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19 Popular Designer Shoe Brands For Women






As a woman, you are in the market for designer shoes – but where do you start? If you’re unsure what kind of shoe to get or which brand might be best for your needs, this article should help. This list comprises 19 famous women’s designer shoe brands currently on the market. The list is arranged in order of popularity, with the industry favorite at the top.

1. Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster is a luxury brand for women that offer handcrafted Schuh and sandal styles that are high-end yet accessible to all women. Their styles range from sporty to elegant, and they are available in sizes 4 to 14. They are made in Italy and can be found at many fine retailers and boutiques.

Targeted Shoe: This brand produces high-end, handcrafted shoes, perfect for those with high fashion tastes. They are priced appropriately and can be found in many retail shops worldwide.

Sophia Webster’s shoes are high-end, but they are also very accessible. It is one of the most well-known women’s designer shoe brands, with various styles and sizes. Their handcrafted schuss and sandals come in various styles and can be found at many upscale retailers. Sophia Webster’s shoes are modeled after their schuss, which they sell in two different color variations each season.

2. Sergio Rossi 

Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi has been a force in the shoe industry since their debut in 1968. Sergio Rossi is a brand to consider if you love Italian designer shoes and boots. Their stylish styles range from sporty and casual to elegant and classic. They are available at fine boutiques around the world as well as online.

Targeted Shoe: Those looking for affordable, well-crafted designer shoes should consider Sergio Rossi brands for women. The brand offers a range of styles that are suitable for any occasion. Their entire line is made in Italy, giving you peace of mind about the quality and care that goes into every pair of shoes.

Sergio Rossi began in 1968 and is one of the most trusted brands currently on the market. Their stylish collection offers a variety of shoes for women looking to enjoy designer styles without spending a fortune. The brand makes sure that their shoes are made using only Italian leather so that each pair will last you for years to come.

3. Gianvito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi

Gianvito Rossi is an Italian shoe brand named after its founder, Gianvito Rossi. The brand is known for its unique and on-trend designs, and it is in boutiques and other fine retailers around the world.

Targeted Shoe: Gianvito Rossi’s shoes are sporty and fashionable, and they are perfect for women who want unique styles that aren’t over the top. The brand keeps a low profile, making them more of an exclusive shoe that is only available in some boutique shops. They offer sizes ranging from 34 to 41, so they can fit almost any woman’s feet.

Gianvito Rossi currently has two lines of shoes: the Cinto and the Rossini. Their styles are modeled after their heeled boots, making them stylish and comfortable. Each pair of shoes will fit a wide range of women’s feet, allowing you to find your perfect fit. Gianvito Rossi shoes are available in some exclusive boutiques, making them a less well-known brand that is still high-end and fashionable.

4. Dr. Martens

Dr.Martens store

Dr. Martens is a British shoe and accessories brand first invented in the 1960s by Dr. Klaus Maertens. The brand makes high-quality shoes designed to last you years to come. With stores worldwide, they are currently one of the most well-known women’s designer shoe businesses.

Targeted Shoe: Dr. Martens offers high-quality sneakers and canvas shoes for women looking for comfortable styles that will endure for years to come. The brand has several popular styles available at fine boutiques and online.

Dr. Martens’s shoes are very inexpensive compared to other designer shoe brands. They are made using quality materials and are available in multiple styles and colors. The brand invests a lot of time in its design, making even the most ordinary styles unique.

All Dr. Martens shoes come with a lifetime warranty, so if you have any issues that the manufacturer can fix or if a shoe becomes damaged, you will always have help from the brand’s repair shop.

5. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a famous brand that makes women’s designer shoes and accessories. The brand offers over twenty years of experience making footwear and can be found in fine boutiques worldwide. They are one of the most well-known brands for those who love high-quality shoes.

Targeted Shoe: If you’re looking for versatile women’s designer shoes, Jimmy Choo is a good place to start. The brand makes shoes that are fashionable yet comfortable and appropriate for everyday wear. The most popular styles by this brand are their pumps, which they make in many colors and materials. The brand has a wide range of heels made in materials such as leather and suede.

Jimmy Choo is a well-known brand, but it is also an affordable option. The price of their shoes varies depending on the style and materials they use. The company invests a lot of time and care into its designs, so each pair of shoes will last you years to come.

Jimmy Choo offers women’s designer shoes in many sizes, ranging from 36 to 41. Their heels range from 3″ to 5″, making them comfortable enough for everyday wear.

Choosing Jimmy Choo brands for women involves deciding what you want them for and what makes you comfortable.

6. Aquazzura


Aquazzura is an Italian shoe and accessories brand founded in the late 1980s. The brand is famous for its wide range of colorful, on-trend shoes that cater to various women’s figures. They offer stylish, high-quality shoes for any occasion.

Targeted Shoe: Aquazzura offers a variety of shoes and sandals suitable for most women. The brand offers sizes from 36 to 42 and will fit any woman who wears a size six or smaller in other brands. Aquazzura shoes are very high in quality, so you can be confident about the wear that their shoes will offer.

Aquazzura styles are designed using the most fashionable materials, combining quality materials with attractive style. The brand is known for its sophisticated and bold designs, making each pair of shoes unique. Some of their most popular styles include lace-up oxford heels and pumps.

Aquazzura offers women’s designer footwear in sizes ranging from 6 to 9. They also offer some unusual styles designed for women with narrow or wide feet.

7. Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes store

Salvatore Ferragamo is one of Italy’s most well-known and widely recognized shoe brands. Starting in Florence in 1853, the brand has a long history of creating high-quality, fashionable shoes. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes are very popular with women worldwide, especially those who love luxurious fashion and exclusive styles.

Targeted Shoe: Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes offer a variety of stylish designer styles for women who want luxury Italian shoe brands for themselves. The brand offers a selection of colors, materials, and designs that you may not find in other designer shoe brands. Their instep is remarkably adaptive to comfort with soft leather and rubber sole.

Salvatore Ferragamo shoes are known for their unique style and quality. The brand uses high quality, expensive materials to make their shoes, but they also offer affordable prices compared to other designer shoe brands. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes are made using both Italian and Italian leather. The Italian leather is known for its excellent quality, making the shoe fit well and last longer.

The brand offers women’s designer shoes in sizes ranging from 3 to 11. The important thing is choosing the right size, as smaller sizes tend to fit better. Salvatore Ferragamo shoes are best suited for women with wide or narrow feet, as they have a wider fitting style.

8. Timberland

Timberland Store

Timberland was founded in Massachusetts, the USA, in 1918. The brand is well-known for its outdoor wear designed to be comfortable and durable. They now offer stylish shoes suitable for going out or walking around your neighborhood.

Targeted Shoes: Timberland shoes are famous for their durability and comfortable fit. Their most popular styles include boat shoes, high-top sneakers, and plimsolls. Many shoe stores also sell Timberland boots during the cold-weather season if you’re looking for something warm to keep your feet warm.

Timberland is a durable and stylish brand that has been around for over 100 years. For this reason, they are preferred by many women who need a place to keep their shoes sturdy and comfortable. Timberland will also last you a long time, so every pair you buy for yourself will be worth it. Women can find the best-suited shoe brands for their feet by choosing the correct size. Timberland shoes tend to fit small, so it is best to know your shoe size before purchasing.

9. Nike

Nike store

Nike is one of the most well-known shoe brands globally, with more than 400 years of history. The brand is best known for its sports shoes and sneakers. Nike is extremely popular because they make shoes that can cater to various types of athletic activities and sports.

Targeted Shoes: Nike is an excellent choice for women who love sports or want to start taking up athletics. All Nike shoes are designed with their athletes in mind, so you can always feel safe and secure when you wear them. The company makes shoes for running, aerobics, and many more sports-related activities.

Nike shoes are available in a range of styles. The brand offers a style of sneaker that suits your lifestyle and the activity you love the most. Nike also offers various colors and materials in their shoes to ensure that they fit your needs. The best thing about Nike is that they offer a wide selection of sizes to suit any body type, so there is something for everyone.

Nike has a variety of available colors, materials, and sizes. Their products are available in adult and youth sizes, so women can choose the correct shoe size if they don’t know what size they wear in other brands.

10. Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman store
Stuart Weitzman store

Stuart Weitzman is a well-known American shoe brand that offers shoes for men and women. The company is famous for its high quality, fashionable shoes that cater to a wide range of women’s shoe sizes.

Targeted Shoes: Stuart Weitzman shoes are known for their stylish designs, making them a favorite amongst women who love high-quality shoes that look great. The brand offers comfortable walking shoes and durable work boots designed to give you the best durability.

Stuart Weitzman shoes are designed to keep your feet protected and comfortable. The brand offers a variety of high-quality, stylish designs that fit perfectly onto the areas of your foot that need the most attention. Stuart Weitzman also offers different materials with their shoes to ensure that you’re getting what you need in high-quality design. The brand also offers various colors, materials, and sizes to comply with women’s shoe size requirements. When you purchase Stuart Weitzman shoes, you can have confidence knowing that you’re getting high-quality shoes.

11. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin shoes in store

Christian Louboutin is known for creating unique styles and designs in designer shoes. The brand is synonymous with luxury and attention to detail, while their shoes are modeled after classic styles. They offer a variety of high fashion schuss, boots, sandals, and pumps.

Targeted Shoe: If you’re looking for a stylish pair of designer shoes with an individual flair, consider Christian Louboutin. Their daring styles are made with beautiful details that make each shoe unique. They are at numerous fine retailers that carry the brand or online.

Christian Louboutin is renowned for its daring styles and attention to detail. Many of their shoes are modeled after classic styles but with an edge. Their shoes have an individual flair that makes them stand out. They are available at many upscale retailers around the world and online. You can find their shoes crafted with handcrafted leathers, suede, or patent leather.

12. Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik store
Manolo Blahnik store

Manolo Blahnik is a brand to consider if you’re in the market for classically designed, high-quality designer shoes. Their styles range from sporty to classy, and they are available at select boutiques worldwide. You can also purchase their line of women’s designer shoes online.

Targeted Shoe: Those who love classic designer shoes in affordable women’s shoes should consider Manolo Blahnik. The brand offers a wide range of perfect styles for any occasion. They are from many fine retailers and boutiques, but you can also make your purchase online if you prefer.

Manolo Blahnik is a high-quality, classic designer brand. And one of the top brands on the market for classic, classy designer footwear for women. Their shoes come in various styles, and you can find many from the collection at upscale boutiques around the world. If you want to ensure that your shoes are made to last, try finding them online. Otherwise, many fine retailers carry their line of heels.

13. VEJA

Veja store

VEJA can be found at a wide range of boutiques and retailers worldwide, but their shoes are also available online. The brand is known for its handcrafted schuss, sandals, and pumps.

Targeted Shoe: If you’re looking for a stylish, high-quality designer shoe that retails for under $200, you should consider VEJA. The brand offers a wide range of perfect styles for any occasion. You can find their shoes online, but they are also sold at many fine retailers and boutiques.

VEJA is one of the most famous men’s and women’s designer shoe brands. They offer excellent quality and style at an affordable price. Their shoes are crafted in Brazil using only premium leather, so they will last you a long time. You can find many of their styles at upscale boutiques, but you can also shop online.

14. Francesco Russo

Francesco Russo

Francesco Russo is a women’s designer shoe brand that offers casual, trend-driven shoes for any occasion. They are made with handcrafted suede and fabric and are offered in sizes 4 to 12. Their stylish designs are perfect for wearing almost every day and worn on special occasions. 

Targeted Shoe: The brand offers high-quality shoes that are crafted with Italian-made materials. They are available in several different styles and colors, from elegant to trendy. The designs include flats, heels, and boots perfect for any occasion.

If women love unique styles and colorful shoes, this is the brand for you. Francesco Russo shoes are known for being trendy and high quality. They are available in various colors and can be dressed up or down.

Women can find this brand at many fine retailers, including Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Zappos, and Nordstrom. You will find them in two different color variations each season, including monochromatic and neutral-toned styles.

15. Puma

Puma store

Puma is one of the most well-known shoe brands in the world. Athletes favor their sporty designs, making grand fashion statements for women. Their entire line is designed to be impact-resistant and of high quality. Whether you’re looking for casual sneakers or a pair of athletic shoes, Puma has a style for you.

Targeted Shoe: If you’re an athlete looking for top-of-the-line sports gear, look no further than Puma brand shoes for women. These shoes are designed for excellent impact resistance and durability, and they are built to last. You’ll find that Puma has a wide variety of athletic styles available, featuring everything from cross-training shoes to water-friendly boots.

Puma is one of the best shoe brands for women interested in fashion but who also have a love for shoes. The brand’s target audience is built around athleticism and fitness, but their shoes are available for both men and women. Puma designs many of its styles to be water-friendly and will keep your feet comfortable even during long workouts.

16. Bruno Magli 

Bruno Magli store via fashionnetwork

Bruno Magli began as a gamekeeper for the Magli family in northern Italy. Their styles began in the 1970s and continue to be popular today. They only make designer shoes and boots, making this a high-quality brand. Bruno Magli should be on your list of brands to consider no matter what you’re looking for.

Targeted Shoe: Each pair of shoes from Bruno Magli is built with style and grace in mind – no matter what design you are looking for, this brand can deliver it. The shoes are made in Italy, using only the highest quality leathers, and will last you for years to come.

Bruno Magli only makes designer shoes and boots for women, making it a very high-quality brand. Each pair of shoes is made in Italy and uses only the highest quality leather. Check out their site to see what styles are available and how they are different from other brands on the market.

17. Pura López 

Pura López

Pura López is a famous women’s designer shoe brand with several options for looking for Italian-made shoes. They are handmade, vegan leather, and canvas shoes in sizes 4 to 10. They produce their styles in Italy and feature classic designs lean towards traditional.

Targeted Shoe: This is an excellent designer shoe for those who love classic, old-school styles. Most of their shoes are handcrafted in Italy and are of exceptional quality.

If you are looking for designer shoes that will always look good with everything you wear, you should consider Pura López brands for women. The brand produces classic styles that can be worn year-round, making them the ideal shoes for an everyday wardrobe. They have many different styles, but all of them look great with a pair of jeans.

Pura López shoes are made in Italy and can be found at many fine retailers. They include several classic styles that you can get in four different colors each season. The brand is known for being a high-quality designer shoe, so they will last you for many years to come.

18. John Fluevog

John Fluevog

John Fluevog is a women’s designer shoe brand known for its quirky designs and styles that are perfect for all women. They offer handcrafted, vegan leather suede boots and shoes sizes 4 to 14. Their designs are unique, so they will look great with various outfits.

Targeted Shoe: If you love unique designs and trendy boots, this is your brand. These shoes are made with high-quality vegan leather and are available in various colors. They come in sizes 5 to 14, making them perfect for all women.

John Fluevog shoes are ideal for all women who love to add some personality to their wardrobe. The brand’s designs are very diverse and can fit any occasion.

You can find this brand at many fine retailers and boutiques, including Pottery Barn, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue. You will find them in two different color variations each season, including deep red, black, and navy blue. The shoes are made out of vegan leather and suede materials, making them high-quality shoes for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

19. Malone Souliers

Malone Souliers

Malone Souliers is a women’s designer shoe brand that has been around for decades. They are sold online and at many fine retailers, including Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. Their styles come in a wide range of colors, from nude to red, black, and metallic. Their designs are unique and are perfect for any occasion.

Targeted Shoe: Malone Souliers is a brand that specializes in styles that make a statement. The brand is known for its stylish boots and shoes all year round. They offer a wide range of shoes in sizes 4 to 12, so you can be sure that you will end up with the perfect pair. 

The brand is known for its high-quality leather and suede materials, making them very durable. Their designs are very stylish, so they will look great with various outfits.

You can find this brand at many fine retailers, including Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. You will find them in two different color variations each season, including nude and black.


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