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25 Ideas Of Shoes Storage For 2022






Trying to find a space for all of your shoes that’s clean and easy to organize can be very challenging. Shoe storage is an issue that many of us face. We all know the sad truth about the state of our closets. There are too many items competing for limited space, and it’s full of clothes that are rarely worn, if at all. 

We have some shoe storage ideas to help you turn your annoying footwear dilemma into something actually beautiful! There are a lot of different ways that you can store your shoes. Depending on what kind of shoes you have, how long they last and what kind of room you have available in your home or office is going to determine which method is best for storing them.

The article will discuss the many different ways to store your shoes. There will be room for shoes in closets, under beds, on shoe racks, and much more.

1.Custom Clothes Rack and Shoes

This could be the easiest way to organize and store your shoes. With this custom-made clothes rack, you can have a designated spot for every pair of shoes. It is great for small spaces or shoe lovers who are tight on space. It is also a smart solution that lets clothing and shoes become part of the decor.

Clothes Rack and Shoes

2. Cubby Shoe Organizer

The miniature cubby shoe organizer is one of the best all around multipurpose storage solutions for your shoes. The greatest advantage of this model is it offers enough room in each unit to comfortably fit at least two pairs of shoes.

Cubby Shoe Organizer

3. Wooden Cabinet Storage

This cabinet is a beautiful way to store your clothes in a very stylish way. It is made of wood and it provides you with ample space for keeping your clothes and shoes neatly organized. Furthermore, the wooden cabinet can last for many years with minimal maintenance. but we do care about termite infestation

Wooden Cabinet Storage

4. Shoe Cabinet Folio

This shoe cabinet is a good storage device for your shoes in your home. It is made of steel, plywood and linoleum. This model has many different types of colors and you can choose the one that matches your kitchen or bedroom design. It can also be used in houses with smaller spaces.

Shoe Cabinet Folio

5. Pocket Over-the-Door Shoe Bag

If you want to store your entire collection of coordinating shoes, then the over-the-door shoe organizer is just right for you. This is a neat little tool that will help you save space, as it can effectively hold everything from sneakers to heels and pumps.

Pocket Over-the-Door Shoe Bag

6. Shoe Pyramid Stairs

This is a good option if you want to store several pairs of shoes but do not want to take up a lot of floor space in your room. It is made of wood, features a clear coat on top and has a non-slip surface. It is also fashionable


Shoe rack pyramid


7. Floor Shoe Trolley

This is the best way to store your collection of shoes. With a shoe trolley, you will be able to have your whole collection in one easy location. These are especially ideal for those who have limited space and have trouble organizing their shoes.

Floor Shoe Trolley

8. Shoe Storage Ottoman

Your shoes can also be easily stored in an ottoman. This is a great way to save on space, as the ottoman can hold up to many pairs of shoes. It is the great way to store your favorite shoes, especially when there is limited space available in your home or office

Shoe Storage Ottoman

9. Wall Shoe Hangers

A wall shoe hanger can also be a good place to store your shoes. It will help you to save space and keep it organized in your room.

Wall Shoe Hangers

10. Shoe Drawer

These expandable shoe drawers allow you to store all of your most prized high heels in one centralized and secure location. The fact that the drawers collapse back into the cabinet means that you will never have to worry about tripping over your shoes on the ground. The two metal support bars on each level ensure that your heels stay in place without leaving any indentation marks. By situating the dress shoes in a removable closet, they become just another easy to access component of your wardrobe. Put your most frequently used shoes towards the top.

Shoe Drawer

11. Walk-in Closet Shoe Shelves

It is every girl’s dream to have a massive walk-in closet that has ample room for all of her shoes. If you have the shoes, space and budget to implement this design, you will be impressed. The similar dimensions across each of the shelves will allow you to organize your shoe collection in innovative ways. Unfortunately, these shoe shelves can reach very high up, so you will need to get a stool if you want to reach the shoes on the upper level.

Walk-in Closet Shoe Shelves

12. Shoe Box 

When you want to completely keep your shoes out of sight yet still know exactly where each pair is located. This option maintains the square geometry of your room and gives you a lot of power to determine which pair should go where. It can be inconvenient when you are in a hurry to have to keep opening and closing boxes to get a single pair of shoes

Shoe box

13. Shoe Baskets

Shoe baskets have become a popular way of storing shoes. This is effective at keeping your shoe collection organized and well-organized. The baskets are great when it comes to saving you space, because they are designed in such a way that they can make use of the underused space beneath or beside the bed or in front of cabinets.

Shoe basket

14. Formal Wood and Glass Shoe Cabinet

The cabinet is also made to protect against dust and any other hazards that may damage the items inside. It also has adjustable shelves so you can easily store your items in the space provided. The bottom drawer slides out so that you can reach the shoes that are stored in it with ease. It is a good way to keep your shoes neat and organized.

Formal Wood and Glass Shoe Cabinet

15. Metallic Mesh Shoe Racks

Another neat way to store your shoes is by using a mesh fabric. This could be the ideal place for storage. The mesh may hold more than a hundred pairs of shoes, which are perfect for those who are having a hard time working with a small area and who desire saving space at home and office. A mesh shoe lift can also allow you to take your shoes off at a glance so you can walk around without worrying about getting your shoes on the wrong foot.

Metallic Mesh Shoe Racks

16. Mobile Shoe Caddy

This cabinet is made of wood and it has a bottom drawer that opens up so you can easily reach the shoes inside. It is also a good option if you have several pairs of shoes that need to be kept organized or if you have a lot of other small items that you want to keep in one place.

Mobile Shoe Caddy

17. Circular Shoe Table

These circular shoe platforms make for a great addition to any apartment. The medium height and the simple aesthetic make this piece ideal for storing shoes of any type or size. Consider putting these storage levels in a more removed part of the room, such as behind a door or in the corner.

Circular Shoe Table

18. Mini Shoe Compactor

This mini shoe compactor is an ideal choice for individuals that use the same casual shoes over and over. It does not work nearly as well for taller shoes, such as heels. Instead, you should place your casual, flat shoes such as sandals, and flip-flops in the container. While this device will keep your casual shoes out of harm’s way, you can only store six shoes at a maximum. 

Mini Shoe Compactor

19. Shoe Stand

Shoe stands are also a great fashion accessory and a practical way of storing your shoes. The best thing about these racks is that you can use them to store several types of shoes in different styles. A shoe rack with shelves is an ideal way for you to display your collection as well.

20.Baby Shoe Hooks

Baby shoe hooks are also a great way of storing your children’s shoes. They will keep your child’s favorite shoes within reach, on the wall mounted baby shoe hooks that are available easily. This is an ideal storage solution if you want to keep your child’s favorite shoes organized and safe.

Baby Shoe Hooks


21. Sling Shoe Rack

Functional and fresh, the sling shoe rack has multiple purposes and can be used as a planter or to hold your belongings. This rack has lots of space to store shoes

Sling Shoe Rack

22.Stackable Shoe Bin

These storage baskets are a great way to store your shoes that you do not wear very often or any other object that you need to keep in a neat and organized location. The best feature of this option is the fact that they are stackable so you can save space in your room by placing these baskets on top of each other. All of the drawers open at the bottom to make it easy to clean and organize the contents inside.

Stackable Shoe Bin

23. Shoe Cabinet With Adjustable Cubbies In Each Drawer

This shoe cabinet is a great way to keep your shoes organized. It has adjustable cubbies in each drawer so that you can store several different pairs of shoes at once. The bottom of the drawers open up so that it is easy to see what shoes are inside.

24. Shoe Drawers In Stairs

It is very easy to keep your shoes clean and organized with this shoe cabinet. It is also very simple to mount under your stairs or inside a closet. It has drawers where you can store all of your shoes and they open at the bottom so that you can easily see what is inside and if you have dirty shoes, you can easily take them out.

Shoe Drawers In Stairs


25.Clothes & Shoes Organizer

This is a very stylish and elegant piece of equipment that you can use to keep several pairs of shoes or clothes organized on your closet floor, shelves or other surface area.

Clothes & Shoes Organizer
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