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20 Popular T-shirt Brands For Women In 2022






T-shirts are one of the most accessible and affordable ways to express yourself. There is sometimes more than one brand to choose from when buying a new shirt, and there are different variables you must take into consideration when making your decision.

What qualities do you search for when purchasing a new t-shirt? Comfort, quality, design, and the price will come into play when it comes to deciding on a new selection of shirts that are worth your hard-earned money.

T-shirts are fundamentals at the basis of every outfit. Women’s t-shirts come in all colors and styles, from basic to fancy, from vintage to modern. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable tee for your daily run or a flashy top that matches your mood, there are many brands and styles of t-shirts that cater to women. So we’ve put together this list of 20 popular ones below!

1. Uniqlo 

Uniqlo Store

Uniqlo comes highly recommended from us as the holy grail. Why is this particular brand of T-shirt our go-to choice in every situation? These T-shirts are made of thicker, opaque cotton and have a semi-slim cut, so you can tuck it into any slacks or skirt. Additionally, it conceals anything you have below. It is currently offered in nine different colors, ranging from XXS to XXL in size.

2. Universal Standard 

Universal Standard

When compared to the other companies on this list, Universal Standard offers the widest selection of sizes. The brand’s variety of t-shirts includes sizes ranging from 00 to 40, so it is possible for women of any size to choose the ideal shirt for them. If you purchase an item from the firm’s Fit Liberty line, the company will also replace your garments at no additional cost if your size changes within the first year of your purchase, whether it be larger or smaller.


Eterne t shirt

Another well-known brand that frequently appears on our list? Chloe Bartoli, a well-known celebrity stylist, is the woman behind the creation of ÉTERNE. After searching far and low for the ideal T-shirts and tank tops for her customers, Bartoli decided to launch her own brand instead. Since then, she has continued to create the exact pieces that we adore the most, including this baby tee that is cropped in the best way. There is no such thing as a more comfortable T-shirt, nor is there one that is cut at a length that is more figure-flattering.

4. L.L. Bean 

L.L. Bean store

This L.L. Bean t-shirt is a step up from the basics because it combines comfort and style and can be worn anywhere from around the house to on the road. It is made of Supima® cotton, which is believed to be the softest form of cotton, and it dries rapidly, making it an excellent choice for use on vacation. The two-way stretch allows it to give slightly when you move. One of the best things about them is that they are available in a variety of sizes, including tiny and plus. They can be washed and dried, but they keep their form the whole time.

5. Everlane 

Everlane Store

Finding a fantastic white T-shirt is not as simple as you may think. Everlane, a brand that sells directly to customers, is revolutionizing the way in which people purchase essentials like t-shirts and jeans.

Any woman would be remiss not to take a chance on Everlane’s pieces because it offers the best of both worlds in terms of style and affordability. Everlane has found a way to make its T-shirts both attractive and attractive at the same time. They are available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, so it is easy for women of all ranges to find the right fit for their bodies. 

6. J.Crew 

J.Crew Store

Another T-shirt that you should consider if you’re looking for a great pair of white t-shirts is J.Crew’s. One of the great things about J.Crew T-shirts is that it almost always has something for everyone. The brand has expanded its line to include styles for both women and men, which means there will always be an option to match your personal tastes and preferences.

Incorporating these t-shirts into your wardrobe will provide you with a great deal of usage over the course of the years, based on my own personal experience.

7. Colorful Standard 

Colorful Standard

A T-shirt that is guaranteed to brighten your day? Colorful Standard has the most diverse selection of colors available. They provide a wide variety of colors, so customers with either warm or cold skin tones can find something that works for them.

This brand of T-shirts is created in a way that is both ethical and sustainable, and they are available in every color imaginable. They also have a significant amount of information available on their website that can assist you in determining whether or not this is a brand that you would feel proud to wear.

8. Amour Vert 

Amour Vert

Amour Vert specializes in sustainable and ethically made clothing for women. They are committed to protecting the planet while also making clothes we love. Amour Vert partners directly with mills to develop their own fabrics; they work hard to achieve blends that are not only sustainable but soft and long-lasting as well. And as if that wasn’t good enough, or every t-shirt you buy from Amour Vert, they plant one tree in partnership with the American Forests.  

9. Pact 

Pact website

The goods sold at Pact are among my very favorites in this industry. The manufacturer creates garments for both men and women, specializing in fundamentals crafted from certified organic cotton that is exceptionally pliable and exceptionally reasonable in price. Also, Pact does not require its customers to be stick-thin, and as a result, the models showcasing the items on its website appear like actual women, which is quite refreshing.

10. Kule 

Kule website

Kule is bringing a similar innovative vibe to this t-shirt selection as to your clothing as a whole. They look for inspiration from the world around them to create pieces that are unique, modern, and ultimately just as comfortable as any other basics.

Our choice goes to Kule’s striped shirt out of the vast selection of similar options available on the market. It has a round neckline, three-quarter length sleeves, and a straight cut, which together create an effortless aesthetic that is reminiscent of the style worn in France. Simply add a little bag made of straw to the mix.

11. Anine Bing 

Anine Bing website

Although Anine Bing is probably best known for its fitted blazers and trousers, the brand’s enormous T-shirts are impossible to overlook. You’re going to fall in love with the oversized appearance from the very first time you wear it, as well as the way the fabric gets increasingly softer with each wash, all without fading or pilling.

12. Madewell

Madewell store

Madewell has been a major player in the world of fashion and accessories for some time, and it is easy to see why. Their selection of different T-Shirts is incredibly desirable. There are so many to choose from that it is going to take you at least as long as it takes me to write this article just to go through them all. You will be able to find all sorts of different styles ranging from simple white t-shirts to more unique overall designs.

13. Gap 

GAP store

Take the guesswork out of determining which T-shirt has the optimum proportions for tucking into your jeans, trousers, and skirts by using our guide. It’s impossible to mess up a T-shirt bodysuit, and the one sold at Gap has even more going for it. This bodysuit is available for purchase in sizes XXS all the way up to XXL, and it has the ability to stretch and contour your body without compromising the sleek appearance of your favorite t-shirts.

14. Ninety Percent

Ninety Percent website

Ninety Percent is a women’s sustainable and ethical apparel line. The corporation donates ninety percent of its dispersible revenue to numerous philanthropic causes, hence the name.

Ninety Percent was established with the goal of doing what is best for customers, producers, and the environment from the very beginning. At Ninety Percent, you are looking for t-shirts that you will enjoy wearing every single day, and that’s exactly what you’re going to find. The form-fitting silhouette is designed to flatter your body in all the right places, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

15. COS

COS store

T-shirts designed with a large heart for detail comprise COS, so you know that all of their pieces are going to showcase excellent workmanship. Their extensive collection of women’s t-shirts includes a classic cut and a wide array of colors and fabric types. If you need a t-shirt that is going to go with every single item in your wardrobe, there is no doubt that you will find exactly what you need from this carefully curated selection.

16. La Ligne 

La Ligne website

A quality ringer tee exudes an air of casual elegance, and La Ligne’s version aced the cool factor test with flying colors. In reference to T-shirts from the 1970s, these T-shirts have a higher neckline with contrasting trim and a somewhat shrunken fit, but the fabric is completely up to date and can be machine washed. You won’t even realize it, but before you know it, you’ll be tucking this t-shirt into every pair of pants you own.

17. H&M 

H&M store

H&M has a huge selection of plain white T-shirts, which many people would argue is the best choice for a basic top. H&M’s selection of women’s t-shirts is almost as extensive as their selection of men’s t-shirts. The in-house designers pay attention to details, and the result is an assortment of shirts that are intended for both casual and formal wear. The t-shirts in H&M’s assortment are designed to be worn under a variety of other garments, and the company goes to great lengths to ensure this compatibility.


SKIMS website

Consider a SKIMS tee if you want a longer layer. Since it was launched, SKIMS has focused on providing its customers with quality t-shirts that are extremely comfortable. SKIMS is a women’s fashion brand that has found the perfect balance between comfort and style. They aim to make maximum use of high-quality fabrics and the most advanced garment technologies to create a selection of casual clothing that is as versatile as it is comfortable. 

19. Naadam 

Naadam website

Naadam offers a wide assortment of different styles such as crop tops, scoop neck, v-neck, and basic fit T-shirts. The use of cashmere lends a touch of opulence to even the humblest of essentials, and the cashmere T-shirt sold by Naadam is the finest example available. One of the reviewers notes that this extremely fine cashmere is gorgeous to drape and has an unbelievable level of softness. “Cool enough when it needs to be, and warm when it needs to be.” In addition to being made from high-quality cotton, this T-shirt comes in sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL.

20. Mango 

Mango Store

Mango makes available a very extensive selection of contemporary women’s t-shirts. The designers and marketers of this collection are certain that women will look their best in the latest styles, and they are not intent on making things difficult for them. They have also taken the time to ensure that the wide variety of women’s t-shirts available will be suitable for every occasion and every season. Now that you know the secret, you might as well spend the entire summer here.

What Do You Need In A T-Shirt?

The more fundamental an article of clothing is, the more difficult it is to make a decision, especially when shopping for a plain white T-shirt. To keep your head from spinning, I surveyed a dozen fashionable women for their opinion on the greatest T-shirt and also examined a ton of T-shirts myself to determine the very best T-shirts available for purchase.


First of all, you need to look at the size chart of the T-shirt that you are interested in. For example, if you are looking for a men’s t-shirt, you have to know your chest circumference. 

This is so that you can buy the correct size for your body shape and not purchase a T-shirt that is too tight or too loose. In order to be able to buy this shirt in the right size, there needs to be a variety of sizes available. If there are only a few sizes available, then they will be either too small or too big for the majority of people.


The naturally breathable and adaptable material holds up well over time and is available in a wide range of weights. However, not all cotton t-shirts are created equally; some are made of organic cotton or largely hemp, which contributes to a higher price, whereas others claim to be environmentally friendly. All of the T-shirts serve the same purpose. Therefore you cannot go wrong with any of the aforementioned options.


Simply put, the majority of the people who were contacted regarding this topic said that they want their T-shirts to be on the thinner side, which is why most of the shirts on this list are classified as lightweight. On the other hand, I prefer wearing a heavyweight T-shirt since it gives the impression of being solid and is noticeably more delicate than a wispy T-shirt.


Because there are so many different options, including V, crew, scoop, broad, and bateau, this is the point at which I start to experience headaches. When combined with the many available fits, the number of available styles increases tremendously. 

Although a crew or scoop neck is typically the most popular choice, there are also a few more variations available throughout the collection. As is the case with the majority of these characteristics, everything boils down to a matter of personal preference and how each component complements your body.

Most Popular T-Shirt Colors

We did some research to see which types and colors of t-shirts were the most popular sellers, and the results showed that the most popular t-shirt colors were black navy blue, and dark heather grey.


The dark color of this t-shirt makes it an excellent canvas, which will let your design stand out more. Designs are able to draw the viewer’s attention, while the shirt itself deftly contributes to the overall look of your ensemble. A white or light-colored image or text looks fantastic when set against a black background. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, and the result is a contrast that is both striking and delicious. In addition, you can pair the color black with any other hue or design when it comes to your outfit.


White can be worn with any color or pattern in your clothing. White looks clean and crisp and is a simple yet effective way to add an air of sophistication to your t-shirt while simultaneously maintaining a minimalistic appearance. Not only that, but a white T-shirt is also extremely flattering against white skin and will keep you looking fresh all day long.

Navy Blue

The color navy is a timeless choice since it exudes an air of refined simplicity. The color of this shirt is really versatile, which means that it can be used with many different colors and patterns. This makes it the most popular choice of many men and women because the color allows you to create different looks without having to change your outfit too much. The blue color also serves as a good contrast for so many different colors, such as black or red.


Are shirts that are black desirable to wear?

Black is, without a doubt, the most suitable hue for clothing, which is why we have relied on our feeble eyes for such a significant amount of time to arrive at this obvious conclusion. According to an article in “The Independent,” a new study has demonstrated that wearing black can make a person appear more attractive, clever, and self-assured.

What is a T-shirt of high quality?

The foundation of a high-quality T-shirt is 100 percent high-quality cotton that has been shrunk before use. That means your T-shirt won’t have any scratchy synthetic fibers, and it won’t shrink or change shape after you wash it.

Are pocket T-shirts fashionable?

The white pocket t-shirt has stayed trendy despite significant shifts in the fashion industry’s focus on particular trends. It doesn’t matter if things are fitted or loose, colorful or monochromatic, intricate or practical; the white pocket t-shirt has been and will continue to be a go-to for guys.

Are graphic t-shirts still popular?

In the year 2021, graphic t-shirts have once again emerged from the depths of the fashion industry’s historical archives to become popular. People are getting increasingly creative with the designs and slogans that they develop or buy for their printed t-shirts, despite the fact that printed t-shirts have been a wardrobe essential for a while now.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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