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30 Ideas Of Cool Shoe Racks For Your House






You love shoes, but you live in a small space. You’ve searched online and can’t find anything that will fit your needs. Don’t worry, not all is lost! Here are some of our favorite shoe racks that we found out there. Give them a look and see if they work for you and your lifestyle!

After a hard day, it’s wonderful to kick off your shoes – unless you have nowhere to keep them. With a convenient shoe storage option, you can avoid the frustrating shoe pile on the floor. If your closet space is limited, try an over-the-door system to make the most of available storage space. Are you dealing with a cluttered mudroom? Choose a shoe storage bench that serves as storage space and a seat for removing your shoes.

We understand how annoying it can be when clutter is all around us, so here’s our list of 30 cool shoe racks from across the internet.

1. 12-Pair Shoe Organizer

This stacking shoe organizer contains 12 pairs of shoes and is made of robust particleboard that has been laminated with a long-lasting white paper finish for durability. Shoes such as loafers and low-heeled sandals, for example, can be stored in pairs in the respective compartments. Also suitable for smaller purses and evening bags, this style is versatile.

12-Pair Shoe Organizer

2. 24-Pocket Over The Door Shoe Bag

This shoe bag has two pockets, each holding a pair of women’s flats or a single heeled shoe. Superior shoe bags are reinforced with a steel bar to avoid drooping and ripping, which is the downfall of fewer shoe bag designs. To increase longevity, the pockets have been piped and double stitched.

24-Pocket Over The Door Shoe Bag

3. Benches for Hallways

If you have children, school mornings can be hectic enough without searching for lost football boots, school shoes, and wellies – not to mention coats and bags – on top of everything else. Investing in an entryway bench for each of you, if you have the space, can help you stay incredibly organized because, in principle, each family member will be able to keep their shoes sorted.

Benches for Hallways

4. 24 Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack

With this highly famous over-the-door shoe rack, you can keep your shoes easily accessible. It comfortably fits 24 pairs of shoes. Compared to other options, this one is not only convenient but also extremely cost-effective. The sturdy white resin shoe rack is great for a bedroom closet and can be put on either the front or rear of the door, depending on the configuration that works best for your space. Additionally, it is an excellent alternative for those living in limited spaces since the rack may be utilized to expand an entryway closet or create storage space on each side of a door.

24 Pair Over The Door Shoe Rack

5. PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer

Because of the addition of some lovely wallpaper, this unique idea of transforming PVC tubing into beautiful shoe storage that resembles birch logs is one that we particularly like.

PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer

6. Designs4Comfort Round Shoe Ottoman

You may sometimes wish to keep your shoes hidden even if they are in your bedroom. This tiny round ottoman with concealed shoe compartments cleverly solves that problem. The upholstered piece features a hinged top that exposes an unexpected quantity of storage: 12 individual compartments around the periphery and an open storage area in the center. The ottoman can be utilized as a perch while putting on your day’s shoes when closed. 

Designs4Comfort Round Shoe Ottoman

7. Utilize a Shoe Hanging Insert

When your wardrobe shelves are completely stuffed with clothes and accessories, it might be difficult to find a spot for your shoes. This is where these ingenious shoe inserts on a hook come in handy. They hang from your clothes rack, and each portion holds a pair of shoes; if you have a double hanging rail, add more than one – you’ll wonder why you’ve never used them before!

Utilize a Shoe Hanging Insert

8. Rolling Shoe Storage Bins

Make your own rolling storage bin. Clever crates allow you to conceal shoes behind a bench or table with relative ease. And, thanks to the inclusion of wheels, children can effortlessly slide them out of the way when it’s time to leave the house.

Rolling Shoe Storage Bins

9. 12 Stackable Shoe Storage Box

The 12 Stackable shoe storage boxes are a good choice if you want a shoe storage solution that is easy to scale and fit within your existing closet. These polypropylene boxes are large enough to handle most flat shoes, and the clear plastic construction makes it easy to find the pair you’re looking for. They’re an efficient storage solution, especially because the 12 boxes in the set stack precisely on top of each other, allowing you to arrange them on the floor or a shelf. Furthermore, the strong plastic is nearly unbreakable, allowing you to use each box for many years.

12 Stackable Shoe Storage Box

10. Lack Wall Shelf Unit White

Is there a tiniest nook in your entryway?

Shelves are ideal for increasing storage space in even the most confined parts of the home, such as corners. You won’t be able to just install shelves in it like in this picture, but with a few modifications, you can build your shelves on it! You now have plenty of room for your shoes and slippers, which you would ordinarily merely push to the side behind the door.

Lack Wall Shelf Unit White

11. Use walls

Create a shoe rack on the wall and use it to store your shoes there. Measure the space that you intend to use for shoe storage. Then you can purchase crown moldings and have them cut to fit your specifications. Warnings are in order, however. In most cases, crown molding works well with heels, except those with rounded toe platforms. So don’t be discouraged if you have this personality type. You can try your luck with the next one!

Use walls

12. Shoe Cabinet With Three Compartments

You don’t want your family’s footwear on display for all to see? This Shoe Cabinet allows you to conceal shoes behind three pull-out doors. And, despite its freestanding nature, the complete item measures less than 12 inches deep, making it great for even the tiniest areas. Because the cabinet is constructed primarily of particleboard, you will need to assemble it yourself. However, there is considerable value here. Despite its compact size, the cabinet can attractively accommodate a minimum of 18 pairs of shoes.

Shoe Cabinet With Three Compartments

13. Double-Sided Rolling Shoe Rack

Solid steel construction and a double-sided design distinguish this very effective shoe storage rack, accommodating up to 30 pairs of shoes. The shoes are held in place by a mesh lining, and rolling casters make it simple to get in and out of them.

Double-Sided Rolling Shoe Rack

14. Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizer

The key to having a well-organized home is to make the most of small, underutilized space areas. Under your bed, you can store 12 pairs of shoes with the help of this shoe organizer. It’s the perfect answer for anyone who suffers from a shoe addiction or for parents who have many children’s shoes strewn about the house.

Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizer

15. Utilize A Minuscule Ladder

Ladders are useful for storing items, but they are also attractive to look at. Use a little ladder to store your shoes stylishly and lean it against the wall to achieve the desired effect. If you require additional space, simply purchase a taller ladder.

Utilize A Minuscule Ladder

16. Benton Shoe Storage Bench

If you have a habit of kicking off your shoes as soon as you enter the house, the Benton Shoe Storage Bench is an ideal entrance shoe storage solution. The strong bench contains two rows of open shelves for storing ten pairs of shoes, and you can sit comfortably on top of the bench to re-enter your footwear when it’s time to go out again. Additionally, the bench is more advanced than your typical shoe storage arrangement. The bench’s general design is classic, suitable for several décor types.

Benton Shoe Storage Bench

17. Modern and Industrial Shoe Racks

Shoe storage does not have to be boring; you may invest in items that perfectly complement your interior design. Consider this industrial storage unit constructed of solid metal and mesh; it’s edgy and contemporary and will fit perfectly in a modern corridor. Black complements any existing color scheme as well – and you can dress it up with a lamp, flowers, and a couple of prints before storing your shoes in the cubes.

Modern and Industrial Shoe Racks

18. Shoe Storage Inside The Walls

Consider including a built-in shoe rack in the design of your walls. You can install it on the hallway wall, just as Urban Retro did. What’s remarkable is that it will not obstruct your path and that you can expand it as high as possible. Put the shoes you don’t wear every day on top. Then, when you need to access them, obtain a chair or a short ladder. Those you use regularly can be kept near the bottom to make them easily accessible. Then, place hooks or dots beside the shoe rack to hang coats and belts.

Shoe Storage Inside The Walls

19. Spinning Shoe Rack

How would you spend your time if you had a lazy Susan-style shoe rack that you could spin around and quickly see and select the appropriate shoe for every occasion? You can do this. This one is pre-assembled, so you can start right away. Simply assembling it and painting it in any color you like is required.

Spinning Shoe Rack

20. Linen Hanging Shoe Organizer

Utilize the hanging space in your closet for more than just clothing storage. With this 10-compartment hanging shoe organizer, you can keep your footwear organized while only taking up five inches of closet rod real estate. It can accommodate up to ten pairs of women’s shoes or five pairs of men’s shoes, and it attaches to any closet rod with two hooks for added convenience.

Linen Hanging Shoe Organizer

21. Wooden Bench with Enough Shoe Storage Underneath

As with the ottoman, you can sit on top of the storage space, which is similar to how it works with the ottoman. Simply said, your shoes are not completely covered from view at this time. So it’s best to keep them organized at all times! However, it is comfortable to take a seat on that bench. It gives the impression that you are very close to nature!

Wooden Bench with Enough Shoe Storage Underneath

22. Use Baskets

Every organization’s effort benefits greatly from the use of baskets. It’s a fantastic method to make more room in your closet, kitchen, foyer, and any other nook and cranny of your home. When it comes to arranging your shoes, this is one solution that you simply cannot overlook! Now, which basket to use will be determined by the items you require. It is quite adaptable, making it an excellent shoe storage solution for tiny spaces.

Use Baskets

23. DIY Wall Mount Storage Bin

Isn’t this the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen in your life? This is ideal for your children’s and girls’ shoes, but you can also make one for yourself. Apart from shoes, this space is ideal for storing children’s socks, gloves, small towels, hats, sweaters, and scarves. It should be mounted on the wall of the entryway. It will take up very little room. Additionally, you can modify your measurements to account for the length and width of the entryway wall. As an example, take this one. It’s similar but wider, and it makes the most use of the space adjacent to the door.

DIY Wall Mount Storage Bin

24. Corner Shoe Bench

Make good use of unused space by placing a suitable bench for both shoes and boots in a stylish fashion. However, you can work with the manufacturer to modify the measurements and shoe cubby sizes to save some time and money.

Corner Shoe Bench

25. A Shoe Storage System That Grows

If you’re aware that a handful of expandable shoe racks will be insufficient to accommodate your family’s ever-growing shoe collection, opt for a shoe storage solution that can be customized to meet your needs. We constantly extol the virtues of string systems. They are constructed from various modular components that you may combine and modify as desired, including shelves, cabinets, and drawers. We adore how minimal and stylish it is — very Scandi contemporary.

A Shoe Storage System That Grows

26. 18-Pocket Shoe File

This ingenious shoe file tackles the age-old challenge of storing footwear in a small space. It saves room while allowing you to instantly identify and retrieve 18 pairs of shoes simultaneously.

18-Pocket Shoe File

27. Set up Some Crates in That Nook

Wooden boxes are a popular choice for shoe organizations. This one is unique because it is tucked into a little corner, demonstrating that crates can also fit into small locations. Therefore, if you have a small area with a lot of vertical space, consider fitting crates there. And you never know, you might turn that lifeless corner into a gorgeous new home for your shoes! You could also create something similar and place it near the entrance.

Set up Some Crates in That Nook

28. Shoe Space-Savers

These shoe space savers might come in handy when you need to make the most of every square inch in your closet. Each shoe organizer stores one pair of shoes in the same space as a single shoe, making it an excellent storage solution for dorm rooms or small closets.

Shoe Space-Savers

29. V-shape Shelves

This is not the typical shelving you see – it is not straight or horizontal. These shelves were drilled into the wall at an angle to make a V-shape, and they were constructed of wood. Because of the angles, it is even easier to get the shoes into that extremely small space. Consider the challenge of fitting 16 pairs of shoes into a tight space. That is a fantastic shoe storage solution for a tiny space!

V-shape Shelves

30. Wooden Shoe Rack

I frequently use a clothespin to dry our shoes and hang them outside to dry. Then I came across this, which convinced me that this one is superior. Not having to worry about your shoes falling off is a huge relief. Simply set it on the drying rack upside down, and it will dry out quickly.

Wooden Shoe Rack
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