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Do Under Armour Shoes Run Small?






Have you ever excitedly ordered a pair of Under Armour shoes online, only to find out they don’t quite fit the way you expected? The sizing of athletic footwear can be a perplexing challenge, especially when it comes to brands like Under Armour. Many individuals have encountered the issue of Under Armour shoes seeming to run smaller than the standard sizing they’re used to. 

This discrepancy between the expected size and actual fit can lead to frustration and disappointment, leaving customers wondering whether they need to size up, size down, or simply opt for a different brand altogether. In this discussion, we’ll delve into the common concern of whether Under Armour shoes tend to run small, exploring the potential reasons behind this phenomenon. 

Understanding the dynamics of shoe sizing is crucial for making informed decisions about your purchases, ensuring that you not only get the style you desire but also the comfort and functionality you deserve.

Do Under Armour Shoes Run Small?

Under Armour running shoes

First things first the big question: Do Under Armour shoes run small? Drumroll, please… No need to worry! Based on what lots of people have experienced and shared, Under Armour shoes generally run true size. So, if you’re used to wearing a certain size, chances are good that it’ll work for Under Armour shoes too.

Now, here’s the cool part. Many folks who’ve already taken the plunge and bought these shoes say they fit just right. And when it comes to how wide the shoes are, people seem to be really happy with that too. It’s like slipping into shoes that were made just for you!

The best news? Under Armour shoe size chart isn’t into surprises. They’re all about giving you exactly what you’re expecting. So, when it comes to size, they’re right there with other big names in the sports shoe world. You won’t have to worry about getting something too small or too big – it’s all about getting what fits, plain and simple.

Now, if you’re about to get your first pair of Under Armour shoes, here’s a little tip: measure your foot’s length first. It’s an easy way to make sure you’re picking the right size. And here’s another cool thing. Under Armour has sizes that are a bit in-between. So, if you’re not exactly a whole size, you’re covered with those half sizes. If you’re stuck between, say, a 9 and a 10, you might want to go for the 10. A little extra room can be really comfy!

Guidelines for Under Armour Shoes Sizing

Under Armour Shoes with size

When it comes to your athletic performance, every little detail matters and your choice of footwear is no exception. Under Armour, a brand known for its innovation and quality in sports gear offers a wide range of athletic shoes designed to elevate your game. But how do you ensure that you’re getting the perfect fit for your feet? Fear not, as we present to you a comprehensive guide of sizing tips for Under Armour shoes. From the track to the court, from the gym to the trails, you’ll be striding confidently and comfortably in no time.

Measure, Don’t Assume

First things first, let’s put an end to the assumption game. Your shoe size can vary across different brands and styles. Don’t rely on what you’ve been wearing for years; take a moment to measure your feet accurately. Take out some paper, a pen, and your beloved ruler. Mark the longest area of your foot on the paper with your heel against the wall. For an accurate conversion to Under Armour’s sizing method, measure the distance in cm and consult Under Armour’s size chart.

Consider Your Activity

Choose the right shoes for your activity. Under Armour designs shoes for specific sports and activities, each with its unique demands. Running shoes, basketball sneakers, and cross-training shoes all have distinct features that cater to their respective activities. Running shoes, for instance, might have additional cushioning for impact reduction, while basketball shoes prioritize ankle support. Choose a size that accommodates your feet comfortably for the intended activity, factoring in any extra space you might need for swift movements or sudden changes in direction.

Know Your Foot Type

Understanding your foot type can make a world of difference in finding the right size. Are your feet flat, neutral, or high-arched? Knowing this can influence your shoe choice. For example, individuals with flat feet might require a bit more arch support, while those with high arches might benefit from a shoe with extra cushioning. Under Armour offers shoes with various arch support and cushioning options, so make sure to pick the one that matches your foot’s natural shape.

Room for Your Toes

Your toes, too, deserve some wriggle room! The toe box of your shoes should be large enough to allow your toes to move freely. To guarantee optimum fit, leave a thumb’s width of space between your longest toe and the front of the shoe.  This extra space prevents discomfort and potential issues like black toenails caused by repetitive impact during activities like running.

Sock Selection Matters

Socks might seem like a minor consideration, but they can impact how your shoes fit. If you usually wear thicker sports socks, make sure to try on your Under Armour shoes with those socks during the fitting process. The thickness of the socks can slightly alter the feel and fit of the shoes, so it’s essential to account for it.

Time Your Fitting

Physical activity, heat, and gravity can all cause feet to swell during the day. To achieve the best fit, try on shoes in the afternoon or evening, when your feet have likely expanded a little.  This practice helps you avoid purchasing shoes that might end up feeling too tight after a long workout or game.

Trust Your Feelings

Finally, the most crucial tip of all trust how the shoes feel on your feet. While all the measuring and sizing tips are invaluable, the ultimate judge is your comfort. If a shoe feels too tight, too loose, or causes any discomfort, it’s not the right fit for you. Your athletic shoes should feel like an extension of your feet, supporting your movements and enhancing your performance without hindrance.

Check the Store’s Return Policy

Even if you’re careful, there’s a chance you might choose the wrong size. So, it’s important to know about the Under Armour’s rules for returns, refunds, and exchanges. Make sure you read and understand all the terms before deciding to buy. Usually, if you buy from UA’s official website, you can more easily return or exchange items. UA lets you exchange things and offers free returns for up to two months after you buy something, as long as you have proof that you bought it.

Does Under Armour Run Small?

Under Armour white shoes

The fit of Under Armour clothing tends to be snug. It is advised to choose a size larger than your usual pick to create a feeling of space and comfort. Additionally, individuals with a broad chest may find it beneficial to select a size up, as Under Armour attire tends to provide a more restrictive fit in this area.

Under Armour Clothing Fit
Shoes True to Size
Shorts Run Small
Leggings True to Size
Sports Bra True to Size
Tank Tops Run Big on Men and Small on Women
Vests Run Small
Underwear True to Size
Jackets Run Small
Pants True to Size
Shirts Run Small
Hoodies True to Size
Dresses True to Size

Can You Walk Well in Under Armour Shoes? 

Under Armour sole

A apparently uncomplicated activity like walking has the power to significantly enhance your general health and wellbeing. Whether you’re strolling through a serene park, tackling your daily commute, or embarking on a vigorous fitness routine, the importance of proper footwear cannot be overstated. This begs the question: are Under Armour shoes good for walking? Prepare to have your doubts dissolved and your strides transformed as we delve into the world of Under Armour footwear, the ultimate walking companions that blend style, innovation, and functionality.

Innovation Beyond the Surface

Under Armour is a brand that doesn’t simply craft shoes; it engineers solutions. Drawing on its expertise in creating high-performance sportswear, the brand has channeled its innovative spirit into its shoe designs, resulting in footwear that goes beyond mere aesthetics. With a focus on incorporating cutting-edge technologies, Under Armour has consistently demonstrated its commitment to enhancing athletic experiences and walking is no exception.

The Comfort Revolution

Under Armour women shoes

Imagine walking on clouds that’s the sensation Under Armour shoes strive to deliver. These shoes are crafted with a careful balance of form and function, designed to cradle your feet in comfort while supporting your every step. The brand’s dedication to ergonomic design ensures that every contour of your foot is accommodated, reducing the likelihood of discomfort and fatigue during prolonged walks.

Support that Elevates You

The key to a successful walking experience lies in proper foot support, and this is where Under Armour shines. These shoes are engineered to provide optimal arch support, helping you maintain the correct alignment and reducing the risk of strain on your feet, ankles, and knees. Whether you’re tackling a brisk morning walk or an extended city stroll, Under Armour shoes offer the steadfast support needed to conquer every step of your journey.

Durability: A Step Towards Longevity

Under Armour shoes and box

Investing in a reliable pair of walking shoes means investing in longevity, and Under Armour delivers on this front as well. The brand’s commitment to quality materials and expert craftsmanship ensures that your shoes are not only comfortable but also built to withstand the test of time. So, whether you’re navigating rugged terrain or pounding the pavement, your Under Armour shoes are prepared to be your trusty companions on countless walks to come.

Grip and Traction: Conquering Varied Terrain

Walking doesn’t always take place on smooth sidewalks. Sometimes, your journey leads you to uneven paths, wet surfaces, or even challenging trails. Under Armour shoes incorporate advanced traction technologies that provide a reliable grip, allowing you to confidently tackle a variety of terrains. So, whether you’re strolling through a rain-soaked park or exploring a rocky trail, your Under Armour shoes keep you steady and surefooted.

Style Meets Functionality

While function reigns supreme, Under Armour also recognizes the importance of style. Their shoe designs effortlessly blend fashion with functionality, allowing you to express your personal style while enjoying the benefits of good athletic footwear. From sleek urban designs to more rugged outdoor options, Under Armour offers a diverse range of styles that cater to your unique preferences.


What is the history of Under Armour’s footwear line?

Under Armour, a renowned sports apparel and equipment brand, launched its footwear line in 2006. Since then, they have been combining innovative technologies with performance-focused designs to cater to athletes and fitness enthusiasts across various sports.

What are the key technologies used in Under Armour shoes?

Under Armour integrates several cutting-edge technologies into their shoes, such as UA HOVR, which provides a cushioned and responsive ride, and Micro G, a lightweight foam that enhances energy return and comfort. Additionally, their shoes often feature breathability-enhancing materials and durable outsoles for optimal performance.

Are Under Armour shoes suitable for running?

Yes, Under Armour offers a range of running shoes designed to cater to different types of runners. Their running shoe lineup incorporates features like responsive cushioning, lightweight construction, and stability support to meet the diverse needs of runners.

Do Under Armour shoes offer good ankle support for sports like basketball?

Indeed, Under Armour produces basketball shoes with features aimed at providing adequate ankle support. To aid in injury prevention and improve performance on the basketball court, these shoes frequently feature traction-enhancing outsoles, cushioning technology, and supportive mid-top or high-top designs.

How does Under Armour ensure a comfortable fit?

Under Armour employs advanced design techniques and technologies to create shoes that offer a comfortable fit. Their shoes often feature anatomically shaped sock liners, adjustable lacing systems, and flexible materials that adapt to the shape of the foot, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.

Are there specialized Under Armour shoes for weightlifting?

Yes, Under Armour manufactures weightlifting shoes that cater to the unique requirements of weightlifters. These shoes typically feature a stable base, supportive midsoles, and secure straps, all of which contribute to improved performance during weightlifting exercises.

Can I find Under Armour shoes for people with wide feet?

Absolutely, Under Armour acknowledges the need for shoes catering to different foot widths. They offer options with wider toe boxes and adjustable lacing systems, ensuring that individuals with wide feet can find comfortable and suitable footwear.

Are Under Armour shoes appropriate for cross-training?

Yes, Under Armour designs cross-training shoes that provide versatility and support for a variety of exercises. These shoes often combine features such as lateral stability, cushioning, and durable outsoles, making them suitable for activities that involve different movements and impacts.

Do Under Armour shoes have a waterproof option?

Under Armour produces some waterproof or water-resistant shoe models, especially for outdoor and all-weather activities. These shoes employ waterproof membranes or coatings to keep your feet dry and comfortable in wet conditions.

How does Under Armour ensure durability in their shoes?

Under Armour emphasizes durability in their shoe designs by using high-quality materials and reinforced construction techniques. Additionally, the brand often employs rugged outsole patterns and abrasion-resistant overlays to enhance the shoes’ lifespan, especially in high-wear areas.

Can I wear my Under Armour running sneakers to go for a walk?

Yes, many Under Armour running shoes are well-suited for walking as well. The cushioning and support features designed for running also contribute to a comfortable walking experience. However, keep in mind that some running shoes might have specific designs optimized for higher-impact activities.

Are there vegan options available in Under Armour shoes?

Under Armour does offer some shoe models that are suitable for vegans. These shoes are made without using any animal-derived materials, making them a choice for individuals who follow a vegan lifestyle.

What technologies does Under Armour use for shock absorption?

Under Armour utilizes various cushioning technologies, such as UA HOVR and Micro G, to provide effective shock absorption. These technologies help minimize the impact on joints during activities like running, jumping, and other high-impact movements.

Can I use Under Armour basketball shoes for casual wear?

Yes, many Under Armour basketball shoes feature stylish designs that can easily transition to casual everyday wear. These shoes often combine performance features with fashionable aesthetics, making them versatile choices for both on-court and off-court activities.

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