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How to Wear Leather Leggings: 20 Ways to Look Chic on Your Leather Leggings






Leather leggings could really look stunning, be very flattering and elegant, and be very comfortable to wear. Wearing leggings is popular for so many ladies, but wearing leather leggings in specific is a little bit of a stretch, so they will often avoid leather leggings. If you are one of them, you should know that stepping outside of your comfort zone and start wearing leather leggings is well worth it.

Leather (or sometimes faux leather) leggings are dressier than regular leggings and could really make you look classy and elegant or quirky in a moment. Getting it right, nevertheless, is highly dependent on how you dress up the leather leggings. Here are several great ideas for what to wear with leather leggings.

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With a T-shirt

Leather leggings with a T-shirt

T-shirts, as you all might know, are not only flexible but also extremely comfortable, which explains why they are the very first pieces that come to mind whenever you want to feel at ease. You have the choice of going plain or selecting a message or graphic t-shirt with them. They really give you a great casual look when styled with leather leggings, but you can wear this pairing up by dressing in an elegant pair of strappy heels.

A plain white t-shirt can give you a fancier look, but if you tend to favor an edgier appearance, a graphic t-shirt will absolutely be a better option. You could also opt for a longer tee that is sized up to cover your upper thighs just like a tunic or keep things clean and simple by tucking it in a gorgeous well-fitted t-shirt.

With a Tunic

Leather leggings With a tunic

A tunic is typically longer than a top and yet kind of shorter than a dress. They are basically some of the most flexible items in a female’s wardrobe, which is why they complement leather leggings.

Regardless of the fact that they are leather leggings, these are still leggings, which indicates that some ladies, particularly curvier ones (or if you do have a pear body shape), may feel a little exposed in them because they are more lightweight than jeans or other regular pants. As a result, styling them with anything as long as a tunic is beneficial.

You can take a stroll far more comfortably in a tunic because your belly button and upper thighs are covered. The greatest tunics to pair with your leather leggings are the ones that typically flare out at the bottom and are also wonderful for an artistic appearance.

Take note of how a black pair of leggings let you experiment with different colored tunics and jewelry or other accessories. Pick your leggings shoes based on your personal preferences or the occasion for which you are dressing.

With a Belted Top

Leather leggings With a Belted Top

A belted top is typically considered one of the most simple ways to look both feminine and elegant. There are various belted tops to pick from, and we might all know that having choices is not always a negative idea.

Simply dress your leather leggings and belted top for a casual outfit, but it is also appropriate for a night out. You can also choose a pair of leather leggings with a low waist, but if you prefer longer legs, high-rise leather leggings are always the best option. Combine the look with heels to create the effect of height.

With a Blouse

Leather leggings With a Blouse

By far, we’ve talked about white button-downs, flannels, and t-shirts, but every girl has a couple of blouses. They can be off-shoulder, cold-shoulder, asymmetrical, or a combination of the two.

When styled with leather leggings, a wonderful blouse does exactly what it says. It softens the somewhat tough appearance. You can wear a stylish top of any design or color as long as your leather leggings are simple, solid, and plain colors like navy or black.

With a Flannel

Leather leggings With a flannel

As you might all know, flannels are a fall must-have because of how pleasant they are and how comfy they really are. In addition, they are the simplest way to accomplish an edgy or indie appearance. So why not combine two autumn favorites, leather leggings, and a flannel shirt?

Choose a plain pair because the flannel shirt already makes a statement. The flannel will absolutely provide a nice contrast to your leather leggings. Besides, you can button your flannel shirt all the way down, but for a more iconic look, layer a graphic t-shirt under your flannel shirt and leave the flannel open.

With a Button-Down Shirt

Leather leggings With Button-Down Shirt

Just like a white t-shirt, a button-down t-shirt is a wardrobe staple no matter what your body shape and size, skin tone is, or whether you prefer to dress casually or dress up. It simply works for everybody. You can dress your leather leggings in your white button-down t-shirt in a variety of ways to accomplish different appearances.

Layer a bodysuit or a tank over the leather leggings, and after that, throw on the shirt and end up leaving it unbuttoned for a much more casual look. You can also go the easy route and button your shirt all the way down to dress up your leather leggings attire, completing the appearance with some nice shoes.

Take into account tidily tucking your button-down t-shirt into your leather leggings. The greatest part is that because it is already white, you don’t need to worry about the shades of your jewelry, accessories, bags, shoes, or even your leather leggings.

You can always experiment with your shirt as well. If you think it is way too simple, make it off-the-shoulder or simply roll up the sleeves.

With a Denim Jacket

Leather leggings With denim jacket

It seems that denim may be the queen or king of casual wear. Whether it is an airy, refreshing summer night or a freezing winter night, a denim jacket is always appropriate. During the autumn, many people will wear denim pants (such as Mom jeans or skinny jeans) with their leather jackets. However, you can also dress a denim jacket on top and dress the leather at the bottom in the shape of leather leggings. It is just a mix that is unquestionably easy to pull off and never fails.

With a Leather Jacket

Leather leggings With a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets, more than any other type of female winter coat, exude a sense of quirkiness, and dressing them is a wonderful way to appear tough and proficient. Dressing a leather jacket also provides you with a confident demeanor without making you try really hard. In addition, pairing leather leggings with a leather jacket is a nice combo if you like the biker’s stylish look.

It is an appearance that makes it onto the list of the greatest street style looks. In general, you can always wear a plain white t-shirt underneath the jacket, but if you want to go all out, a graphic tee or vest is just the way to go. In addition, you can always wear statement jewelry, such as a layered necklace or a choker, to soften the already tough appearance.

With a Letterman Jacket

Leather leggings With Letterman Jacket

In general, letterman jackets are popular among students, which explains why they are also known as college jackets. Because of their simple yet awesome look, they are really easy and comfortable to wear. You don’t need to be a student to wear this type of jacket since it looks great with leather leggings on a relaxed day.

This one has a lot to do with the reality that they come in a little bit baggy appearance and then narrow all around the wrists and midsection area. They seamlessly complement your body-hugging leather leggings. In addition, they usually come in a variety of colors, ranging from dark to bright, girly colors such as pink.

With a Shacket

Leather leggings With a Shacket

It is no surprise that shacket is currently one of the biggest trends. They are a hybrid of a jacket and a shirt, which is why they are known as shackets.

In general, a shacket is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing a woman can wear. Because they are typically extra large, a good pair of leather leggings is an excellent way to balance the appearance. The leather leggings and shacket mix, on the other hand, are best suited for a casual setting and should be avoided if you are going to a more formal event. If your shacket has patterns or prints, it is best to keep stuff simple by wearing plain and black leather leggings.

With a Blazer

Leather leggings With a Blazer

A great blazer adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, no matter if it is tailored pants, a skirt, or jeans. Blazers are extremely attractive on any body size or shape. Contrary to popular opinion, leather leggings can really be worn with a more sophisticated or professional outfit.

By wearing your leather leggings with a good blazer, you can make them all look more stylish, ladylike, and appropriate. There are numerous blazer styles from which to choose. If you really want to dress your blazer and leather leggings outfit to work, simply layer a basic white button-down shirt or a blouse under the blazer.

Your blazer will absolutely give you that traditional business appearance. If you are still not really sure, just go for a longer blazer. You will appear more fashion-forward and self-assured.

And if you are going to wear this outfit to work, opt for closed pumps.

With a Vest

Leather leggings With Vest

It is true that a vest is an excellent layering item for any season. In the hotter seasons, layer your vest over your t-shirt, bodysuit, or tank; in the colder months, layer it over long-sleeved clothing such as sweaters. Dressing leather leggings in a vest is a brilliant idea because it adds a pop of color to an otherwise plain leather leggings attire.

It does help that vests come in a variety of styles, so you can have one that looks like a duster coat, one that looks like a normal coat, or one that has the appearance of a sleeveless blazer if you really want to look far dressier. No matter if you get a short or long vest, you will be able to easily change your look.

With a Cardigan

Leather leggings With a Cardigan

If you really want to look great in the wintertime, sweaters and cardigans are great options. They are stylish, simple, and timeless and can also appear very chic. Styling your leather leggings and long cardigan will definitely keep you warm during the autumn and winter seasons.

You can always wear your cardigan with a top or a t-shirt underneath. When it comes to layering, the hue of your leather leggings is very important. Black is always considered the best option, particularly if the other items are in various colors, because it helps to tone down the appearance and tie together everything. Black leggings will add a touch of stylishness to your cardigan-leather leggings outfit.

When wearing long cardigans, it is worth experimenting with proportions, so a crop top allows you to reveal some skin because the appearance is already fully covered.

With an Aviator Coat

Leather leggings With an Aviator Coat

Bloggers, stylists, and designers have incorporated aviator jackets into various outfits, making them a staple of winter fashion. A great aviator coat might have faux fur, which is soft and bears an uncanny resemblance to real fur while being significantly easier to clean. Adding an aviator jacket to your outfit is the simplest way to make your leather leggings appear stylish.

You will look fashion week ready and also very stylish right away. This mix will attract attention while keeping you warm in the winter. Dress this look to work by layering a basic button-down shirt under the aviator coat or a fancy top. The mix is also appropriate for a day or nighttime date.

If you feel bulky or heavy while wearing an aviator coat, you can swap out a normal top for something crisper and more lightweight underneath, like a lace top.

With a Puffer Coat

Leather leggings With a Puffer Coat

Wearing a puffer coat is yet another perfect opportunity to make a statement. In general, they are both stylish and functional, and they immediately transform your appearance when worn over a beautiful dress, top, sweater, or blouse. Besides, you can wear your puffer coat with your leather leggings to dress them up.

Puffer coats typically come in a wide variety of lengths and styles, but they all make excellent outerwear. They are just ideal for when the temperature begins to drop in late autumn and early cold weather, keeping you warm while also appearing classy and elegant. You can pair any puffer coat of your selection with your leather leggings, as long as they are simple, plain, and neutral in color, such as black.

With a Kimono

Leather leggings With a Kimono

A good kimono has a way of making you feel liberated. They are ideal for the warmer months, but they can also be used as a transitional item as the weather cools.

Combine your leather leggings with your kimono for a brilliant transitional look. Given the resilience of the leather leggings and the flowy and girly nature of the kimonos, it is just a well-balanced mix.

Kimonos are frequently printed, which is ideal if you plan on wearing them with black leather leggings. Nevertheless, plain kimonos are also available. You can belt your kimono, but you basically don’t need to do so because leather leggings already conform to your form. You can simply let it flow no matter if the kimono is your shape or size or you made a decision to size up.

With a Duster

Leather leggings With a Duster

In general, dusters are more loose-fitting than other types of coats, but they also make excellent layering items. They could also keep you warm in the chilly months, making them the perfect mysterious third outfit item.

Because leather leggings have a tight, tough look to them, you can lighten things up a little bit by throwing on a duster coat. If you think the leather leggings are too harsh, the duster would then give your appearance a beautiful, flattering feel and will absolutely make you look and feel far more comfortable. In addition, a duster can even add a splash of color to your attire if you dress in brighter colors, though you could also wear muted tones.

Although there are more flattering dusters, there are also cardigans and duster coats that look great with leather leggings.

The possibilities are limitless, so stop being afraid to dress in leather leggings and try one, though not all, of these combinations.

With a Poncho

Leather leggings With a Poncho

As you might know, ponchos are really forgiving because they are typically loose-fitting, which means that any zones of your body that you might be less confident about (such as a thicker midsection or larger thighs) will be effortlessly covered by the unfocused poncho layers. Because of its lack of flexibility, a poncho is not only comfortable but also one of the best items to pair with your leather leggings.

Remember that leather leggings are a little bit figure-hugging, and even sometimes, you really need to keep them balanced with an easy-to-throw-on item like a poncho. It adds a unique and dramatic effect to the leggings. The drape’s exaggerated style contributes significantly to the dramatic illusion. This leather leggings appearance is also appropriate for the wintertime.

You could wear a totally closed poncho or one with a front opening for this look.

With a Hoodie

Leather leggings With a Hoodie

It is true that hoodies are extremely comfortable, and wearing your hoodie just feels like you are wearing a warm blanket. They are perfect for lazy days, but they are also a perfect idea for active days.

Dressing your leather leggings in your hoodie is a nice outfit for going shopping around town, particularly when styled with shoes. The best part is that you can select from a variety of sizes. An oversized hoodie will work just as well as a more well-fitted one. In addition, you can have lots of fun with the different colors.

With a Bodysuit

With a Bodysuit

As you might know, bodysuits have recently become popular, with a lot of people preferring them as they match so many different bottoms. Because they are well-closed at the bottom, they will never come untucked, making them an excellent choice for pairing with leather leggings. If you are self-assured enough, you will not feel strange styling your leather leggings with something that is not quite long enough, for example, a bodysuit.

It is something extremely model-off-duty appearance, so it is better suited to a specific body shape. The last thing you really want is for things to bulge from your leather leggings, and a bodysuit quickly solves this problem since it gives you a nice and clean look. This attire is ideal for a night out, particularly when styled with heels.

Leather leggings shouldn’t have to be boring. They come in a variety of designs.

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