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Brittney Griner Shoe Size: Interesting Facts About Brittney Griner






Brittney Griner, the remarkable professional basketball player, has left an indelible mark on the world of sports with her towering presence and incredible skills on the court. Standing at an astonishing 6 feet 9 inches tall, Griner’s dominance and athleticism have garnered her widespread recognition and admiration. As a player for the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), Griner’s performance has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

Brittney Griner

However, it’s not just her basketball prowess that captivates fans; her unique physical attributes often draw attention as well. One such intriguing detail is her shoe size. Known for her larger-than-life stature, Griner’s shoe size reflects her extraordinary proportions. Delving into the realm of larger shoe sizes, the dimensions of Brittney Griner’s footwear provide insight into the remarkable physicality that has propelled her to become one of the most influential and prominent figures in women’s basketball.

What Is Brittney Griner’s Shoe Size?

Brittney Griner’s Shoe Size

If you’ve ever wondered about the shoe size of the remarkable basketball player Brittney Griner, we’ve got the inside scoop for you. Standing at an astonishing 6’9″ tall, Griner possesses a pair of feet that match her larger-than-life presence on the court. With a shoe size of 17 in the US, her feet are truly remarkable.

Finding the ideal fit for Griner’s US size 17 shoe provides a special challenge. However, she has managed to overcome this obstacle by acquiring a few pairs of Nike Kyrie 5s that fit her feet flawlessly. These shoes not only complement her style but also provide the comfort and support she needs to perform at her best.

It’s important to note that Griner’s shoe size surpasses the average shoe size for most women, perfectly reflecting her extraordinary height of 6 feet 9 inches. In order to ensure the utmost comfort and support, she frequently opts for custom-made shoes that are specifically tailored to her foot shape. These personalized footwear options grant her the advantage of enhanced performance and reduce the risk of discomfort or pain.

Throughout her illustrious career as a professional basketball player, Griner has relied on this clever customization technique to maximize her abilities on the court. By securing footwear that caters to her unique needs, she stands tall and dominates both in the game and in the hearts of her fans.

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Interesting Facts About Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner speaks during Women Empowerment Luncheon at NAN 2023

Brittney Griner, a prominent figure in the world of women’s basketball, captivates fans with her remarkable skills and unique personality. Standing tall at 6 feet 9 inches, she has made a name for herself as the second-tallest player in the WNBA. 

Brittney’s passion for the sport extends beyond the court as she delves into storytelling through her memoirs. Having published her first memoir, “In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court,” she is now eagerly working on her second memoir, which chronicles her experiences during her detention in Russia. 

With a record-breaking dunking ability, a love for snakes, and admiration for her favorite athletes, Brittney Griner’s journey is filled with intriguing facts that make her an inspiring and intriguing athlete.

Fact Description
Favorite Athletes Brittney is a huge fan of skateboarder Tony Hawk and golfer Tony Finau, who have both left her starstruck.
Height Brittney Griner is the second tallest player in the WNBA, standing a commanding 6 feet 9 inches.
Shoe Size She wears men’s size 17 shoes, accommodating her remarkable height.
Memoirs Brittney published her first memoir, “In My Skin: My Life On and Off the Basketball Court,” in 2015. She is currently writing a second memoir about her detention in Russia, set to be released in 2024.
Dunking Record Brittney holds the WNBA record for the most career dunks, with 17 regular season dunks and one playoff dunk.
Viral Dunking Video Her dunking ability gained recognition during high school when a YouTube video featuring her dunks went viral, accumulating over 6.6 million views.
Favorite Animal Snakes are Brittney’s favorite animals because she relates to their misunderstood nature.
Pet Snakes She owned two albino corn snakes named Audii and Sage as her pets.

Brittney Griner’s Feet Are Larger Than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with Hailee Steinfeld

Brittney Griner has been making waves since she entered the league as the number-one pick in the 2013 draft. Her remarkable skills on the court have not only earned her numerous accolades but also caught the attention of basketball legends like LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

One of the best NBA players of all time, LeBron James, saw Griner’s potential early on and foresaw her eventual dominance in the women’s game. James, known for his insightful understanding of the sport, had nothing but praise for the WNBA star and her exceptional abilities.

Not to be outdone, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a legendary figure from a different era of basketball, also expressed his admiration for Brittney Griner. In a rare moment captured on social media back in 2013, Abdul-Jabbar posted a picture that showcased a fun interaction he had with the Phoenix Mercury recruit.

This particular image shared by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar caused quite a stir on social media at the time. In the photo, the former Los Angeles Lakers center appeared to be comparing his hands with Griner’s. The picture created an intriguing visual contrast, as Abdul-Jabbar stands at an impressive 7’2″ while Griner measures 6’9″.

While the size difference between their hands may not be significant, the six-time NBA champion revealed in the caption that Griner does indeed have bigger feet than him. It’s a fascinating insight into the physical attributes of two basketball icons from different eras, highlighting the unique features that make each athlete distinct.

To provide a clearer perspective on this interesting revelation, we’ve prepared a price table below that compares the shoe sizes of Brittney Griner and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar:

Player Height Shoe Size
Brittney Griner 6’9″ 17
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 7’2″ 16

In conclusion, while Brittney Griner has already proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of women’s basketball, her unique physical attributes, including her larger feet, have garnered attention from NBA legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. As these extraordinary athletes continue to inspire fans and shape the history of the sport, it’s worth celebrating the diversity and individuality that makes each player stand out in their own remarkable way.

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How does Brittney Griner’s shoe size compare to the average shoe size?

Brittney Griner’s shoe size is significantly larger than the average shoe size. The average shoe size for women in the United States is around US 8.5. Therefore, Griner’s shoe size of US 17 is notably larger.

Is Brittney Griner’s shoe size considered unusual for her height?

Yes, Brittney Griner’s shoe size is considered unusual for her height. Griner stands at an impressive 6 feet 8 inches tall, and her shoe size is proportional to her height. Individuals with larger feet are more common among taller people, as their feet need to provide balance and support for their height.

Has Brittney Griner ever faced challenges finding shoes that fit her?

For someone with unusual shoe size, like Brittney Griner, finding shoes that fit comfortably can be difficult. However, Griner has mentioned in interviews that she works closely with shoe manufacturers and customizes her shoes to ensure they fit properly and provide the necessary support for her game.

Are there any specific shoe brands that cater to athletes with larger shoe sizes, like Brittney Griner?

Several shoe brands understand the need to cater to athletes with larger shoe sizes, and they offer extended sizes to accommodate their needs. Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are among the popular brands that offer a range of sizes, including larger sizes, for athletes like Brittney Griner.

Does Brittney Griner’s shoe size impact her performance on the basketball court?

While shoe size alone does not determine a player’s performance on the basketball court, having shoes that fit properly is crucial for comfort, stability, and preventing injuries. Brittney Griner’s larger shoe size allows her to find shoes that provide the necessary support and stability she needs to perform at her best.

Are there any advantages to having a larger shoe size in basketball?

Having a larger shoe size in basketball can provide certain advantages. Larger shoes can offer more stability and support, which can be beneficial for players who are taller or have a more powerful playing style. Additionally, larger shoes can help with rebounding and blocking shots due to the increased area they cover.

Does Brittney Griner’s shoe size impact her choice of basketball footwear?

Brittney Griner’s shoe size may influence her choice of basketball footwear to a certain extent. Since she requires larger sizes, she may need to explore specialized options or work with manufacturers to customize her shoes. It is important for her to find shoes that fit comfortably and provide the necessary performance features she needs as a professional basketball player.

Can I buy the same shoes as Brittney Griner?

Yes, you can buy the same shoes as Brittney Griner, as many shoe brands offer a wide range of sizes, including larger sizes. However, keep in mind that some of the shoes she wears may be custom-made or designed specifically for her. Nevertheless, you should be able to find similar styles and models in extended sizes that suit your needs.

Where can I find shoes in larger sizes like Brittney Griner’s?

You can find shoes in larger sizes, similar to Brittney Griner’s, at various retailers. Major sporting goods stores, specialized athletic shoe stores, and online marketplaces offer extended sizes to cater to customers with larger feet. It is advisable to check the sizing options provided by the brand or retailer and ensure they offer the size you need before making a purchase.

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