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What Chic Style And The Differences Between Fashion and Style?






Chic is a popular fashion catch phrase, but what exactly does chic style entail? It is simply a term that can refer to any type of style. Each style, from bohemian to rapper, has its own take on chic. Let’s start the guide to chic style right now.

The Beginnings of Chic Fashion

Chic Fashion

We begin our stylish journey in France. Oh, la la. The aged French word chicanery was the very first and classic reference of chic, dating back to 1600. Chicanery is defined as legal wrangling and equivocation. To put it simply, it refers to arguing or increasing concerns about a minor issue. While it has almost nothing to do with fashion, the Wikipedia entry states that it is the source of the term chic, therefore it should be true, right? Some people associate chic with the German word Schick, which means skill or tact. In any case, you now have a new entertaining, potentially factual statement to compliment all of your mates at parties.

So, What is Exactly Chic Style?

Women’s chic style, as you would quickly find, usually comes in many different variants. Chic style, on the other hand, has sharp lines monochrome notations and is saturated in neutral tones in its simplest form. This style is spotlighted by a bold fashion item and comprises vintage styles with a twist that will never go out of fashion.

In order to be incomparable, one must be unique, which is the sentence that CoCo Chanel, a famous French fashion designer, once said. Chic style achieves this by integrating distinctive details such as inverted hems, clunky cutouts, elegant prints, and subtle adornments. In addition, chic style is often distinguished by sumptuous fabrics that enhance a woman’s wardrobe to new heights. They are long-lasting, classic, and will also be reliable staple items in your closets for coming years. 

Consider chic style to be a relatively simple look that is put together with hardly any effort. Chic style is the consequence of an outfit full of items that mix and match easily and also have personal interests. It is a simple tone with a big exclamation mark.

What Are The Differences Between Fashion and Style?

What is the key distinction between fashion and style? It could be difficult to tell because the terms are frequently used changeably; however, there are several key differences.

What Is Style?

In general, style is an individual’s specific means of expressing themselves, whether it is through garments, word choice, or architectural style. In the world of fashion, “style” is a generally short form for “individual style,” or the manner a person conveys themself through style options such as apparel, jewelry, hairstyle, accessories, and the way they mix and match clothing altogether.

What Is Fashion?

At any given time, fashion is the dominant fashion within a specific culture. Fashion is concerned with the latest trends. In particular, it makes reference to prevalent clothing styles throughout a particular era.

The fashion sector is struggling with current fashion trends. Fashion shows, as some of you might know, are put on by fashion houses to showcase attire that conveys a view of the future of style. Fashionistas, influencers, and editors then react to that aspiration with their own concepts, and retail stores use all of that data to sell clothes to the general public. The way the current trends are distributed, whether through social media or glossy magazines, such as Vogue, is an important aspect of fashion.

What Is the Major Difference Between Fashion and Style?

There is some crossover between fashion and style, but a general rule of thumb here is that style is more personal, whereas fashion is more communal. Let us examine the distinctions:

Collective vs. individual: Individual style is just something that relates to an individual—it is a way of expressing oneself. That person could be a fashionista (such as Yves Saint Laurent or Coco Chanel) or someone from outside of the fashion market. Their style is defined by how they dress up and convey themselves. Fashion, on the flip side, is concerned with international trends and the fashion industry. 

The distinction between style and fashion is becoming increasingly hazy. A model is simply a part of the world of fashion when she walks the runway. The way they wear clothes at home, on the other hand, is a reflection of their individual style. When they gain influence, and their individual style has become recognizable, they might launch their own line of clothing, transforming their style into fashion.

Style vs. fashion: Style is exactly timeless, whereas fashion is current. Somebody who is stylish keeps up on the latest fashion trends and dresses in expensive clothes. A stylish person might or might not follow certain fashion trends, but they will always stay faithful to their own visual style. Instead of purely absorbing trending fashions, an individual sense of style is just about creating a sense of self.

Street style, which is captured by photographers from outside runway shows, combines style and fashion. Fashion designers, fashion editors, stylists, models, are generally caught on camera wearing the outfits of the designers whose reveals they are participating, but they have styled the outfits to work for actual situations, successfully fusing style and fashion.

Now that we’ve defined chic style let’s look at some of its more daring variations, beginning with casual chic style. 

Casual Chic Style

Casual Chic Styles

The first vogue player on the episode, casual chic style, proves that distinctions really do entice. Casual chic is an aesthetic that elevates your comfy items. Style them with tailor made items such as a clever black blazer or plaid midi skirt to elevate your chic prestige. You dress things up by combining your more casual choices with your most refined items. You can also style your preferred straight-leg jeans with a white t-shirt, a boyfriend blazer, and a new pair of white shoes. Wear a fair and balanced sequin top with your best pair of wide-leg jeans from your wardrobe. Put your feet in unbiased slides, and you’re ready for whatever the day has in store. 

Boho Chic Style

Boho Chic style

To fully comprehend the chic boho style, we should return to France. French Bohemians were artists and visitors from Central Europe during the early twentieth century. Boho fashion was inspired by the clothing worn by bohemians while living their distinctive and artistic ways of life. The workable outfits for the boho culture, which were flowing, flawless, and free, had become a wanted fashion statement for the French general public.

Going a little further, the chic boho style has much more recent origins. While bohemian style had been popular for several years previous, a far more polished edition of the trend surfaced in late 2005. The fashion trend is known as boho chic, and it includes items that are more fitted, balanced, and integrated than boho by itself. While still ego, boho chic is much more collected and flexible, broadening the strength of your closets with every piece.

Rocker Chic Style

Rocker chic style

Chic occurs. Even grittier styles such as rocker. For those who don’t know, rocker styles first appeared in the United States and then in England. The style was entirely functional and had almost nothing to do with style. Motorbikes were much more affordable than cars, and anyone who tried to ride one required a thicker layer of gear. Then there’s the biker jacket. When people added ornaments, zippers, and cleats to customize their jackets, they became a wardrobe staple. The term “rocker” was derived directly from the motorbike, as rockers were discovered in the motorbike’s 4-stroke engines.

These fully functioning and essential garments sparked the whole genre of chic rocker style that is still worn today. Rocker chic styles, defined by distressing, fringe, and leather add edge and an attractive cutout to your outfit.   

Chic Street Style

Street chic style

Chic street style, generally speaking, is exactly what it sounds like: a style born on the street instead of the runway. Basically, this style can be found while reading your favorite magazine or while for itself or about. It is a perception of what others are wearing, with personal viewpoints that make each look unique.

Retail items are usually mixed with designer pieces to generate looks that are both workable and stylish. The key to creating clean streetwear outfits is to incorporate bright, chic lines and neutral color combinations. Because of the times, athleisure (a unique type of hybrid clothes) with a focus on both style and comfort has taken over streetwear. For an immediately chic streetwear appearance, style a flexible jumpsuit with a utility-trend open-front top. You can also add a pair of shoes, and you are ready to take on the downtown streets in the utmost chic style. 

Modern Chic Style 

Modern chic style

Color blocking. It is simply the design with structure. Color schemes that are fresh and solid. New fashion, like contemporary architecture, is intrinsically chic, inventive, and timeless. On each and every street and runway, the modern chic style could be easily found. Graceful or informal, you will always be in style.

Look for modern chic items which you already own. Style your fresh basic items for a modern chic look that is fantastic for almost every event, from solid, plain pencil skirts to cool white button ups. Make a strong combination out of thrifted items to boost both your sense of fashion and the environment. 

French Chic Style

French chic style

It seems to be the only fitting that we end your lady’s guidance to chic style in France, where everything started. French chic style is enclosed in elegant simplicity and may be the most chic of any other style. Daily basics with specific details like pleats and balloon sleeves make wearing dresses for the day a breeze. This appearance creates an attire full of easy pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different looks.

French chic style is just never overplayed and depends heavily on statement items to elevate looks. From vivid colors to meticulous details, chic French looks always seem to have an unforeseen pop that keeps them apart. This is just the exact definition of très chic.

Do you want to update your wardrobe with some new chic looks? Take your aesthetic quiz, order a Fix, and ask your own stylist for stylish pieces that match your personal style. Keep in mind that you are under no obligation to arrange more than one Fix at a Time, and shipment and returns have always been free.

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Steven Ta
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