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20 Type Of Clothes To Wear To Spray Tan






Tan skin is currently the most sought-after fashion item of all time. And now that we know that frying in the sun all day is unhealthy for our complexion, a growing number of individuals are resorting to spray tanning to get that gorgeous golden glow.

Spray tanning is popular nowadays, especially in the U.S, Australia, and Europe. A spray tan is the best option to find some consistency and instant legibility for those of us who have yet to find the perfect color for our skin tone.

When it comes to getting a spray tan, there are so many options. Have you scheduled a spray tan appointment but are unsure what to wear? We’re here to teach you the greatest fake tan tactics. Here are my suggestions for what to wear when getting your spray tan.

1. Black Bikini

Black bikini
Black bikini via Pinterest

Many individuals are hesitant to try spray tanning because they are either too self-conscious to display their bodies to a tanning therapist or are ashamed by their scars and markings throughout the session. However, it is totally up to you to decide how much information you want to share about your body. From start to finish, you have complete control over your tanning procedure.

Most individuals dress in little clothing to prevent those annoying, tell-tale tan lines on their bodies. The therapist will offer you a disposable thong, but you may bring your own if you wish. If you want to wear your clothes, use dark colors to prevent the tan from staining. Many people will wear a black thong and go topless to get a uniform tan. However, if you feel more at ease in a bikini, this is also OK.

2. Dark Loose T-shirts

Dark Loose T-shirts
Dark Loose T-shirts

If you want an even, all-over tan, you should consider covering yourself in a dark t-shirt. However, it’s also important that you wear something comfortable. When getting sprayed, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable and self-conscious. 

I’m referring to a tee shirt for males. Ask your husband or son to lend you one! Assemble it loosely around your body and consider it only an additional layer for driving home. This shirt demonstrates no fashion sense; you just want to go home wearing anything!

Loose and airy t-shirts allow air to reach your skin, which helps prevent perspiration, which may cause the tan to run and stain your clothes. Dark t-shirts assist prevent discoloration from any bronzer that rubs off on your clothing during the spray tan’s drying process. Additionally, loose shirts assist prevent you from pressing lines into your tan.

3. Dark Loose Tank Tops

Dark Loose Tank Tops
Dark Loose Tank Tops

If you’re feeling bold enough to expose your body more than necessary, you may consider wearing a loose tank top. These are recommended for both males and females but can be adjusted to fit the individual’s needs. A loose top offers the same benefits as a loose t-shirt but has more style. 

Like a dark t-shirt, a loose tank top is also appropriate for a spray tan. However, regarding tanning, there is one fundamental difference between t-shirts and tanks – straps. Straps may potentially rub and discolor the tan in some areas. Yet again, loose clothing is what you want when getting sprayed. We recommend wearing dark shades as they are simple to wash off while preventing your clothes from staining. 

4. Dark Loose Crop Tops

Dark Loose Crop Tops
Dark Loose Crop Tops

Loose crop tops offer the same benefits as loose t-shirts but provide more wearing comfort. However, crop tops cover a smaller area of your body, allowing body parts to breathe air during the application process. In addition, this type of shirt helps prevent stretching and rubbing lines into your tan during the application process because they are cover the least amount of skin while remaining loose and without clinging to the skin; it will provide you with good coverage and assist prevent any staining on your clothes. 

Consider wearing loose, dark clothing to and from your spray tan session. When being sprayed, you don’t need anything extravagant or pricey; only conceal the vital areas!

5. Dark Camisoles

Dark Camisoles
Dark Camisoles

Similarly, still a shirt with as little body friction as possible. A camisole is a thinner version of a tank top providing less coverage than a t-shirt; however, it offers much more than a tank top does. 

A camisole is a great option for covering up the torso when getting sprayed. This type of top helps prevent any tan from transferring onto your clothes while providing you with coverage during the whole process. Camisoles are an article of essential clothing to wear when getting a spray tan. Camisoles offer additional coverage without being too tight or binding.

6. Soft Long-Sleeved T-shirts

Soft Long-Sleeved T-shirts
Soft Long-Sleeved T-shirts

Long-sleeved t-shirts are a great option for use during the application process. This type of shirt will prevent your skin from drying out and cracking, helping to prevent moisture from building up and potentially causing you to get a rash or, worse yet, flaking. 

Additionally, long-sleeved shirts are great for those with sensitive skin. A long-sleeved shirt is an essential piece of clothing when getting sprayed because it will allow your skin to breathe and work overtime to prevent any irritation and rashes. Using a long-sleeved shirt also ensures you won’t show any tan lines because your arms will still be covered. 

7. Loose Jumpers

Loose Jumpers
Loose Jumpers

A jumper is also a great option for covering your skin up during the application process because they are light and comfortable. However, jumpers may be a little too thick to use when getting sprayed. So if you’re wearing a jumper, make sure you don’t sweat excessively.

These types of clothes are an essential part of the tanning process because they will allow you to tan at home without having to worry about your clothes staining or getting stained due to your tan.  Additionally, jumpers are easy to throw on after a session because they don’t require undergarments, perfect for those who want to go home wearing anything! 

8. Loose Cotton Shorts

Loose Cotton Shorts
Loose Cotton Shorts

Cotton fabric is a man-made fabric composed mostly of cotton fibers and chemical compounds. Cotton fabric is extensively used and appreciated nowadays due to its exceptional characteristics. Absorb moisture, wick away perspiration, decrease body heat, and chill the body. Cotton shorts are ideal because they keep you cool, comfortable, and breathable while still being loose enough to adjust during the application process

9. Loose Yoga Pants

Loose Yoga Pants
Loose Yoga Pants

These clothes are a great option for use during the application process because they are loose and allow you to move freely. Additionally, yoga pants will keep your skin covered while feeling cool, comfortable, and free.

Yoga pants are comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, which is why they make an essential part of the tanning process. Yoga pants are ideal since they allow air to reach your body without causing you any discomfort. They are also great for aftercare because it’s easy to move around in them without worrying about getting them dirty or damaged. 

10. Jammie Pants

Jammie Pants
Jammie Pants

Jammies are ideal for covering your skin during the application process since they are loose and allow you to adjust them as needed. However, you need to be careful not to overheat while getting sprayed.

Jammies are comfortable and breathable, as well as being very loose. A jammie is ideal for those who want their clothes stained with the spray tan solution. It will allow you to move without causing any discomfort or rubbing on your skin.

11. Sweat Pants

Sweat Pants
Sweat Pants

Sweatpants are a fantastic choice for cooler temperatures. Just be careful not to become too hot and sweaty while wearing them.

These types of clothing are necessary because they are relaxing, comfortable, and easy to move around in without worrying about getting dirty or damaged. The loose fit of sweatpants will also reduce any chances of developing unwanted tan lines because it will keep your skin covered throughout the entire treatment process. 

12. Linen Pants

Linen Pants
Linen Pants

Linen is a textile manufactured from flax plant fibers. While producing linen requires considerable effort, it is a highly prized fabric used for clothing owing to its freshness and relaxation in hot weather. Linen pants are beautiful and comfortable. They are a great option because they are comfortable, breathable, and easy to move around in. They make ideal choices for those who want to stay cool during the application process.

13. Dark Cotton Maxi Dresses

Dark Cotton Maxi Dresses
Dark Cotton Maxi Dresses

Cotton maxi dresses are a great option when considering the wear and tear your clothes will endure during application. In addition, a cotton maxi dress is a great choice because it’s light, loose, and airy without clinging to your skin.

These type of dresses helps you remain cool, comfortable, and breathe easy while tanning. In addition, cotton maxi dresses are perfect for aftercare because they are light enough to allow you to move freely yet close enough so they won’t get stained or damaged easily. 

14. Black Shift Dresses

Black Shift Dresses
Black Shift Dresses

Like cotton maxi dresses, black shift dresses are ideal for use during the application process. In addition, a black shift dress is another great option because it will prevent you from overheating while remaining comfortable during the entire process.

Shift dresses are relatively comfortable and loose when compared to other clothing options. Therefore, a black shift dress is a great choice for obtaining a spray tan. In addition, a black shift dress that is loose and airy will allow air to reach your skin without causing you any discomfort.

15. Loose Sleeveless Jumpsuits

Loose Sleeveless Jumpsuits
Loose Sleeveless Jumpsuits

A loose sleeveless jumpsuit is another option to consider when choosing the right outfit to protect your skin during the application process. An ideal outfit will allow you to get sprayed comfortably while remaining cool and comfortable.

Sleeveless jumpsuits are a good choice for those with sensitive skin because they don’t rub, chafe or irritate your skin. Additionally, this type of garment will help prevent any unwanted tan lines from forming and allow air to reach your body without causing you to overheat. Finally, sleeveless jumpsuits are an absolute necessity for getting a spray tan because they guarantee that the solutions are evenly on your skin.

16. Loose Pocket Dresses

Loose Pocket Dresses
Loose Pocket Dresses

A loose pocket dress is another garment that will help prevent you from overheating. This type of dress is an ideal option for sensitive skin because it does not rub, chafe or irritate the skin.

Loose pocket dresses are great for those who prefer to get a spray tan in the comfort of their own home, rather than trying to find one in a local salon or at a tanning facility. Loose pocket dresses are also easy to zip up after your treatment and wear because they don’t require undergarments. 

17. Oversized Hoodie Dresses

Oversized Hoodie Dresses
Oversized Hoodie Dresses

One clothing that will protect you from any unwanted marks or discoloration is wearing an oversized hoodie dress during the application process. Just make sure you don’t overheat.

An oversized hoodie dress is another great option. A hoodie is an inherently loose garment. This type of dress will allow air to reach your skin and avoid causing you to sweat and itch. Additionally, wearing an oversized hoodie dress can prevent any unwanted tan lines from being formed.

18. Flip flops

Wear Flip Flips
Wear Flip Flips

Flip flops are the wear I’d recommend if you don’t want to get your feet sweaty. Simply said, flip-flops are the way to go! Even though it is really chilly outdoors. Consider the experience of getting a pedicure. Before you can put your socks back on, you must allow your nails to dry completely. For a spray tan, the rules are the same. You don’t want your ankles and feet to have tan streaming off of them before you even get back to your hotel or resort. I usually wear a pair of flip-flops to the house to allow the spray tan to fully absorb.

19. Slides

Adidas Slides

Same function as flip flops. Slides are a great choice since they are comfy, trendy, and convenient. It is possible to choose from a range of designs and colors. The fact that you can quickly slide them on and off makes them handy. In addition, they feature a firmer sole than flip flops and sandals, which makes them more durable.

20. Loose-Fitting, Soft Cotton Socks

I like it if you are sliding into a pair of flip flops or a pair of loose-fitting slipper-type shoes to wear to the house. If it’s freezing outdoors, though, a loose-fitting soft cotton sock, such as the fleecy slouchy socks, is OK to wear after a spray tan to keep your feet warm.

There will be no tight footie socks. As they brush against the inside of your ankle, they leave an imprint on your tan. There will be no pantyhoses. Instead, there is a tight band at the top, and they leave markings along the lower thigh below the knee.

Bottom Line

To summarize, the clothing you wear to your spray tan session is really important, and you should give them some attention before going. As long as you remember to wear clothing that does not rub against your skin excessively and is dyed so that it will not stain if you encounter any color transfer. Consider where and when you’ll be flaunting your spray tan and how you’ll dress accordingly.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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