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Are Converse Good Workout Shoes?






It’s no secret that the Converse brand has become a staple in the fashion and performance footwear world. Now, with these stylish and versatile shoes coming in a variety of styles and colors, they’ve become the go-to shoe for practically anyone. Some people even use them as their primary workout footwear; we investigated this popular trend to see if this is a good idea. 

Converse shoes store

Even those of us that don’t work out regularly know about the iconic converse shoes. They’re everywhere from high-street stores to the catwalks at Fashion Week right now. 

​Converse shoes aren’t exactly known for their support, but are these the same Converse shoes we’ve always worn? And what about the converse shoes we were wearing for years? Are they good workout shoes?  Are they even good for a workout? 

Converse “Chuck Taylor” sneaker

This post will provide you with the information you need to determine whether or not Converse shoes are a good workout option.

Are Converse Shoes Good Workout Shoes?

If you find a shoe that can give your feet a little bit of support during a challenging workout, the converse shoes are good workout shoes. In addition, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting injured or inflamed while wearing Converse sneakers

Work out with Converse shoes

There are a few things you should know before rushing out to buy Converse to wear for your workout.

  •  Converse is good, but not for every workout
  •  The converses are great for weightlifting, but Converses are by no means the perfect shoe for every workout. 
  •  Squats, bench presses, and deadlifts are the three weightlifting activities that can benefit from a flat shoe like Converse. 
  •  Should wear Converse for days when you’re just looking to do heavy weightlifting
  •  To make these shoes work more effectively as a cross-training shoe, you may need to buy ways to modify the shoe via lifting shoe inserts or lifting shoe pads. Many inserts and pads on the market simulate a rugged rubber sole of a boot or a flat sole of a running shoe.

Converse are great for heavy weightlifting, but these shoes won’t be as supportive as a neutral or soft-soled shoe. You’ll certainly need to switch from powerlifting to bodybuilding if you buy them to train your legs.

  •  Converse isn’t a good cross-training shoe. They cannot provide the proper shock absorption for better balance and movement, which can lead to injury caused by carelessness or just plain lousy technique.
  •  If you’re using converse for workouts where you want to wear them constantly, it’s best to wear thick socks to make the fit more snug and secure.
  •  If you find a shoe that you can wear while workout and not get tired of them, you shouldn’t go for the classic converse shoes. Instead, you may find yourself wearing converse goods for working out at least 3-5 days a week. 

Converses are not good for gym workouts

Converse not good for workout

Converse sneakers are not made to be worn at the gym. 

Depends on the kind of workout 

It depends on what kind of workout you do at the gym. If you’re a serious weightlifter, Converse sneakers are great for your workouts. If you just go to the gym for a quick workout, you may want to use another pair of shoes.

No padding and no ventilation

The fabric and rubber sole of the converse sneakers has no padding and no ventilation. Thus, your foot won’t be protected from friction or heat during a workout.

Material easy breakdown

Many people complain that the canvas material of Converse shoes tend to break down after just a few months of use. There are also people who complain about the stitching coming undone after long durations of use as well as the rubber soles falling off.

The bottom of the shoe may slide around on the floor

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a pair of sneakers to wear when workout, the shoes you should be wearing are going to have a hard sole. The bottom of your shoe may slide around on the floor which will cause your lower body to wobble. This can lead to injuries if you’re not careful.

Converses good for Squats

Do Squat

If you would like to find an excellent pair of sneakers to wear while performing squats, the converse shoes are good.

Converses shoe won’t slide on your foot 

The reason is that they won’t slide on your foot when you’re bending forward. This allows you to have better balance and stability while going down into a squat, pushing up from the squatting position, or just standing around. 

Should wear thick socks 

If you’re using converse shoes for squats, it’s best to wear thick socks for extra protection that won’t slip around.

Good balance

The rubber sole of the converse shoes that are flat is very stable which allows you to have good balance. You’ll be able to jump up from a squat position without having to readjust your feet, which will help you maintain your balance as well.

Should a bit of cushion

They won’t feel flat on your feet. So, you should opt for a converse shoe with a bit of cushion, so you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable throughout the day. 

Converses good for Deadlifts

If you find a workout shoe that’s perfect for deadlifting, the Converse is good. 

Converses won’t slide on your feet 

These shoes have a slightly thicker sole; they won’t slide on your feet when facing your back toward the barbell. As a result, you’ll be able to bend forward and go up from a deadlift position with complete stability. 

Converses  won’t cause you to trip

These sneakers are also perfect for powerlifting because they won’t cause you to trip when you’re moving around in them. If they’re weaved in the right way, they won’t slide against each other and cause you to trip and fall when lifting heavy weight during a powerlifting session. 

Don’t worry about getting injured 

You won’t have to worry about your feet getting injured while performing any of the exercises above.

Should not deadlift outside of the gym

However, if you’re looking to deadlift outside of the gym or don’t have access to a lifting bench, wearing Converse for deadlifting might not be the best option.  Although they’re great for lifting inside the gym, they may not grip as well on other surfaces.

Make sure have a good grip on the ground

You should also make sure that you have a good grip on the ground, especially if you’re going to be lifting a significant amount of weight. This will prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself. 

Converses good for Bench presses

Converses good for Bench presses

The converse shoe is also great for performing Bench Presses. 

The soles are solid and flat

The reason is that the soles are solid and flat, which gives you good support when you’re sitting on a bench.  If you’re sitting on a flimsy surface, your feet will struggle to stay planted while relying on the sturdiness of Converse shoes.

Maintain your balance

Your feet will not slide off the bench when you’re pushing up from a sitting position with your feet holding onto the ground. This will allow you to maintain your balance and keep your feet in place when you’re fully extending and pushing up from the bench. 

 Always wear shoes while performing bench presses 

You should always wear shoes while performing bench presses if you want to avoid getting injured. You won’t have to worry about your feet slipping when working on a wood floor or getting injured while performing other exercises while wearing Converse sneakers.

Not provided enough arch support

However, these shoes have a flat sole; they may not provide you with enough arch support while lifting weight if you have a particularly bad case of flat feet.

Converses good for Calf raises

Converse shoes are great for doing calf raises because they’re very flexible. 

Reduce pressure putting on feet 

You can easily bend your ankle to stretch your knee’s range of motion. This will reduce how much pressure you’re putting on your feet when performing calf raises. 


Moreover, the flexibility of the converse sneakers will allow you to exercise your calves without feeling like you’re walking around on stilts. 

Greater range of motion

These shoes will also allow you to place the balls of your feet on the floor and raise them higher than your toes. This will give you a greater range of motion and allow you to focus more on the calves and less on the knees. 

They can easily slide across a slippery surface

However, The soles of Converse shoes are very flat, which means they can easily slide across a slippery surface. This will make it difficult for you to maintain your balance while stretching or lifting your feet above your head or sometimes even off the ground.

Converses aren’t good for running

Converse not good running


Converse sneakers are not made to be worn during jogging. 

  •  Converse’s are made to be worn for casual use. These are not made to withstand the incredible amount of pressure your feet exert when running. 
  •  When you run, your feet are forced to carry the weight of your entire body, which means that they have to endure a lot of pressure each time you take a step. Converse sneakers aren’t made with the right kind of material to withstand this kind of pressure over time.
  •  So, if you want to keep your feet safe while running, then you should steer clear of converse shoes.

Tips For Choosing Converse Well For Workouts

If you find a pair of converse to wear for your workout, there are a few things you should look out for.  Some converse shoes can provide better support and comfort than others, and If you want to get the most out of your workouts, you should choose converse shoes with more cushion. 

Thick soles

Look for Converse shoes that have thick enough soles that don’t slide too easily; they will offer more stability and support when you’re jumping around during physical activity.

Flat sole

The soles should also be flat so that your feet won’t stretch and become more flexible. This will allow you to focus more on your workout and less on your feet feel while exercising.

Solid and stable sole

Converse sneakers with a solid and stable sole will provide more support and stability for pushing up from a squatting position or pushing up from the floor when doing pushups.

More cushion

The more cushion on the inside of the sneaker, the better you’ll be able to perform exercises like squats and deadlifts. You’ll also feel more comfortable throughout all of your workouts. For example, a pair of sneakers with a high level of cushion will help reduce your chances of injuring your feet while exercising and improve your overall workout quality.

Thinner sole for  exercises like calf raises and leg extensions

You should choose a pair of converse shoes with a thinner sole if you want to perform exercises like calf raises and leg extensions. This will allow you to concentrate more on your lower body and give yourself a better workout overall.

Thick sole for exercises outdoors

You should choose a pair that is made with thick soles if you’re planning on performing exercises outdoors. A thick sole will give your feet more support while training outdoors, so you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself while lifting or stretching out of a squat position.

Disadvantaged of Converses For Workout

Converse less durability

Easily wear out

The disadvantage of these shoes is that they’re not made to withstand the incredible amount of pressure your feet exert when you’re running. Therefore, they can easily wear out and become uncomfortable after using them for a while.

Difficult to maintain your balance 

On the flip side, They can also make your feet slip around on slippery surfaces like gym floors. This will make it difficult to maintain your balance while performing workouts or doing other activities outdoors.

Can not provide you with enough arch support 

Moreover, these shoes may not provide you with enough arch support when lifting weight if you have a particularly bad case of flat feet.

Not heavy use over time

While converse sneakers are comfortable and affordable, they’re not made for heavy use over time. 

Not suitable for workouts or wearing them outdoors

They’re great to wear for casual use, but if you plan on doing serious workouts in them or wearing them outdoors, then you should steer clear of converse shoes.


Are they good for physical activity, but not for running? 

Converse shoes are perfect for activities like walking or weight lifting. However, they can be a bit slippery when walking on floors, so you may want to keep them off the ground when doing exercises that involve balance.

Can they be worn outdoors? 

No, they aren’t made for serious use outdoors. So unless you want to buy a pair of converse sneakers specifically made for outdoor use, then you shouldn’t wear yours outdoors.

Can you wear converse for running?

Yes, but they’re not made for that kind of heavy use. They’re often uncomfortable and will start to wear out after a long time, depending on the type of rubber used in them.

Can you wear them for pushups?

Yes, Converse shoes are perfect to wear when doing pushups. They will give your feet enough cushion to ensure you don’t strain your feet or injure yourself while exercising.

Is it OK to wear cheap converse in the gym when doing squats and deadlifts?

Yes, they’re good for weightlifting. However, if you have feet problems, I would recommend buying a pair of running shoes instead.

So next time when you are out there testing out pairs of converse for running or lifting or anything else, do be sure to consider the quality of the product you are getting. It is not always about how stylish they are or what goes with your outfit of the day. What is most important is your health and safety.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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