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The Truth About Wolverine Work Boots Benefits 






Wolverine work boots are designed for performance and comfort on the job. Available in a variety of styles and features, they offer excellent durability and protection to keep you productive all day long.

7 Benefits Influencing People Choice Wolverine Work Boots

Ryan Reynolds wear wolverine work boots


The boots are very well padded in the area where your toes are. This is because it’s the most common place for someone to get blisters when wearing work boots. And, if you have ever had a blister or an issue with your feet when you’re wearing these boots, you’ll know that they are really thick and padded up top for comfort which is why I love them so much!

True to size

The boot measurement measurement guide on the company website is very helpful in choosing a size that’s perfect for you without too much guess work involved. I always go with XS or S depending on what kind of shoe I’m thinking of buying and this works out perfectly every time.


I have had my boots for 5 years. They are still in good condition, but I continue to use them because they are so comfortable. I have even worn them with heels which you can’t do with most other work boots because the top is so padded. Some of the threads on the back of the boot have started to come loose, but nothing major has happened yet which is why I think they’re durable.


For the most part any decent boot will run you anywhere from $70-200. Of course price will depend on though of materials and quality of product, but that’s the general range. It all depends on what you’re looking for in a pair of work boots!


The boot is made from a bull hide leather that is really durable and hard wearing. It’s the same material that the high end brands use for hunting boots, leather jackets and cowboy boots. Even though these are really sturdy they’re still quite lightweight weighing in at less than 1lb per boot.


These boots would look great with any professional outfit or clothing no matter what you’re in to in life! They’re a little more on the casual side in my opinion because of this, but still really stylish and versatile! They can be worn with jeans, shorts or skirts.


They’re made in the USA and this is very important to me because it’s usually better quality than if they were made anywhere else. Things made in China tend to wear out a lot quicker, shrink a bit over time and even change color. The boots don’t do any of those things which is why I think they are well made.

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What are Wolverine Boots?

Wolverine brand

Wolverine boots are boots made by the Wolverine Company for use in their outdoor line of products. The company uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making them durable but still offering comfort over time.

Wolverine boots are known for their durability and performance because of the brands many years of experience in the industry. They offer shoes that last longer than most competitors while providing better grip, traction, breathability, water resistance, durability and other features that provide comfort to their users.

Wolverine is popular amongst professional athletes who need to be lightweight while providing grip because they know for themselves just how reliable this brand is. They also appeal to people who seek durability and performance from their boots because they understand just how much it costs for this type of product.

Wolverine Boots for Men

Wolverine work boot for men

Wolverine boots for men have been a classic product since 1907. They have been seen in epic adventures from the high seas, to the steppes of Russia, and every continent on Earth. Wolverine boots are known for their quality and durability in all weather conditions. The Wolverine brand is well known around the world among all types of consumers who want to keep that tough American spirit close at hand.

Wolverine boots for men are made to make you look like a man in any situation. Wolverine boots for men keep your feet warm in the coldest temperatures because of its waterproof material. You can wear it when you go out with your friends in the snow, or when the weather is hot, these boots will protect your feet at any time.

Wolverine boots for women

Wolverine women shoe

Wolverine is one of the most popular brands among working women because its style matches what is worn on jobsites today. Their boots are functional but trendy. Their sometimes unorthodox designs and intricate details set them apart from other work boots. And the famous W symbol on the side of their boots stands for what it has always stood for: quality and craftsmanship.

Wolverine boots for women are a great boot to wear during the fall and winter months. This brand of boots is known for its toughness and durability. When it comes to style there’s an option no matter what your preference. You can wear a simple pair of black leather uppers with a contrasting color sole or you could go for mid calf height lace up boots with attachable faux fur trim if you want something warmer out of the cold season. These boots are stylish yet practical, offering plenty of comfort because they’re made from quality materials that last long-term use.

Wolverine work boots are also available in women’s sizes. The boots are available in black leather with a low heel. The heel height of the boot is 4″ and the shaft is 24″. The shaft height can be adjusted at the top of the boot for an even more customized fit if necessary. The boots are made from premium full grain leather that’s also oiled for maximum luster and durability. This leather offers awesome comfort because it flexes with each step you take so you don’t have to break your stride to keep your feet warm this winter.

History of Wolverine Work Boots

Wolverine store

Wolverine work boots, with their distinctive yellow and brown logo, are a brand of shoe that was originally inspired by the need for footwear appropriate for workers in West Michigan’s heavy industries during the Industrial Revolution. The founder of Wolverine Shoe Company, G. A. Krause Fredrick Hirth, had emigrated from Ireland to West Michigan in 1883. He taught himself how to make shoes so he could support his family while his father was alive. When his father died in 1902, John struck out on his own with a hope of improving on existing shoe designs to better satisfy the needs of the industrial workforce he encountered daily. He became a contractor for shoe manufacturers, first in St. Louis, Missouri, and then in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he soon started his own shoe factory.

Within a year of the Wolverine work boots introduction, in 1905, Krause Fredrick bought out another Grand Rapids manufacturer, the Strasser Shoe Company. Unfortunately, the name didn’t fit his product line so he changed it to Wolverine Shoe Company in 1907. Ten years later he moved his factory to Kalamazoo, Michigan where it is currently located today. When O’Rourke died in 1940, his son-in-law Walter A. Dahl became president of Wolverine Shoe Company and served until 1957 when Henry W. Schultz became president. Under Schultz’s reign the company grew and prospered, and the company was purchased by Columbia Industries in 1969.

4 Types of Wolverine Work Boots 

1. The waterproof boots

Wolverine waterproof boots

These are the most common of any Wolverine boot, and can be found in many forms. They are offered with varying levels of protection, but the most common is the level 3 waterproof technology. Sometimes these boots have steel toes, so they are still safe to use on some jobs.

2. Steel toe boots

Wolverine Steel toe boots

These have a steel plate attached to the sole of their shoe, so they offer great protection while still being very comfortable for people who work on construction sites or farms. These can also be found with different levels of protection that allows you to choose one that will suit your specific needs

3. Soft toe Wolverine boots

Soft toe Wolverine boots

These are the most common of any of the Wolverine boots. They offer great protection without sacrificing comfort. They are the most common type of work boot and you can find them in many different styles and colors.

4. Wolverine 1000 mile boots

Wolverine 1000 mile boots

These boots were designed by a customer, and they became so popular that Wolverine started producing them on a mass scale. They offer great protection and they are so comfortable that most people can wear them for over a 1000 miles without discomfort.

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What Industries Are Wolverine Boots Good For?

Wolverine footwear is used by many construction companies due to its superior traction. Workers in these industries may subject themselves to wet conditions because the work requires it, or the industry could be one where workers may need their boots because of the terrain they will venture onto. Whatever the case, Wolverine boots are an excellent choice for workers in these industries who need traction on wet surfaces or in water. Besides, they can be found at places such as warehouses, steel mills, auto plants, power plants, military bases and other industrial sites where workers need to stand for long hours.

What’s The Disadvantages of Wolverine Boots?

Wolverine boots are not designed to be used in wet conditions or submerged for extended periods of time. Their chemical composition allows them to resist water well enough that they are only subject to mildewing when exposed to excessive moisture over an extended period of time. However, this does not mean that Wolverines are waterproof; they are still susceptible to mildew and chemicals that can weaken their composition.

Wolverine vs Caterpillar Boots: The Comparison

Caterpillar Store


The first thing we learned is that there are actually two differences between these two brands of work boots. One is that Wolverine boots are made with man-made materials, whereas Caterpillar work boots are made with natural leather. 


Another difference is that Wolverine boots will often be more expensive than Caterpillar work boots due to the use of man-made materials.

If you like natural leather, then you might want to go with the higher quality features offered by Caterpillar work boots. For example, they have a larger toe box and a neoprene sock liner. They have a rubber sole that stretches in the heat and is easy to clean. These boots also have a steel shank that will not wear down in moisture or allow your foot to slide forward when you’re wearing them on uneven ground. Caterpillar boots are waterproof and will keep your feet dry when you’re working around water, such as in the garden or on the job site.

Wolverine work boots can be more expensive due to their use of man-made materials, but they will provide more comfort and support for your feet when you’re on your feet for long periods of time. They are extremely lightweight and have a durable outsole that will not wear down easily. They also have air-flow to keep your feet cool when you’re wearing them. They usually come in tan or brown tones, but they do offer other colors, depending on the model you choose.

If you like the idea of having natural leather boots for your work boots, then you’ll probably enjoy the extra features offered with Caterpillar boots. If price is an issue for you, then you should look into Wolverine work boots because they can be much cheaper than Caterpillar work boots, depending on the model that you purchase

2 Alternatives to Wolverine Work Boots

1. Caterpillar

Caterpillar Boots

Caterpillar boots are an alternative to Wolverine work boots, and are made for tough jobs. Caterpillar work boots are often used in the construction industry for their tough exterior material, excellent grip on slippery surfaces, and safe insulation. Carolina Boots are also an alternative to Wolverine work boots with the main difference being that they are less expensive than Caterpillar work boots. Like typical Wolverines, Carolina Boots also have a steel toe protection which provides added safety to the wearer.

2. Carolina

Carolina Boots

Carolina boots are also an alternative to Wolverine work boots. Carolina Boots are versatile and provide great protection to the worker. Carolina Boots are made of leather and provide safe insulation for the wearer. Carolina Boots usually contain metal shields similar to those on Wolverine work boots which protect the wearer from falling objects.

Wolverine Boots For Hiking

The Wolverine Men’s Rancher Rebel 8 Steel Toe Tall Boot Hiking boot is an excellent choice for the avid hiker because it features everything you need in a good, high quality hiking shoe. This boot is made of full grain leather and offers great arch support. It has an anti-fatigue insole that will keep your foot feeling great throughout your hike. The Wolverine Men’s Rancher Rebel 8 Steel Toe Tall Boot Hiking will provide you with excellent traction on wet surfaces and give you ideal stability when hiking over rough terrains. The laces are heavy duty and offer a tight, custom fit.


How long do Wolverine work boots last?

Wolverine boots are really tough and last fairly long, but as with any other footwear, they will eventually wear out. That said, they will give you a good 9-10 months of rugged service.

Are Wolverine boots good for construction?

While the company does make work boots for construction workers and laborers, we would not recommend them to be your first choice for this task. They would likely break and tear easily if you were carrying heavy loads over time like roofers or carpenters. Wearing heavy boots for extended periods of time is not the best way to stay comfortable and mobile.

What are the best quality work boots?

Our top suggestion is to get your feet into some Vasque boots. They are pretty much the most popular brand in this category, with lots of options available. Best of all, you can find them on sale at almost every time of year, so they’re always easy to get on sale too!

Where are Wolverine work boots made?

Wolverine was founded in 1967 in Traverse City, Michigan. While their headquarters are still there, they manufacture most of their work boots in Asia. They are known for their superior materials and craftsmanship, but many of the manufacturing processes are not done in the 

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