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10 DIY Shoe Racks Projects For Your House 2023






Are you ready to make a DIY shoe rack that you can proudly display in your living room? A DIY shoe rack is perfect for the family room or the study. They are also great for those who may not have a ton of space and want something that’s easy to organize and storage. With a DIY shoe rack, you can get creative and let your imagination run wild. When making a DIY shoe rack, you may want to look at what others have done and use some of those techniques. You can even add embellishments of your own to make the DIY shoe rack unique.

Let me show you top 10 DIY shoe rack project:

DIY Wooden Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

DIY Wooden Wall Mounted Shoe Rack via Pinterest

If you got fed up with not being able to find your shoes in one particular corner of your bedroom so you should decided to make a shoe rack. I found some ideas pretty simple to create and it took  about 20 minutes which is not bad considering the time saved by not having to search for them! This shoe rack is made out of two pieces of wood that we had left over from another project and 3 nails. You can use a saw as well as a hammer and little measuring tape measure that you can find at any craft store. 

You can find more wooden shoe rack here

DIY Shoe Rack with a Shou Shugi Ban Finish

DIY Shoe Rack with a Shou Shugi Ban Finish via Pinterest

The DIY Shoe Rack with a Shou Shugi Ban Finish is a great way to organize and stylishly store your shoes in an attack of the space-saving color!  The instructions are not complicated, but you should take your time to understand the steps before starting. We recommend having someone help you to assemble this project because it can be tricky without another set of hands.

DIY Shoe Rack Bench

DIY Shoe Rack Bench via pinterest

Shoe racks are always a problem. They are impossible to store in the closet, roll around, and often don’t stay in place due to their weight. The bench on the other hand is an easy storage option that many people overlook because of their bulky nature. This project is an easy and inexpensive way to solve both problems at once. It is made from a single length of wood, but feels sturdy and durable. By using a few simple tools, this project is extremely straightforward, and can be completed by even the most novice of home DIYers.

Looking for Shoe rack with bench in here

DIY Metric Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

DIY Metric Wall Mounted Shoe Rack via Pinterest

A DIY metric wall mounted shoe rack can be very easy and cost friendly to build. There are many different ways that you can go about building your own. One way is to use a piece of aluminum which will work out fine, but you can also just use wood if you want. To build this project it requires tools such as a saw, screwdriver, drill, and level.

DIY Cubby Shoe Rack 

DIY Cubby Shoe Rack via pinterest

This DIY cubby shoe rack is a perfect way to store shoes and give your entryway an organized look. With only a weekend of work, you can make the cubby to store up to 12 pairs of shoes. It fits 3 pairs per tier just fine, but you can store up to four if your shoes are larger or you want to separate them by seasons. The frame is simple enough that even someone with limited woodworking skills should be able to assemble it without too much difficulty.

DIY Shoe Storage Cabinet

DIY Shoe Storage Cabinet via Pinterest

So, you’ve started to invest in heels and flats for your wardrobe but you’re running out of room for shoes? You need a shoe cabinet. Crafting one is not difficult at all and will only serve to improve the quality of your footwear storage. Before getting started, however, you need to determine the purpose of your shoe cabinet. If it is temporary storage (for example, if you plan to move in a couple of months), a simple wire shoe rack will do the trick. But if you’re looking for something that will serve you for years to come, replace your current shoe rack with a closet shoe cabinet. It is far more durable and practical.

DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage Rack

DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage Rack via Pinterest

Shoe storage is one area that many people never really think about. The average shoe owner uses less than 10% of the space in their closet, so what do you do with the extra space? Well, it’s time to build a DIY Lazy Susan Shoe Storage Rack! Building this rack requires more tools and technical with a lot of materials. It will save you tons of room in your closet, and shoes will be stored neatly on their own axis so they’re easy to see and grab when you need them.

DIY Entryway Shoe Storage Bench

DIY Entryway Shoe Storage Bench via Pinterest

An Entryway Shoe Storage Bench is a functional, decorative and practical project that can be completed in just a few hours. Designed to make your entryway more accessible and easier to manage, it adds storage without taking up too much space. If you’re looking for an easy-to-make project that will give your home more space and make you feel better about the clutter, this is the perfect project for you! Made from wood scraps, this DIY bench can add elegant style to any area in your home.

DIY Super-Sized Shoe Rack

DIY Super-Sized Shoe Rack via Pinterest

This DIY tutorial will show you how to build a shoe rack from nothing but some scrap wood, that is 6 tiers deep and 3 feet high. These six tiers will provide ample space, not only for your shoes, but also for your boots and sandals. It makes a great gift idea as well. From start to finish, the whole project should take you about two to three hours.

DIY Industrial Shoe Rack

DIY Industrial Shoe Rack via Pinterest

The DIY Industrial Shoe Rack is a stylish, yet functional shoe rack made by wood and metal. It can be customized to suit your needs, with the option of having one or two tiers. It’s also possible to make it at either a short or tall height depending on where you’ll place it.

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