory foam insoles, flexible soles, and cushioned footbeds. Whether you’re walking around town or spending a long day on your feet at work, Sonoma shoes will keep you comfortable and supported.

Affordable Price Point

Sonoma shoes offer great value for their price point. They are affordable without sacrificing quality or style. In fact, with regular sales and discounts available at Kohl’s, you can often find Sonoma shoes at an even lower price.

Versatile Style

Sonoma shoes come in a variety of styles, from classic loafers and sneakers to dressier options like ankle boots and heels. They offer both casual and formal options, making them a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Moreover, Sonoma shoes boast effortlessly chic designs that can be seamlessly dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

Durable Materials

Sonoma shoes are made with high-quality materials that are built to last. They use materials like leather, suede, and canvas that can withstand wear and tear, so you can enjoy your shoes for years to come. In addition, many of their styles feature reinforced stitching and sturdy soles that can handle even the toughest conditions.

Positive Customer Reviews

Finally, Sonoma shoes have a reputation for receiving positive customer reviews. Many people who have tried Sonoma shoes have raved about their comfort, durability, and style, making them a popular choice among footwear enthusiasts.

Wide Range of Sizes

Sonoma shoes offer a wide range of sizes, including half sizes and wide widths, ensuring that everyone can find a pair that fits comfortably. They also offer extended sizes for men and women, making it easier for those with larger or smaller feet to find a pair of shoes that works for them.

In conclusion, Sonoma shoes offer comfort, affordability, versatility, durability, eco-friendly options, and a wide range of sizes. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why Sonoma shoes are worth buying. So head to your nearest Kohl’s store or shop online to check out the brand’s latest offerings and find your perfect pair of shoes.

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Review of Sonoma Shoes

Sonoma is widely regarded as one of the most customer-centric shoe brands in the nation, recognized for exceptional services, quality, and affordability. The brand’s reputation is backed by over half a century of excellence in the department store industry. According to numerous reviews, Sonoma’s footwear impresses with its impeccable construction and durability.

Sonoma’s product line spans a wide range of standard options that appeal to both genders. The brand offers a diverse assortment of popular styles and sizes for shoes, as well as garments for boys and girls, including leggings, skirts, chinos, and twill shorts.

In addition to their casual footwear, Sonoma presents an array of options for men and women that feature various other popular styles. Notably, the brand offers a vast selection of sneakers and sophisticated silhouettes for both genders.

When it comes to style, Sonoma’s offerings feature a relaxed, easygoing vibe that’s perfect for everyday casual wear. From teens to toddlers, everyone can discover chic and comfortable models that stand the test of time. Although not a discount retailer, Sonoma offers a range of affordably priced selections that cater to most budget categories, earning the brand a 4.5-star rating out of 5.


What types of shoes does Sonoma offer?

Sonoma offers a wide variety of shoes, including casual shoes, sneakers, and more sophisticated styles for men and women. The brand also offers footwear options for children, including toddlers.

What is the price range for Sonoma shoes?

Sonoma shoes are reasonably priced, and the majority of the brand’s offerings fall within the affordable range. While they are not recognized as a discount retailer, Sonoma offers a range of selections that cater to most budget categories.

What is the quality of Sonoma shoes?

Sonoma is known for its high-quality shoes. The brand’s footwear is constructed with impeccable attention to detail, ensuring they are durable and built to last.

What is the sizing like for Sonoma shoes?

Sonoma offers a range of sizes for both men and women, as well as children. The brand’s sizing is consistent with standard sizing guidelines, and customers can refer to the size chart available on the brand’s website.

Are Sonoma shoes comfortable?

Yes, Sonoma shoes are known for their comfort. The brand offers a variety of styles that prioritize both comfort and fashion, ensuring that customers can wear them comfortably for extended periods.

Does Sonoma offer returns and exchanges?

Yes, Sonoma offers returns and exchanges for customers who are not satisfied with their purchases. The brand’s return policy is available on its website.

What is the style of Sonoma shoes?

Sonoma’s shoe offerings feature a relaxed and laid-back style that is perfect for everyday casual wear. However, the brand also offers a range of more sophisticated options for both men and women.

Are Sonoma shoes environmentally friendly?

Sonoma has made efforts to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. The brand’s footwear is constructed with sustainable materials, and they are working to reduce their carbon footprint.

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