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How To Choose Wide Running Shoes?






Wearing a pair of running shoes designed to fit your feet is vital to help keep your feet healthy and happy even after long runs, especially when you have wide feet, high volume feet, high arches, or bunions. Therefore, you should find the best wide running shoes suitable for your foot shape and foot size.

Usually, you will have to go to the store and test drive a few products before choosing the right pair of shoes. However, if you are shopping through online stores, there are still methods to choose the right running shoes. First, pay attention to whether the model you want has wide-fitting options, whether the material is durable and comfortable, and if they provide enough cushion and support for running. Second, those shoes have to come with wide-toe boxes. Thanks to that, they offer enough room for your toes to wiggle around.

Choose Shoes for Wide Feet

If you still don’t know the suitable options, look at my top 15 best wide running shoes list below. All models have wide feet-friendly designs, available in large sizes and widths, providing all the features you need for your running. So without any further ado, we get the ball rolling!

What Are The Best Wide Running Shoes?

ASICS GEL-Venture 6

The best wide running shoes may come with diverse designs and features. Hence, they suit specific requirements and different intended uses. But in general, the vital thing is that the running shoes must ensure the right fit, comfort, support, and durability. Thereby you can wear them to enjoy your runs and use them for as long as possible.

The Hoka One One Clifton 6 will be an ideal choice for female runners with wide feet. They fit all foot types and provide lightweight cushioning and relaxed, supportive geometry for the comfiest runs. On the other hand, Men’s runners will love the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 with its dynamic design, which features advanced GuideRails technology for superb support and smooth transitions. There are also many other best wide running shoes with outstanding and helpful features for you to choose from.

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Top Wide Running Shoes – Comparison Chart 

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 via Official site

I put together the 15 best wide running shoes in the following table so that you can find it easy to visualize the main product features. Cast a glance at it if you want a more general view of each product.

Products It’s best for Main Materials Gender
Hoka One One Clifton 6 Running Shoes Best Women’s Athletic Shoes with Wide Toe Box Mesh/Synthetic/Rubber Women
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoes Best Men’s Running Shoes with Wide Toe Box Engineered Mesh/Rubber Men
Altra Intuition 1.5 Running Shoes Best for Wide Heels Synthetic/Rubber Women
Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 Training Shoes Best for Lightweight Mesh/Synthetic/Rubber Men
Topo Athletic Magnifly 3 Running Shoes Most Cushioned Mesh/Rubber Women
ASICS GEL-Venture 6 Running Shoes Best for Women Shoes Wide Toe Box Narrow Heels Synthetic/Mesh/Rubber Women
New Balance WC1005 Tennis Shoes Best for Women Wide Tennis Shoes Synthetic/Mesh/Rubber Women
New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V11 Shoes Best for Sneakers with Wide Toe Box Mesh/Synthetic Men
Prince Men’s T22 Tennis Shoes Best for Tennis Shoes with Wide Toe Box Synthetic/Mesh/Rubber Men
La Sportiva Women’s Bushido II Running Shoes Best for Arch Support Mesh/Synthetic/Rubber Women
New Balance Women’s WW411V2 Shoes Best for Women’s High Toe Synthetic/Mesh/Rubber Women
Saucony Women’s Guide 14 Running Shoes Best for Women with Bunions Synthetic/Mesh/Rubber Women
Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 24 Waveknit Running Shoes Best for Wide Feet Mesh/Rubber Men
ASICS Men’s GT-2000 9 Running Shoes Best for Wide Feet and Overpronation Synthetic/Mesh/Rubber Men
Altra Lone Peak 5 Trail Runners Best for Trail Running Mesh/Rubber Men

Buyer Guide: How to Choose the Best Wide Running Shoes?

Brooks running shoes

Although you may have read through the best wide running shoes products, choosing a pair of shoes that are guaranteed to suit your needs is still not easy. However, you do not need to worry if you know the buying tips that I will share below. Considering these crucial factors before buying the products will increase your chances of buying the best wide running shoes.

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Fit and Comfort

Choosing fit shoes

The first important factor in buying the best wide running shoes is fit and comfort. Wearing a shoe with a snug fit will give you support and comfort during long runs. Many shoe brands add extended sizes and widths to ensure options for people with large feet (like the 15 pairs of shoes in this list). You can consult a shoe department salesman or a podiatrist. They can do a gait analysis to help specify the best wide running shoe for your feet. Or you can measure your own feet and refer to the size chart to find the right shoe size when buying online.

When buying running shoes, it’s also important to consider ordering a half-size larger than your typical shoe size, as you will need a little more room for flexible movements. Moreover, you will need a roomy toe box for your toes to splay naturally. And it is also beneficial if you have foot issues like bunions, hammertoe, or metatarsalgia.

Material Quality and Features

Hoka shoes with new technology insole

Typically the best wide running shoes will have uppers made of mesh or fabric layers that provide high breathability to help prevent feet from sweating and getting hot during long runs. Additionally, a growing number of modern shoe models use knitting and 3D printing to create a one-piece upper that can stretch and provide support in the right places. On the other hand, other features that you need to look out for in a running shoe are the amount of cushioning in the forefoot and heel, the heel counter, heel-toe drop, sock liner, ankle collars, stability, flexibility. 

Of these, the cushioning factor is the most important for comfort and support during your run. As a result, the midsole material is designed to reduce heel strike and stride impact forces when placing and pushing the forefoot. Thereby the cushion helps absorb shock as your feet strike the ground and prevent injury. The amount of cushioning will depend on how thick or firm the midsoles of the shoes are. And this will depend on the individual preferences of the runners.

In addition, other elements like the heel-toe drop will show the difference in cushioning between the heel and forefoot of the shoes that affect how your feet strike the ground. The sock liners contour the bottom of your feet and offer step-in comfort and arch support. Plus, rock plates, extra lugs, or great cushions will all contribute to providing high stability and support.

Other Factors

You also need to pay attention to pronation control when choosing to buy the best wide running shoes. These shoes for running can be classified as either neutral shoes or stability shoes, of which the neutral ones make up the majority. Accordingly, stability shoes usually feature technologies to correct overpronation during the gait cycle and reduce the likelihood of running injuries. On the other hand, neutral running shoes are designed for those with correct running patterns and allow the foot to be more flexible and move without any guidance.

Plus, the durability of a pair of running shoes is also a vital factor to keep in mind. It would be best to buy shoes with good construction and high-quality materials that make them last for a long time. It is better to invest more in a pair of durable shoes than to buy another pair of shoes after a few months because the old ones are broken and cannot be used anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will mention here some of the frequently asked questions in this section. From there, you can read more and refer to the issues that most customers ask in the process of buying and using the best wide running shoes.

How do I know whether I need wide running shoes?

You will probably need the best wide running shoes if you feel that the uppers of your current shoes fit too well while the platform is good. If your feet spill over the platform of running shoes with a standard width, then you likely need extra-wide running shoes.

What is considered a wide foot?

The most noticeable sign that tells you to have wide feet is when you feel cramped in a standard-sized running shoe. More specifically, measuring the size of your feet will give more accurate information. For instance, if your foot has a width of 4 1/16” in size 9 or 3 3/16” in size 7, your foot size will be considered wide.

Are wider shoes worth it?

Wearing the best wide running shoes will provide much-needed support and comfort to the feet rather than tight shoes. Especially running shoes with a roomy toe box will help to give a little bit of squirming space to the toes. Moreover, they also prevent toes from being forced together into an unnatural shape, which leads to foot pain or foot conditions like hammertoes, bunions, metatarsalgia, etc.

Do shoes get wider over time?

The answer is yes. Most running shoes can expand and are made from materials that can stretch over time. Once tight, shoes can either expand or relax after a period of use. However, you should note that not all materials stretch easily. Therefore, it is better to consider when you choose to buy the best wide running shoes.

How do I measure my shoe size?

The following video will show you the way to measure your shoe size simply with a tape measure and bannock device:

How long should I break in new running shoes?

On average, it will take most runners about 2 to 3 weeks to break in to feel completely comfortable in a new pair of running shoes. This period may be longer or shorter for some people, and the length of the process may vary based on how frequently the shoes are used.

My Top Picks

By the time you’ve read this part, I think you’ve got yourself the crucial information you need to choose the best wide running shoe that’s right for your needs and preferences. Of course, if you’ve chosen any of the products on my list of reviews, that would be great. But if you still haven’t found a product you like, you can still find the best wide running shoes out there, thanks to the tips and buying guides I have shared above.

Of all the best wide running shoes on the list, I’ll pick Hoka One One Clifton 6 Running Shoes and Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoes. These items will be a quick pick if you find it hard to decide between the products. The design and quality of these shoes represent the best wide running shoes that are popular among runners worldwide. They also include vital features that would support and help with your running process.

To sum up, I hope that you’ll find yourself the best wide running shoes that can accompany you on every run. Remember to feel free to drop your comment in the section below if you have any other opinions or questions to ask. Wish you a happy shopping!

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