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7 Types Of House Slippers: Differences Explained






The slippers are type of interior house shoe. They are padded and worn as the foot’s sole covering. Slippers are typically constructed of cotton or leather and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

What Exactly Are Slippers?

A slipper is a sort of house shoe typically worn indoors as the sole covering for one’s foot. It’s mainly composed of cloth or leather and comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The first slippers, made of sheepskin, were discovered in the Middle East. The name “slipper” was once used to describe a variety of footwear, including shoes, boots, and sandals. People began using the term “slipper” to designate open-backed shoes with flat bottoms in the mid-1600s. The term was later applied to an open shoe with a fancy toe decorated with beads or sequins.

By 1669, the term “slipper” had come to refer to velvet, silk, or satin shoes with closed lacing at the heel and toe, which were also known as “dress slippers.” For men, this slipper style remained popular, but it was deemed elitist by women because it implied they used their shoes so often that they grew filthy.

House Slipper

By the early 1800s, the term “slipper” had come to imply open-toed shoes or stilettos made of leather or velvet, though these were far from the only forms of slippers available. On their slippers, women would wear ornamental pastel-colored heels. The term “slipper” eventually came to designate solely to a style of indoor shoe worn primarily by women.

7 Types of House Slippers

1. Slip-on slippers

Slip-on slippers

Slip-on slippers are sometimes known as “dress slippers” because they have long tongues and closed lacing at the heel and toe. Loafers, particularly low-heeled loafers, are another popular type of slip-on shoe for men (sometimes known as oxfords). There are a variety of heel heights and styles to choose from. Men’s slippers come in a variety of colors and patterns, including solids and animal themes. Unlined leather “mules” are available in a variety of colors and materials for women’s slippers.

They are slip-on slippers that do not have a strap or a fastener. These slippers are quite comfortable to wear. It’s comfortable to wear at home while watching TV or sleeping. UGG Classic short, Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Waterproof, and Fergalicious Glam Series are just a few of the slip-on slippers available on the market.

2. Closed Back Slippers

Closed Back Slippers

Closed-back slippers, sometimes known as “slipper” shoes and “dress shoes,” have toe and heel pieces. The strap of the shoe is closed, and it is made of leather. It is only used for formal occasions. Closed-back slippers are usually made from calfskin leather.

They are slip-on slippers with a strap that goes behind the ankle, around the foot or both ankles. These are usually worn in public places, such as restaurants or coffee shops. The striped leather Oxfords from Borrelli, the soft calfskin from Ferragamo, and the leopard-print slippers from El Naturalista are just a few of the closed-back slippers available on the market.

3. Moccasins


Moccasins are a type of slipper that does not have laces, straps, or closures. Soft materials, such as suede, suede-like textiles, or sheepskin, are commonly used. Moccasins are used during the colder months of the year or on rainy days. The majority of individuals use them as both casual dress shoes and indoor slippers at home.

Soft leathers like Nappa, pebbled leather, herringbone leather, and others can be used. Suede and sheepskin are two of the most popular moccasin materials.

4. Novelty Slippers

Novelty Slippers

Novelty slippers are made from various materials, including fur, sheepskin, leather, and suede. They have open toes and heels. They have a variety of colors and sizes. In contrast to traditional slippers that are serviceable year-round, novelty slippers are used only during the colder months or on rainy days.

5. Slipper Socks

Slipper Socks

 Slipper socks have the appearance of socks. They’re worn like socks. They’re frequently constructed from the same materials as socks. On the other hand, slipper socks are thicker and more durable, with bottoms that resemble the soles of regular slippers. Some people even sleep in them, and they are a trendy choice these days, especially among women and children, because they are so easy to wear and warm.

6. Traditional Slippers

Traditional Slippers

Traditional slippers are made from leather or wool. They are worn around the house and on rainy days. They do not need to be taken off every time you go into another room (unless they become filthy). Most of these slippers will stay on your feet as you move from room to room. Traditional slippers are the most common shoes used around the world, and they are usually made from either leather or wool, such as lambskin or sheepskin.

 7.Arch Support Slippers

Arch Support Slippers

Do you know how to choose arch support slippers? Arch support slippers are meant to give the foot’s arch more support, which can be especially advantageous for people who have flat feet or other arch problems. Leather, suede, felt, and synthetic textiles are used to make arch support slippers. In addition, soft fabrics, like sheepskin or fleece, are frequently used to line them.

They’re composed of sheepskin or other soft, warm fabrics, comparable to traditional slippers. Synthetic uppers, commonly composed of microfiber or other synthetic materials, are featured. The bottom of arch support slippers frequently has a molded arch support, giving additional foot support.

These slippers, often called “orthotic slippers,” include a firm plastic insert in the heel and ball of the foot to relieve stress on joints and muscles. In some circumstances, an arch support foam sponge that protects bones and soft tissues might be used instead of inserts.

What Is The Material of A Slipper?

Cotton or leather are the most common materials used to make slippers. Wool, mohair, silk, and synthetic materials are among the materials used to make slippers. Slippers are frequently produced from colored leather in several nations. Unique varieties of leather termed “felt” or “felt-like” leathers are used to make slippers in various parts of the United States, mainly in the South and Midwest. Slippers are typically manufactured of “felt” in these locations.

What Colors Do Slippers Come In?

Slippers are usually available in a variety of hues. Red, black, tan, brown, white, blue, green, and even purple are all possible slipper hues. They come in either leather or sheepskin. The soles of many slip-on types are constructed of patent leather or plastic, making them more durable for indoor wear.

Why Do We Wear Slippers?

Wearing slippers at home, why not? Slippers are worn indoors for a variety of reasons by individuals all over the world. Many of them are concerned with protecting our houses, furnishings, and floors, while others are concerned with personal comfort and even general foot health. Let’s look at a few of the most common causes:

1. To protect flooring

To safeguard their homes’ flooring, many individuals wear slippers. This is especially true when people aren’t sure what kind of ground they’ll be walking on. Slippers are commonly used in areas where it is muddy or damp outside or where there are substances that can damage rugs or carpets, such as sand. Allergies are another reason why many people wear slippers inside to preserve the flooring.

2. To stay comfortable

Slippers are sometimes worn indoors for comfort. Some people wear slippers to be more comfortable throughout the house, particularly on cold nights. Some people sleep in their slippers. Some people wear slippers to protect themselves from minor diseases and infections or because they have foot difficulties. This is especially true for persons who use a wheelchair or spend a lot of time standing at work.

3. To stay warm

Slippers can assist shield our feet from the weather when we’re indoors. Many people wear slippers daily because they are more comfortable in them, particularly during the winter. This is especially true if the ground is chilly, in which some pavements and pathways areas the weather cools.

They are worn to bed by some people, and they even sleep in them in the winter. Wearing slippers indoors can help you keep ahead of the cold, stay ahead of a cold or respiratory infection, or even help you avoid becoming sick altogether.

4. To avoid unnecessary foot fatigue

Some people wear slippers inside because they are too exhausted to take off their other shoes whenever they visit another room. This is particularly true in the winter when people are exhausted and wish to stay home. They can make daily life much easier for certain people with physical limitations. They might even be helpful for folks who have trouble bending over or getting on and off the floor. Slippers are an excellent alternative for indoor house wear, whether you want to minimize extra foot fatigue or keep comfy.

5. To have a more personal approach

Slippers are worn by people who prefer a more personal approach to their footwear. They want to put on something that will provide them with comfort and warmth. This is especially true if the floors are cold, as some people prefer to go around in their slippers and socks. It’s also not uncommon for people to have extremely high tolerance levels for slippers, mainly when they’re constructed of soft and pleasant fabrics.

6. To wear them while outside

Outside, some people like to wear slippers, especially in the winter. The slippers comprise kind materials on the feet and allow for a more relaxed approach to their footwear. Wearing slippers in the yard can help keep you safe if you’re afraid of walking on bugs or sharp items.

How To Choose Right Slipper?

Your ideal slipper should be chosen based on your physical needs, style, price, and preferences. At the very least, check the quality of the materials used to construct the slipper. Your feet come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Small children’s sizes are 3-6, women’s sizes are 10-16, and men’s sizes are 4-10. You can, however, choose the size that best fits your feet based on how you feel. You may decide to purchase a pair of house shoes based on how comfortable they are to wear. You should select the ideal slipper that will provide you with comfort. It is possible to select it based on its size, color, and design.


1. Why are slippers called slippers?

Because slippers slide, they’re called slippers. This is because people would take off their shoes and slide them out the door when they were rushing around their dwellings, and it was time to eat. So we named them slippers so we could remove them without ruining our carpets.

2. What kind of leather is used to make leather slippers?

Before being dispatched to various manufacturers, all of the leather is hand-selected by our experts. The top layer of the leather is then rubbed away with suede cloth to give it a smooth feel.

3. Who invented Slippers?

The history of slippers is unknown, but numerous theories suggest they originated in Scotland in the early 1000s. Because slippers were such a costly item at the time, it was evident that they were invented by wealthy individuals or members of royal families.

4. What does the term “house shoes” mean?

People used to spend most of their time at home, and it was much easier to wear house shoes rather than go out and take off their shoes.

5. What is the slipper size range?

Although sizes vary by company, most slipper manufacturers use US sizes 3-12 for children and women and 4-16 for adults. You’ll select a pair of slippers based on the dimensions of your feet.

6. What is the best slipper material?

Wool is the most excellent material for slippers. It’s soft, cuddly, and toasty on your feet, but it’s also tough enough to withstand daily use. Although the leather slipper is one of the most comfortable shoes available, the primary role of your footwear is to protect your feet from cold and wetness, so sturdy materials such as leather are used. Try sheepskin or lambskin if you want something warmer than wool for cold weather protection.

7. Why is it that the slippers are made of leather?

Leather is a long-lasting, breathable, and comfy material. It also resists stains. Slippers are made from a variety of leathers. The most common hides used to make slippers are tanned skins and lambskin. Some firms produce linings out of silk or cotton fiber to give your feet a truly luxurious feel. Another sort of lining is wool felt, which comes in various colors and textures, thicknesses, and weights. The fur’s quality is next assessed based on its density and durability. The lining can be constructed of a variety of materials, such as cotton or cotton mixes.

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