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Bowling Shoe Size Chart: How To Choose Bowling Shoes?






Bowling shoes are not exempt from the trend that the shoe industry has of employing multiple-size methods in various regions of the world. If you are interested in getting a pair of bowling shoes but are unsure what size you should obtain, the following chart is for you.

Bowling shoes
Bowling shoes

Suppose you wear shoes that are adequately suited for your feet. In that case, you may lessen the likelihood of sustaining an injury when approaching the ball and improve the consistency with which you deliver your shot. You won’t improve your performance simply by wearing the shoes, but if they make you feel more at ease, you might be able to do better.

Consult a bowling shoe size chart if you’re shopping for a new pair of shoes and are unsure about your size. You may use it to determine whether the size you typically wear is the precise one you should seek when buying bowling shoes.

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International Bowling Shoe Measurement Conversion Chart

bowling shoes in different sizes
bowling shoes in different sizes

As a result of the fact that actual sizes will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, this chart may not be entirely correct, although it comes close. Use it as an essential reference to determine what size bowling shoe you wear depending on the length of your foot, measured in inches. 

This information may be helpful for you if you typically purchase shoes through an online retailer. Utilize this chart with user reviews of the shoes you are considering purchasing to get higher precision.

UK Euro Men’s Women’s
1.0 34.0 2.0 4.0
1.5 34.5 2.5 4.5
2.5 35.0 3.0 5.0
3.0 35.5 3.5 5.5
3.5 36.0 4.0 6.0
4.0 36.5 4.5 6.5
4.5 37.0 5.0 7.0
5.0 38.0 5.5 7.5
5.5 39.0 6.0 8.0
6.0 39.5 6.5 8.5
6.5 40.0 7.0 9.0
7.0 41.0 7.5 9.5
7.5 0.5 8.0 10.0
8.0 42.0 8.5 10.5
8.5 43.0 9.0 11.0
9.0 43.5 9.5 11.5
9.5 44.0 10.0 12.0
10.0 44.5 10.5 12.5
10.5 45.0 11.0 13.0
11.0 46.0 11.5 13.5
11.5 46.5 12.0 14.0

Bowling Shoe Size Chart For Women

Bowling shoes for women
Bowling shoes for women

If a woman buys bowling shoes for the first time, it’s essential to consider her gender. You should know that some manufacturers will create different sizing charts for women, who have significantly different proportions between their feet than men do. 

This chart shows the size of the female foot in inches. Although it’s incorrect, given that women’s feet are normally smaller than men’s, it might be useful if you’re unsure of your size or what to look for in a bowling shoe.

Heel to toe Length

(in inches)

Size (USA)

(in inches)

Narrow Width


(in inches)

Medium Width


(in inches)

Wide Width


(in inches)

Extra Wide Width


(in inches)

8.69 5.00 2.81 3.19 3.56 3.94
8.81 5.50 2.88 3.25 3.63 4.00
9.00 6.00 2.94 3.31 3.69 4.06
9.19 6.50 3.00 3.38 3.75 4.13
9.31 7.00 3.06 3.44 3.81 4.19
9.50 7.50 3.13 3.50 3.88 4.25
9.69 8.00 3.19 3.56 3.94 4.31
9.81 8.50 3.25 3.63 4.00 4.38
10.00 9.00 3.31 3.69 4.06 4.44
10.19 9.50 3.38 3.75 4.13 4.50
10.31 10.00 3.44 3.81 4.19 4.56
10.50 10.50 3.50 3.88 4.25 4.63
10.69 11.00 3.56 3.94 4.31 4.69
10.81 11.50 3.63 4.00 4.38 4.75
11.00 12.00 3.69 4.06 4.44 4.81

Bowling Shoe Size Chart For Men

Bowling shoes for men
Bowling shoes for men

People who have previously purchased the shoes will frequently review them based on various criteria, including how well they fit, whether or not they are true to size, and a few other features. 

You should be able to choose a pair of bowling shoes that fit you properly and get you prepared for the lanes by consulting this chart and reading their reviews. At this point, all you need is the appropriate bowling ball.

Heel to toe Length

(in inches)

Size (USA)

(in inches)

Narrow Width

(B or C)

(in inches)

Medium Width


(in inches)

Extra Wide Width

(2E or 3E)

(in inches)

9.31 6.00 3.13 3.50 3.88
9.50 6.50 3.19 3.56 3.94
9.69 7.00 3.25 3.63 4.00
9.81 7.50 3.31 3.69 4.06
10.00 8.00 3.38 3.75 4.13
10.19 8.50 3.44 3.81 4.19
10.31 9.00 3.50 3.88 4.25
10.50 9.50 3.56 3.94 4.31
10.69 10.00 3.63 4.00 4.38
10.81 10.50 3.69 4.06 4.44
11.00 11.00 3.75 4.13 4.50
11.19 11.50 3.81 4.19 4.56
11.31 12.00 3.88 4.25 4.63
11.50 12.50 3.94 4.31 4.69
11.69 13.00 4.00 4.38 4.75
11.81 13.50 4.06 4.44 4.81
12.00 14.00 4.13 4.50 4.88
12.19 14.50 4.19 4.56 4.94
12  5/16 15.00 4  1/4 4  5/8 5

Bowling Shoe Size Chart For Kids

Bowling Shoes for kids
Bowling Shoes for kids

This chart should prove helpful if you are a teenager or have a kid in your household who enjoys bowling and needs bowling shoes from time to time. Children’s feet increase, so a child may require a specific size of shoe for their age by the time he’s reached his teenage years. 

You may be able to find bowling shoes that fit your little boy or girl, depending on what chart you reference. If you’re unsure which chart fits you, ask a salesperson at a nearby bowling shoe store; they should be able to guide you toward the ideal set of bowling shoes based on your unique dimensions.

Heel to toe Length

(in inches)

Heel to toe Length

(in Cm)

Size (USA)
5.17 13.1 6 T
5.33 13.6 6 1/2 T
5.50 14.0 7 T
5.67 14.4 7 1/2 T
5.83 14.8 8 T
6.00 15.2 8 1/2 K
6.17 15.7 9 K
6.33 16.1 9 1/2 K
6.50 16.5 10 K
6.67 16.9 10 1/2 K
6.83 17.4 11 K
7.00 17.8 11 1/2 K
7.17 18.2 12 K
7.33 18.6 12 1/2 K
7.50 19.1 13 K
7.67 19.5 13 1/2 K
7.83 19.9 1 K
8.00 20.3 1 1/2 K
8.17 20.7 2 K
8.33 21.2 2 1/2 K
8.50 21.6 3 K
8.67 22.0 3 1/2 K
8.83 22.4 4 K
9.00 22.9 4 1/2 K
9.17 23.3 5 K
9.33 23.7 5 1/2 K
9.50 24.1 6 K

Why Is It Necessary To Wear Bowling Shoes?

Man throwing ball in bowling alley

Those who only bowl a few times a year and don’t own bowling shoes are compelled to rent a pair before they play, even though you probably don’t care how well your shoes will assist you. However, why do you feel the need to rent them? Are bowling centers attempting to get you to spend more money than you need to to make a profit? Do bowling shoes make a difference in performance?

Because they’re built to keep you safer

When bowling, bowling shoes assist you in preventing injury. When you swing a large ball, your foot may be put at risk due to your unusual motion. Bowling shoes are made to ease the stress on your plant leg and help you prevent injuries.

Wearing bowling shoes also reduces your risk of falling and knee, ankle, and back injuries. There is a possibility that your ordinary shoes will stick to the ground if you wear them.

You risk tripping over your feet, dropping the ball, or stumbling past the foul line if your shoes become caught as you move the ball forward. If you can’t control the hefty bowling ball, you might hurt yourself and anyone around you.

To prevent bringing outdoor dirt and trash inside

Imagine if people were permitted to climb on them while wearing their dirty shoes. The surface would be a mess. The roadways may become less slippery if dirt and mud are allowed to accumulate. The staff responsible for keeping the alleys clean will also have an increased workload due to this.

Without realizing it, if you go bowling and insist on wearing your shoes, you bring dirt, trash, and other items onto the bowling approach and maybe the lane.

You can be sure that bowling will be more enjoyable if there are no streaks, damp spots, or markings on the approach and if there is no debris on the lane that may cause your ball to be deflected. If you leave water marks on the approach area, the subsequent bowler who plays with bowling shoes is in significant danger of suffering a major injury.

To provide a fluid glide as you approach

To begin, you’ll have a considerably easier time sliding on the lanes thanks to their streamlined form. This makes the action much smoother. If you want a decent throw, you need to pay attention to this detail. 

The vast majority of bowling shoes have a cut-out in the front that helps to reduce the severity of this issue, in addition to a heel that lifts the foot off the ground by a minimal amount. When running at full speed throughout your delivery, the heel also provides grip and helps minimize slippage.

Using bowling shoes allows you to glide more easily on the approach area, another advantage of using bowling shoes. When you deliver the ball, it will be much easier to maintain a consistent delivery if you keep your sliding foot beneath your center of gravity. 

How To Choose Bowling Shoes?

Choose Bowling Shoes
Choose Bowling Shoes

In addition to practicing to have good skills, players’ equipment is equally important when playing any sport. In bowling, what do you think is essential? Yes, it’s a ball, but an equally important factor is the bowling shoe. So how to choose suitable bowling shoes, let’s find out right here.

The importance of choosing bowling shoes

To play bowling well, you must have solid shots and adjust your body balance after throwing the ball. To do that, bowling shoes are the deciding factor in 70% of the success of a bowling shot. Therefore, to achieve high results, own a good pair of shoes.

The usual shoes we often wear, such as sports shoes and loafers when playing sports or used for bowling, will be very hard, causing discomfort or pain in the feet. So how to choose bowling shoes and fit yourself so that it is the right and intelligent decision? Let’s see!

Classification and how to choose bowling shoes

Bowling shoes are divided into three types:

Shoes with two sliding soles

This is a shoe with both soles that can be used for sliding. This is the cheapest shoe on the market today compared to the rest. This type of shoe is suitable for those who are new to bowling, bowling players just for fun, and new players who do not have the conditions to invest in many tools.

The versatility of this shoe style, which both lefts may wear- and right-handed persons, is a benefit. Therefore, this is the most optimal and economical solution if you are learning to play bowling or do not use the slide to finish—no need to invest too much money to buy a more stylish pair of shoes.

Shoes with one slip sole, and one grip sole

This type of shoe is designed with one side to slide and one side to grip to create a fulcrum for one foot to stick to the floor, and the other can slide strongly and firmly. This is a must-have shoe for people practicing bowling, regular bowlers, and players participating in tournaments.

Note that when buying shoes of this type, we need to remember whether to buy shoes with right or left foot. Because of left-foot shoes, the sole slides on the right foot and vice versa.

Replaceable sole and heel

This is a type of shoe in that you can replace the sole and heel of the shoe depending on the needs you need to use with the effortless and quick operation. There are many different types of skates and heels according to the level of grip on the floor, large and small, according to the player’s needs and the floor’s condition. 

For professional bowlers at higher levels, the need to master the slide is greater; stopping and sliding must be accurate, which is extremely important.

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Are Bowling Shoes a Dangerous Choice?

Bowling shoes are suitable for usage by most people without any problems. You should wear socks or carry a new pair with you so that you may wash them as soon as you return to your house. To further set your mind at ease, you might carry a bottle of disinfection spray specifically designed for travel. If you bowl quite often or are committed to the sport, you might even consider purchasing a pair of bowling shoes.

How are shoes cleaned at bowling alleys?

You’ll be glad to learn that bowling alleys clean bowling shoes after each usage. Most bowling alleys will disinfect your shoes as soon as you return them to the front desk. Some bowling alleys even beam a UV light over the shoes to check for microorganisms. No matter how your bowling alley operates, you may rest easy knowing that the shoes you hire are often cleaned and sanitized.

What kind of material constitutes Bowling shoes?

Bowling shoes have no heel and a fully flat sole on the bottom of the shoe. Typically, they are constructed out of leather and rubber, and their laces are made of synthetic material. The leather is incredibly long-lasting, and the rubber bottoms are designed to simulate the slippery surface of the bowling alley. Bowling shoes are distinguished from conventional footwear in that their underpads have a slide sole, enabling the wearer to bowl with a more fluid and gliding motion.

Are normal shoes OK for bowling?

You cannot, regrettably, play bowling in your regular shoes. Everyone would track in all detritus if they entered the bowling alleys wearing street shoes. The pathways would become greasy, slick, or filled with little tripping hazards. It’s simple to forget, but wearing bowling shoes rather than your regular ones while you bowl keeps you and the bowling alley safe.

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