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Apple Body Shape: A Comprehensive Guide






If you have an apple body shape and struggle to style your lovely figure, don’t worry! A person with an apple body figure can style themselves in a number of different ways. Everyone is curious about how to dress for their body type. What could be more aggravating than having a wardrobe filled with clothes and not realizing what looks fantastic on you? Fortunately, there are a few basic guidelines that apply regardless of your shape or size.

What Is The Apple Body Shape?

Apple Body Shape

Apple-shaped women have bigger boobs and a less clearly delineated waist. Your hips tend to be slimmer, and your waist is, on the other hand, slightly wider. Your legs and hips are your favorite highlights, but your stomach can make you feel ego.

Remember that being an apple figure does not necessitate being curvy. In reality, apple body shapes can be very thin while still maintaining their contours. Your body type does not change as you lose or gain weight.

Generally speaking, the apple body shape is distinguished by a total absence of a clearly delineated waistline. If you do have this body shape, you might be thicker in general and have difficulty distinguishing the upper half of your body from the lower part.

Characteristics of An Apple Body Shape

Characteristics of An Apple Body Shape

The Apple body type is distinguished by shoulders and a chest that are bigger than the hips, as well as a lack of definition in the waist. Apple body shapes are known for having long legs, narrow hips, and short necks. This type of body almost always appears to be wearing at least one size larger on top, which could be asymmetrical or extra large in the cutout to look more attractive. Here are the basic characteristics of an apple body shape.

  • A slender waist
  • A medium to large flop
  • An expanded upper back or waist
  • Hips and shoulders of roughly equal width
  • Hips that are full and round
  • Arms and legs that are slimmer than the rest of your body

No matter what your current weight is, you will gain weight all over your tummy first if you have an apple body shape.

Apple body shapes can also have flat bottoms, but this is not always the situation.

Undoubtedly, that is a great deal of information, and you might be perplexed! Taking actual measurements makes it far easier to determine your body shape.

You must measure the following areas of your body to ascertain your body shape.

  • Shoulders: Take a measurement around the top of your shoulders, a little above the blades of your shoulders.
  • Bust: Take a measurement around the broadest part of your bust.
  • Waist: Take a measurement around the narrowest part of your waist. This is typically situated a little above your naval or at the base of your ribs.
  • Hips: Take a measurement around the broadest part of your hips.

If your body is shaped like an apple, your waist, bust, and shoulder measurements tend to be bigger than the others. Hip measurements are often relatively similar in size, but they are generally smaller if the person is not really small.

The apple body is comparable to the rectangle body shape. However, you will know with certainty if you gain weight all over your central portion and find it difficult to find a waistline. The one and only time the bust and hips measurements of an apple body shape will be the same as if the person is incredibly skinny.

Remember that you can have aspects of several body types. These are only broad guidelines. In certain ways, I have an apple body shape, and in others, my body shape is a rectangle. For every one of my parts, I’ve realized what works best for my body type.

If you identify with any of these features, you might be of a different personality type.

  • You might have a pear body shape if your hips are bigger than your shoulders.
  • You might have an inverted triangle body shape if your hips are smaller than your shoulders.
  • If your waist is still defined even though you gain weight, you might have an hourglass figure.
  • If your bust and hips are the same thickness, no matter what your weight is, you might have a rectangle body shape.

Remember that if you have recognized your body shape accurately, it will not change much as you gain weight.

Guidelines For Dressing Your Apple Body Shape

Because every body is unique, your apple shape might be completely different from somebody else’s. Finally, go for what looks better on you; we all have types of assets. There are, nevertheless, several guidelines that might help you highlight the best features of your apple body shape.

Remember that the purpose of dressing the apple body shape is to create the appearance of a waistline while highlighting your other characteristics. Because the apple body shape is incredibly round, you are attempting to add structure by generating a distinct waistline. This divides your body into two halves and tends to make every half more visually appealing.

The rest of the post is dedicated to various methods for accomplishing this!

Purchase a Good Push-up Bra to Improve Your Bust

Push-up Bra to Improve Your Bust

Almost all apple body shapes have a bigger bust, but not all. No matter if you like your bust size or not, I suggest investing in a good push up bra since your bust is already your buddy.

You would like to divert attention away from the belly area and toward other bigger areas that are especially appealing. One of the most simple ways of doing this is to wear a shirt that shows off your beautiful bust.

Tighten Your Waistband

Tighten Your Waistband

Once again, the primary objective of dressing the apple shape is to give the appearance of a waistline. This implies that you really want to improve your waist regardless of your body size. Pick clothing that fits snuggly at the waist while allowing for more movement in other zones. The waist of any attire should be the smallest part of it.

Too many details all over your waist, such as light colors or patterns that showcase the waist, must also be avoided.

Experiment with a cropped or cut top

crop top

A crop top paired with high-waisted shorts, pants, or a skirt could really underscore your waist if you are bold enough.

However, make absolutely sure your crop top is just over your bottoms. You should also pick a crop top that is not square and flatters your top half.

Choose dark colors all around the waist

dark colors all around the waist

Because you want to develop a waistline, select colors that significantly reduce the area. Black has always been flattering around the waist, but dark hues also look better in general.

If you are not showing off your legs, ignore anything that is light or overly patterned.

Include Some Sex Appeal

When you look at Adele’s attire, you will realize that she knows how to emphasize her waist in a sexy and stylish way. Tossing in a little sex appeal could really definitely improve your body shape.

Consider wearing over-the-knee boots, stilettos, tights, fishnets, a corset top, a crop top, or other sexy accessories.

I think apple body shapes actually look good when they showcase either their legs or bust in a sexy way. This doesn’t seem to be extravagant. Indeed, it can be really nuanced as to be incredibly subtle. 

Flaunt Your Legs

Show off your legs, they’re one of your greatest attributes.

We will go over more options later, but for now, just think about your body and what looks fantastic on your legs.

If you have a type of apple body shape, the one and only time you should overlook your waistline is when you are concentrating on your legs. For instance, you can wear a short but boxy sweater dress while emphasizing your legs with boots.

Displaying your legs takes attention away from your stomach area and redirects it to your best features.

You could even add details to your hemline to attract attention to your legs.

How To Build Wardrobe for An Apple Body Shape?

Different outfits will look completely different depending on your apple body shape. Here are the best items for your apple body shape.

Tops For Apple Body Shapes

Long Sleeves

Flowy tops are popular among apple-shaped women in order to cover up their waistlines. Nevertheless, if done incorrectly, this can draw attention to your midsection. Alternatively, you might want to figure out how to make a waistline. You really like to make your midsection appear to be at the bottom of your ribs instead of calling attention to your lower belly.

This implies that tucked tops or even tighter tops (particularly ruched tops) will look great. Bodysuits might also be combined with high-waisted jeans. Essentially, any top you pick should have a visible midsection. You can also get jeans or a skirt with this midsection and tuck your tops in. If you really like to draw attention to your body shape, think about wearing a reduced bust-line. This isn’t required for every attire, but it helps to take attention away from your midsection.

An a-line or v-neck silhouette, for instance, flatters the apple body shape. Wrap tops can also be used in this case. With the apple body shape, you could really wear no sleeves or sleeves. This will be determined by your actual body proportions as well as your feelings about your arms. 

Coats and Blazers For Apple Body Shapes

Blazer for apple body shape

I love coats and blazers. Believe it or not, your outerwear can totally alter the way your shape appears. As a rule of thumb, eschew everything that is short or bulky when it comes to coats, blazers, and outerwear.

Instead, find blazers and coats that are slimming and long, with few embellishments. An oversized jacket or blazer can work well in certain situations (particularly when you want to show off your legs), whereas a slim fitting jacket will draw attention to your midsection. In terms of coats, I’m a big fan of the trench coat and long parka look. Even better if your jacket has a waist or belt strap, which you can utilize to define your belly.

Puffer coats that are too short should be avoided. I know they’re popular at the moment now but go for a relatively longer puffer coat that is form-fitting. Oversized, in this case, is not your buddy. Rather than, you might want a little bit of definition. If you are wearing clothes that bring a lot of attention to your midsection, an oversized coat could really work well. I do like how the layers contrast.

Dresses For Apple Body Shapes

Dresses For Apple Body Shapes

When shopping for dresses, find anything that emphasizes the midsection. As for myself, I prefer structured or flowy dresses with a belt. In reality, apple body shapes look fantastic in wavy, flowy dresses, so make them a part of your closet.

Your apple figure will also look great in any dress that accentuates your bust. Take into account ruching to cover up your belly and a low-cut necklace to emphasize your bust-line if you want a close fit. From a slit maxi dress to an informal cinched summer dress, any dress that reveals off your midsection will look great.

Jeans For Apple Body Shapes

Jeans For Apple Body Shapes

Looking for jeans that fit an apple body shape could be really difficult. There are a lot of different styles that it is nearly impossible to pick. Whether you visit the store or shop online, you should pay attention to ratios and try on your new jeans in person. Just because the jeans look great on the internet doesn’t mean they will look attractive on you.

Jeans, in fact, could be quite tricky when we talk about the apple body shape. A half-inch distinction throws the entire look off. Find styles that highlight your legs. If you have a long upper half, super-high waisted jeans are a good option. Straight jeans look perfect most of the time, but mom jeans could really look great as long as they are not too loose fitting. Skinny jeans, on the other hand, are only appropriate if you have long legs.

Make an effort to draw attention away from your belly and toward your legs. High-rise pants, on the other hand, are always a smart option for an apple shape since they define the upper midsection. Aside from that, experiment with your own ratios to see what looks really good on your torso and legs. Dark jeans suit the apple figure the best, although that will depend on your ratios and the attire you are wearing.

Pants For Apple Body Shapes

Pants For Apple Body Shapes

If you’ve not already predicted, waist-defining pants are the best choice for any apple body shape. This implies that higher waists generally perform well, particularly when emphasized with tailoring or a belt.

The midsection should usually sit somewhere a little above the love handles. When wearing pants, ensure that your waist appears smaller than your upper body and hips. There are a few fantastic pants on the market that generate this illusion.

Sweatpants could also look fantastic on the apple body shape because they are fitted in the waist but have a lot of giving all around your hips. For an adorable and comfortable look, wear sweatpants with a push-up workout bra or simply a crop top.

Aside from the waistline, you simply want to choose pants that reveal off your legs and look attractive on your body ratios.

Skirts For Apple Body Shapes

Sweater, Skirt and Leggings

When selecting a skirt for your apple body figure, avoid drawing attention to your lower waistline. Anything that would seem to be too full in the upper section of the skirt (for example, a peplum skirt) will most likely not work for you.

Alternatively, look for skirts that are elegant and customized, such as pencil skirts. This might seem counterproductive given that these skirts are frequently tight, but the imagery of the pencil skirt provides a smooth feeling on your belly and lengthens your legs since you can’t really tell where the upper part ends, and the legs start.

Ruching is also useful when choosing a tighter skirt as it straightens over any extreme belly curves. A fuller skirt, on the other hand, can look absolutely adorable (particularly short skirts) if you can discover one that actually defines your midsection, for example, a tennis skirt.

If you pick a shorter skirt, I suggest a high-waisted skirt with a tight midsection squeeze. You will want to wear your skirt to give the effect of a high waistline, so the snug fit around the belly button (at the bottom of your abdomen, not your lower tummy) will be the best. Maxi skirts can be worn if the skirt is baggy, but the belly button is cinched and defined. Apple body figures look fantastic in maxi skirts that reveal off their beautiful legs, in my opinion!

Accessories For Apple Body Shapes

You might want to select accessories that will draw attention to your body shape. When it comes to jewelry, larger is usually better because it draws attention away from your waistline.

A lot of celebrities with apple body figures look awesome in long dangle earrings or big hook earrings because they slim them down. If you wear a low-cut shirt, a long necklace could really help accentuate your bust.

Ensure that any jewelry you wear is long and subtle enough to draw the eye down and up your torso rather than across. The same holds true for purses. Generally speaking, you should select accessories that complement the outfit you have picked rather than your body figure alone.

Shoes For Apple Body Shapes

Shoes For Apple Body Shapes

Since they lengthen the legs, pointy-toed heels look great on any apple shape. Other types of heels, on the other hand, can work just as well. If you are really confident in your legs or want to flaunt them, heels are your closest buddy!

Pointy-toed loafers also work well. Nevertheless, flats should not be worn if they shorten your legs and attract attention to your waistline. You will need to pick your apartments cautiously. Sneakers complement the apple body figure well and could be a playful way to dress down attire. High boots are also popular among celebrities with apple body figures as they highlight the legs. 

Bathing Suits For Apple Body Shapes

The best approach to wearing the apple body shape is to take attention away from the tummy and hips area by defining the midsection. There are several selections when we talk about bathing suits. To begin, I enjoy wearing a one-piece with a properly specified waist, such as a tie or belt. You could, nevertheless, be a two-piece fan. In this situation, you should try high-waisted bathing suits that lengthen your body shape while emphasizing your cleavage. You can also select bathing suits that highlight your other characteristics, for example, your legs.

Things That Apple Body Shape Should Avoid

So, of course, you are free to wear whatever you want. Clothing is a matter of personal preference!

There are several things, nevertheless, that do not look good on the apple body figure. Go over this list, but keep in mind that there are always exceptional cases. If anything really looks fantastic on you, go with your instincts!

Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes create the midsection look bigger on almost all apple body shapes when the purpose is to establish the illusion of a smaller tummy.

Apparel that draws the eye to the stomach

The goal of wearing clothes for the apple body figure is to make the tummy appear smaller, so prevent ruffles or other waistline embroideries that do the opposite. Clothing that is too tight might also give the appearance of a bigger tummy.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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