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Zyia Size Chart: Ways To Choose The Right Sports Bra






Yoga and gym clothing define casual women’s fashion, where comfortable comfort meets function and flair. Many questions whether yoga clothing is important in every yoga or gym session. The answer is yes. Even depending on the type of workout, you will have a separate outfit to practice more easily.

ZYIA Active is a high-end Canadian sportswear company that strongly emphasizes community and quality. They became the first direct sales sportswear brand in Canada in 2019. They design clothing for kids, ladies, and men. They feel that engaging in physical activity with friends and family makes it more enjoyable.

Zyia active logo
Zyia active logo

Are you planning to practice yoga and gym but don’t know what size you need? Want to buy yoga and gym equipment but don’t know where to start? Although yoga or gym is a subject that does not require too much equipment and tools, preparing clothes is still an extremely important step when you want to start practicing this subject. Now, let’s find out more details through the article below.

Zyia Size Chart

Zyia uses numerical sizing, albeit some sizes are presented in a range (for example, sizes 6-8). They primarily market their products through their catalog & rep service, which functions almost like a personal shopper to ensure you have the ideal fit. Your Zyia representative will work closely with you to determine the ideal fit, size, and style that complements your body type and exercise requirements.

The main goal of choosing the right yoga and gym outfit is so that you can forget its presence and focus more on your practice. Therefore, choosing the right clothing size is very important.

Women’s Sizing

Zyia active sport wears for women via Facebook official
Size US Size  Hip (in) Waist (in) Hip (cm) Waist (cm)
XXS 0 33” 23” 84 cm 58 cm
XS 2 33” 24” 86 cm 61 cm
S 4 35” 25” 89 cm 64 cm
M 6 – 8 36” 26” 91 cm 66 cm
L 8 – 10 40” 27” 94 cm 68 cm
XL 12 42” 32” 106 cm 81 cm
XXL 14 – 16 44” 34” 111 cm 86 cm
XXXL 16 – 18 46” 36” 116 cm 91 cm
XXXXL 20 50” 40” 126 cm 100 cm

Legging Fit By Line

Zyia active leggings via Facebook official
Line Fit Compression
Light n Tight True Extreme
Luxe Size Down Moderate
Brilliant True Gentle
Hero True Moderate
Ascend Size Down Gentle

Bra Sizing

Zyia active bra
Zyia active bra
XS 32A – 32B
S 32C – 34A
M 34A – 36C
L 36C – 38D
XL 38D – 38DD
XXL 38DD – 40DD

Bra Fit By Line

Line Fit Compression
Bomber True Moderate
All Star True Heavy
Grid Size Up Light
Luxe Strappy Size Up Moderate
Adjust Mesh Size Down Moderate

Men’s Sizing

Zyia active men sport wears
Zyia active men sport wears
S 30 – 32
M 34
L 36
XL 38
XXL 40

Junior’s Sizing

S 26 – 28
M 28 – 30
L 30 – 32
XL 34
XXL 36

Kid’s Sizing

Zyia active kids sport wears
Zyia active kids sport wears
XXS 4 – 5
XS 6 – 7
S 8 – 9
M 10 – 11
L 12 – 14
XL 15 – 16

4 Outstanding Benefits of Zyia Leggings

Zyia active sport leggings
Zyia active sport leggings

Zyia leggings are often preferred by many of us to wear every day as an indispensable item in our wardrobe. However, there are still many women who are still afraid and wonder to themselves why people dress well but I don’t think I’m beautiful. The girls told themselves that their bodies were not ideal or that they were too old to wear them. Let’s learn about the three outstanding benefits of Zyia leggings, try them on, and stand in front of the mirror.

Excellent abdominal and back support

The advantage of Zyia leggings with 4-way stretch fabric is that they will keep the abdominal muscles tight, keeping the back straight during exercise and daily activities. When wearing Zyia leggings, like a subtle reminder to help you always sit up straight, your head and shoulders are always straight. Such postures it is not only good for health but also keep your body in balance and neat.

Help your body look slimmer

This is why Zyia leggings are so popular. Admittedly, when wearing Zyia leggings, our overall body looks slimmer thanks to the long, tight lines of these pants. The waistbands of these pants are designed to stretch above the waistline, so they appear to elongate the body and make you appear slimmer. And so it also makes us feel more confident with our bodies.

Create a new fashion style

It is a fact that today Zyia leggings are worn in the gym and are loved by women to wear everywhere, in all activities of life. Admittedly, wearing Zyia leggings not only helps us feel comfortable in yoga, gym, etc., but it also helps us feel comfortable in daily activities even though we do housework, go out for a walk, go shopping, etc., it’s all comfortable to wear.

What’s more, a pair of Zyia leggings, combined with a crop top, tank top, or jacket, make our sisters’ fashion style so cool, new, different, and somewhat look sexier but not revealing.

Material Zyia Leggings

The material Zyia Leggings provides is mostly made of 90% Cotton and 10% Spandex. In particular, Spandex yarn is a very elastic fiber in fashion products; it can stretch up to 500 to 700% compared to your original shape, dries well, quickly drains sweat, does not create creases on the surface, a pair of leggings with Spandex yarn is very smooth and smooth.

Typically, when you buy a pair of training leggings with good material as above, suppose when you buy it you wear size M. However, when you reach 65 kg, you still wear it, it still fits, think if you gain weight, then lose it If you wear the pants again, the pants will be loose. Still, with the above material, it is considered as if nothing has happened. This is a great material that is very suitable for workouts.

6 Ways To Choose Leggings

Leggings have always been a great helper for women thanks to their ability to flatter their figure. However, if you don’t know how to choose, you can create an objection when wearing leggings; here are six ways to choose these extremely useful non-offensive leggings tips.

What are leggings?

Leggings are tight pants, usually made of elastic material, so they feel comfortable to wear; leggings are always the favorite choice of women because of their ability to enhance shape and convenience.

Despite being so beautiful, leggings still have the potential to put women in difficult situations. Because it has inherent hugging properties, if you do not know how to wear it correctly, it will easily create marks on the body, especially the sensitive area.

Choose leggings with thick material

Leggings were originally meant to be worn under skirts in the cold seasons. Because of its stretchability and comfortable fabric, many people use it as long pants to wear on the street. If you are also one of them, give up this habit immediately if you do not want to become objectionable in the eyes of others.

Leggings are thin and tight so that you can show all your flaws and sensitive positions, especially your 3rd round, in front of people with a little mistake. If you still love this item, choose pants with a thicker material.

Wear leggings with a good fit

Leggings are tight by nature, but if you want to highlight the attractiveness of your body, you should wear too-tight or too-tight leggings. They should give you a little embrace so that you still feel comfortable and don’t disclose any objectionable body parts.

Do not wear light-colored leggings

If you have fair skin, avoid wearing too light leggings because they will make you appear heavier and appear as though you aren’t wearing pants, drawing attention to your body’s imperfections. Dark-colored leggings might be a better option.

Choose the right lingerie

Choosing the wrong underwear is one of the most common reasons women fall into ironic and embarrassing situations when wearing leggings. When you wear lingerie that has thick and clear hems, all of this will be exposed and imprinted on the tight leggings you wear.

To avoid making this basic mistake, you should pay attention to choosing rimless underwear or stealth underwear with thin material, smooth, cool, comfortable, and comfortable to wear leggings without fear of offending.

Use treggings instead of leggings

Instead of choosing leggings; you can use treggings, a type of pants modified from leggings, with details such as pockets, zippers, belts, etc., made from leather, suede, jeans, and stretch cotton. Thanks to that, when using this style of pants, you are like wearing a pair of dark jeans, still extremely comfortable without causing discomfort in the eyes of others.

Combine with long-sleeved shirts instead of crop tops

Many women like to combine leggings with a short crop top to show off their slim waist. However, please limit this because it is easy to reveal the marks on the 3rd round if you do not choose the right underwear or expose the sensitive triangle area.

Instead of wearing the same crop top, why don’t you combine leggings with a long shirt? Just showing off your slim legs is still polite and delicate. Long sweaters, blazers, and vests are all extremely fashionable without being out of place when worn with leggings at all.

Why Should You Wear Sports Bras When Exercising?

Wear sport bra in Yoga

Exercise is when your muscles are most active. To feel comfortable when exercising, you need to choose the right bras. Let’s find out what bra to wear to the gym and the notes when choosing a gym bra!

Avoid the risk of sagging breasts

Exercising in the gym will affect more or fewer parts of your body, including the first round. Exercises with high intensity and continuous exercise for many hours, many days in a row can shape your chest. Your breasts can no longer stay as they were before, even causing them to sag.

This shows that the role of the bra is extremely important. Sports bras will help hug your bust, helping you to maintain your lower chest with high exercise intensity. You can safely exercise without worrying about sagging breasts.

Prevent injury

Many people who practice after performing abdominal, butt, and thigh exercises often experience chest pain. Not picking out an appropriate bra is one of the causes of this. Sports bras will help you minimize pain around your breasts and damage to your breasts.

More comfortable when working out

Many practitioners make the mistake of choosing a bra with a short strap, smaller than regular bra size, to make the first bust fuller. This inadvertently causes tension in the neck and back. So just choose a sports bra that is the right size to be more comfortable working out!

Avoid damage to the skin of the chest

The chest skin will be easily damaged by the friction between the bra strap and the chest during work out. Therefore, a soft, stretchy, and absorbent sports bra will help keep the skin under your arms and shoulders from unwanted scratches. If unsure, apply a little lotion on your chest before exercising to reduce friction.

Increase workout efficiency

Only when your body feels comfortable will your workout efficiency improve. Wearing a sports bra will support you to move quickly and practice more exercises with more flexible postures. So do not waste money but choose a poor-quality bra.

How To Choose The Right Sports Bra

Exercise is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve health and spirit; after a long day of working with a computer, going to the gym is a way to entertain and regain energy suitable for office workers. And clothing when practicing also plays a big role because it affects the movement of exercises. Gym bras need to be chosen more carefully to protect the breasts, as well as help improve training results.

Sports bra style for small breasts

The disadvantage of people with small breasts is that they look unattractive without obvious curves. However, it will become an advantage to help you move more easily; you can carelessly practice difficult postures without worrying about too heavy breasts affecting.

People with small breasts can still comfortably choose underwired tops, and the pads don’t need to be too thick. It is important that the material is soft and the shirt has good sweat absorption. If you only wear this shirt during training instead of the last shirt, you should choose a shirt with a bit of thick fabric to ensure discreet shielding, avoiding offense.

Sports bra style for medium bust

People with average busts will be easier to choose bras when exercising. To choose the right bra, you need to know your bust measurements. Do not choose a shirt that is too wide or too tight because it will affect the training process as well as your bust,

If you want your bust to look bigger and more attractive, you can choose a bra with thick padding and shaped frames. You can prioritize shirts with thin, light materials if you want to wear them comfortably and show the correct bust measurement.

Sports bras for large breasts

Big breasts create a lot of pressure, and it makes it easy to sag or the breasts to overflow during exercise. Therefore, the choice of bras for people with large breasts also needs special attention.

It is best to choose bra models with frames to increase the fixation and shape of the chest while exercising. Pads can be thin to create a cool and comfortable feeling, but the straps must be large and firm to avoid unwanted “showing off.” In addition, you should also prioritize choosing shirts with good elasticity and absorption; do not choose shirts smaller than your bust.

Choose a bra material that is stretchy and absorbent


These are man-made fibers with great elasticity, up to 500% of their original length. Sports bras are made from extremely soft Nylon/Spandex with high support, the shirt retains its long form, so it saves a lot of money when buying.


This is a natural fiber fabric with extremely high wear resistance and anti-bacterial properties. The raw materials are easy to find, so the price is affordable. The material is soft, so the shirt is comfortable to wear, absorbent, and breathable.


The combination of polyester with good absorbency and high stability Spandex makes sports bras suitable for many bust shapes, helping the wearer feel more confident and comfortable.


Spandex achieves the highest elasticity when combined with cotton yarn. Besides, Polyester will help the shirt have extremely good absorbency, avoid leaving sweat, and cause odor to make the wearer lose confidence.


Polyester and Cotton are a perfect combination that offsets each other. Although the stretch is not as much as other materials, sports bras from these two materials have softness and high moisture absorption capacity.


How is ZYIA sizing carried out?

There is a lot of flexibility in choosing your size based on how you like your clothing to fit because almost every item in the Zyia Active shop is made with 4-way stretch fabric. Suppose you prefer a tighter fit or more compression, size down. Choose your normal or larger size if you prefer a less constrictive fit.

Do ZYIA clothes fit true to size?

Although several low-compression styles can be sized down for a tighter fit, Zyia Active also frequently runs true to size.

Does ZYIA come from China?

ZYIA manufactures part of its clothing in the US, although most of it is created in China. ZYIA places a great priority on ensuring that all of the factories we work with adhere to the toughest laws and norms regarding labor and environmental safety.

What distinguishes ZYIA?

Most textiles used by Zyia have four-way stretch, which helps with comfort, compression, form, and fit. Zyia is always enhancing & investing in innovation and technology in its textiles because it recognizes that good sportswear requires much more than just that.

What does the ZYIA logo stand for?

They discussed how that moonlit trip inspired them and used those ideas to create the four pillars of ZYIA’s foundation: Light, Activity, Community, & Uplift. Even the moon’s beauty, the initial inspiration for everything, now acts as their trademark. ZYIA provides a variety of solutions to improve your life.

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