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Clarks Desert Boots Overviews






There is really no doubt you have heard of Clarks’ legendary Desert boots. In fact, it was the very first of its kind and has been in operation for 70 years. However, just because it’s an icon doesn’t make it any less valuable.

I will break down every aspect of this classic boot in this article so you can determine if you should buy a pair of Clarks Desert Boots for yourself.

Clarks Desert Boot Overview

Clarks Desert Boot will mark its 70th anniversary in 2020. This legendary boot dates back to the Second World War, when British officer Nathan Clark noticed his workmates wearing them while being on leave in Burma.

clarks desert boots

Nathan Clark, who comes from a family of shoe and boot makers (Clarks has been there since 1820 – even before Nathan Clark was birthed), inquired about these fashionable items. According to legend, the Chukka boot style originated in the same market sector in Cairo (therefore getting them the common Desert boot name). It is just two pieces of leather stitched to an unpolished rubber sole. Nathan bought only several pairs of his own, brought them back to his family company, and started a new craze.

Clarks Desert Boot Review

Here are some of the essential attributes of Clarks Desert Boots.

Leather Quality 

Clarks has done a wonderful job of providing premium quality leather as the main attraction since the Clarks original desert boots are just so simple. The company’s official website provides no information about the leather class, but based on the exposed cross-sections, I would suppose that the Clarks Desert Boots are made with a transformation between full-grain and top-grain leather.

Having said that, it is not of the highest quality, but it is reasonably priced. The Clarks Desert boot is constructed of pull up leather that has been overloaded with waxes and oils. So, as you bend the boot, you will realize that the wrinkles lighten. This is due to the oils being repelled from that particular area of the hide.

This gives these Clarks boots a custom, broken-in appearance, even if you have only worn them for an hour. These gentle marks, on the other hand, are simple to remove—just rub them away with your finger. The slippage will heat and reallocate the oils in the leather, resulting in a consistent tone.

Generally speaking, pull up leather does not require as much conditioning as other kinds of leather. Clean and condition your boots every six to nine months with normal wear (two to three times per week). The fact that these boots will patina fast and appear to be built all over your foot is part of their allure. There is actually no need to overburden the leather because it will retain its oils. I only suggest cleaning and reconditioning the leather if you have water stains or are in a hot climate.

Sole Construction

clarks desert boot sole

Some of you might know that the crepe sole is considered the most distinguishing feature of the Clarks Desert boots. Crepe rubber is basically a coagulated latex, which indicates that the rubber tree’s raw sap is extracted and treated to produce long sheets of rubber. Crepe leather is less finely tuned than other kinds of leather. Crepe rubber is exceptionally soft since it is comparatively unrefined.

As you wear any type of boots with crepe soles, you will realize how soft to the touch they are. This has both advantages and disadvantages. They are, however, comfy for walking on pavements and other smooth surfaces. Crepe, in general, has a lot of traction on dry ground and is relatively quiet.

However, that smoothness comes with a price. Crepe soles are not as durable as other kinds of rubber soles. If you walk on a stone at an incorrect angle, the heel could really keep chipping away, and the edges rub against your feet. In addition, the rubber can absorb a lot of grime and dirt from the ground, so your Clarks boots’ soles would be filthy within minutes of putting them on. The Desert boot is challenging for shoemakers to resole. So, if you have a trusted shoe repair technician, you may be able to get it done, but once the sole starts wearing out, you will want to find another pair of shoes. In general, I wear these Clarks boots around once or twice a week to minimize wear and tear. If you plan on wearing them as your primary boot, they should last about a year and a half.

Sizing and Fit

Unfortunately, Clarks Desert boots are only available in D width. Most people find them to be comfortable, but if your feet tend to be a bit wider, they may feel a little snug. Nevertheless, because the leather extends rapidly (particularly in the Clark desert suede boot models), you shouldn’t be in pain for long.

Because the boot lacks a shank, it would be best to pair it with an orthopedic insole if your feet are flat. I wouldn’t suggest Clarks Desert boots for anything but urban strolls or indoors. The fit and the gentle sole make these inappropriate for working, hiking, or doing something fun like streetball. I recognize them as a more refined option than sneakers. Besides, like any other pair of shoes, they don’t provide much ankle support. In fact, it is not necessarily a problem, but these aren’t going to be your sturdy go-to boots.

Break-in Period

I had no trouble breaking in the Clarks Desert boots because the leather is so soft and smooth that I didn’t experience any pain or blisters. I purchased a half-size smaller than normal, and I still had a lot of heel slip. However, the heel slip is disappearing after several weeks (I have only worn them around four or five times), which makes perfect sense: the leather is going to stretch and mold to my foot. Having said that, there is still a slight slip in the rear, but even when completely new, the heel slip caused no discomfort. After a couple of weeks, I assume these Clarks boots will be completely broken in (around eight wears in total).

Wearability and Comfort

I’m very satisfied with these Clarks chukkas because I have great arches. Since the crepe sole is unpolished, it is smooth and absorbs lots of impact and shock. The upper is flexible, and the harsh leather interiors are simple to break in. I had no rubbing or painful arches after wearing these Clarks around the city, which is unusual for new boots.

However, if you have flat feet and require added arch support, you should get an orthopedic insole for these boots. The boot has no integrated shank and lots of curves along the arch since the sole is exceptionally soft. If you have flat feet and there is no insole, the majority of the stress from your footsteps will be directed to the front of your heel, causing pain and discomfort. Having said that, it is not an issue with an insert.

And, as previously stated, most people do not have flat feet. I don’t, and I discovered these to be really comfy for urban walks. I wouldn’t wear Clark chukka boots on a hiking trip or anything like that, as the rubber on the bottom is so soft, allowing you to experience any rocks beneath you. But for stomping around on concrete, these are as comfortable as sneakers but a little bit more upmarket.

Clarks Chukkas Desert Boots: Are Desert and Chukka Boots The Same?

clarks desert Chukka boot

In general, there are two categories for ladies and gentlemen here, including Clarks men’s desert chukka boots and Clarks Women’s desert chukka boots. But when it comes to chukka and desert boots, is there any relationship between them? Are they the same as each other?

In a nutshell, no. Just as all bourbon can be whiskey, but not all whiskeys are considered bourbon, all desert boots can be chukkas, but not all chukkas are considered desert boots. Are these confusing?

The main distinction between desert and chukkas boots is that chukka boots are innately more elegant than desert boots and are frequently made with premium full-grain and Horween leathers. Furthermore, chukkas have dressier and sleeker cutouts that allow you to dress them up with a suit, whereas desert boots are typically worn more informally. And at last, a distinguishing feature of desert boots is the porous crepe sole, which makes them extremely comfortable, whereas chukka boots generally have more robust construction, such as a Dainite sole.

Clarks Desert Boots Made In England

Clarks Stores in England

Although the initial desert boot was manufactured in England from English leather, it is currently mostly made in Asia, with several exclusions in Italy. Nonetheless, the desert boot is perhaps the most legendary and best-selling boot in the Clarks lineup.

Clarks Desert Boots Shoe Laces

There are different types of shoelaces for you to pick from. This allows you to choose a suitable pair of shoe laces for your Clarks Desert Boots.

Taupe Desert Boot Laces

Taupe is an excellent choice for desert boots. This hue is more subdued than the gold laces. Besides, taupe has mute reliability to it that brings a sense of style and works well to accessorize the majority of a spring and summer wardrobe. These look fantastic with a lot of gray toned boots, typically Clarks desert boots distressed suede taupe.

Gold Desert Boot Laces

These laces are extremely tight. My first pair of Clarks desert boots were dust colored, and they were stunning. They made my old pair ablaze, creating a new look for my boot.

Black Desert Boot Lace

In general, these are stylish Black laces that will look fabulous in your Clarks Desert boot. The perfect fit! I really like to keep a set of shoelaces on hand just in case I go outside and only need them.

Brown Desert Boot Laces 

No matter if your Clarks boot comes with the brown color or not, it is a wonderful earth tone and, therefore, can establish the richer specifics of a full outfit.

Fashion Shoe Lace

Basically, these 30″ shoelaces are 1/4″ wide and have a beautiful brown color. These are suitable for shoes with 3-4 eyelets up from the side. These look fantastic with any boot you want to dress up. These would be a perfect match with your Clarks Desert Boots Oakwood Suede.


So, that’s all about Clarks Desert boots. I hope you will get a better understanding of this brand as well as their iconic Desert lineup. From that, deciding to get a suitable pair for your outfit will be much more straightforward.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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