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Ultimate Guideline To Wear Open Toe Shoes






Nothing beats a stylish pair of strappy sandals to put us in such a positive mood. Nevertheless, this is only if the foot inside appears appealing to the eye. The aspects are that the sandal is appropriately combined with the appropriate fashionable jumpsuits, jeans, or dress. We have compiled a list of simple fashion rules to keep in mind before revealing your shoe in that vintage women’s sandals.

Open toe shoes with skirt

Schedule That Pedicure

When wearing any kind of open toe shoes, your toes must be in good condition. A good pedicure removes grazed unsightly skin while moisturizing the heel area. It is an opportunity to have your toes painted in the season’s trendy colors. Protect your feet until they have fully recovered if you have noticeable bunions or blisters on your gals.

Schedule That Pedicure

When Self-Tanning, Exercise Caution


Nothing is more unsightly than feet that appear to have been half-dipped in tanning beds cream. The white and brown parts of the foot can serve as a distraction from the appearance of an otherwise attractive shoe or feet. When moisturizing your legs, always use caution to avoid smudging.

Stockings And Tights Are Strictly Prohibited

Generally speaking, there is only one circumstance in which you should wear women’s tights or stockings with open toed shoes. And this is when the ladies’ tights are vague and have a fun pattern. Nevertheless, this is just our opinion on how to get a glamorous open toe shoe look. If you want to wear tights or stockings, make sure there are no runs, holes, or hitches in the toe area.

Legs Must Be Shaved

Legs Must Be Shaved

Girls, this is a crucial rule. Before putting on your open-toed sandals or shoes, always shave your legs. You are showing off your feet, so make sure everything around the legs and feet looks gorgeous. Nobody wants to see hairy legs or bristly hair on display. It devalues the finish, particularly after having spent money on a shave. Smooth legs always look elegant and add confidence to your general look.

Take Into Account The Weather

Generally speaking, open-toed shoes aren’t just for the summertime. When properly styled, they can really be worn in all four seasons. As noted previously, they could really be successfully worn during the wintertime when styled with a fashionable opaque pair of women’s tights. Open-toed shoes, on the other hand, are not intended for severe extreme cold weather or snow. So, always keep the weather in mind.

The Office’s Fashion Guidelines

This is entirely dependent on your own fashion workplace setting and the type of footwear that is deemed reasonable. While most companies’ dress codes have been laid back in recent times, it is still a good idea to double-check what’s acceptable. In the Irish fashion business, open-toed sandals or shoes are commonly accepted as a rule. Nevertheless, make certain that they are suitable for use in your workplace.

How To Style Open Toe Shoes With Tights?

Here are some basic yet important dos and don’ts in the matter of pairing your open toe shoes with tights.


Summer-appropriate shoes

This includes any shoes that do not appear urban enough and have a town feel to them.

And the very first thing you should watch out for is the fabric.

Toss out the cord soles and natural-toned leather.

I will make an exception for the wellington boots or wooden shoes, which, for some reason, end up looking nice with tights.

Tights with a visible seam

If your tights are not invisible, there may be a visible seam at the corner of the toes.

It should not appear to be fashionable.

You can either get seamless tights or ensure that the seam is hidden. You obviously understand; tuck it underneath the sole of your foot.

Open-toed shoes with a flat sole

Even if you can pull off an acceptable appearance with some of the more urban open-toed ballet flats, it will never appear “omg.”

And 99 percent of the other outfits that go with flat open-toed shoes and tights are hideous.

Needless to say, as is my wont, I will never say never. Perhaps some brilliant stylist will come up with an elegant combination in the future.

Please be aware that the Bircks and tights mixing up that we saw a few years ago is not really attractive (at least not in my opinion), despite the fact that some women got street styled for it.

Worn out or scuffed shoes

Generally speaking, tights and open-toed shoes scream fashion and elegance.

They are ineffective with worn-out shoes.

(In all honesty, hardly anything appears to work with worn-out shoes unless they are sneakers or shoes that are grunge-looking.)


Pick the right tights

  • Womens’ opaque tights

As you might know, opaque tights are the simplest way to look fashionable with this tricky combination.

Choose the black opaque tights to avoid making a mistake.

In general, they will go with any refined pair of open-toed shoes, whether they are really subtle jewel-like sandals, peep-toe pumps, or chunky sandals.

However, you can always find a more bold match if you are comfy with pattern and color combinations.

Tights made of wool

Always ensure that the shoes aren’t too flouncy with all of those.

Sandals with crunchy straps appeal to me far more than gentle peep-toe pumps.

Needless to say, vogue editorial will do such a mix. You might have seen some women getting street-styled with Nike socks and emerald sandals. The difference between real life and fashion life. In fact, it is a nice thing crazy vogue people actually exist; they are simply inventive and frequently come up with great outfits. They also, on occasion, come up with bizarre ideas.

Tights that are see-through

Such as sheer or fishnet tights.

Initially, as stated in the don’ts, the toe stitch should not be visible.

Furthermore, the less toe you can really see, the better it will work most of the time.

Pick the right open-toed shoes

  • Chunky sandals
Chunky sandals

They will be city dwellers

That is shoes that look like they correspond to a city and can not be worn in a line of work. And, yes, even though you couldn’t walk with them in the stated field, cord stilettos make you feel like you really can.

They will go well with either opaque colored or black tights, see-through tights, and, ultimately, wool tights.

You might, however, try the clogs with a sole made of wood. You could even try the wool tights and boots look. However, if you are asked to guard sheep, please do not grumble.

Elegant sandals

Elegant sandals

I am talking about super chic, subtle sandals with thin straps.

Generally speaking, they look great with tights.

Opt for either see-through or opaque black tights.


It is true that the peep toe pumps are indeed exceptionally urban.

They don’t show many toes, so you can wear any type of tight apart from wool tights, which might add bulk.


Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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