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Michael Jordan Shoe Size: Release of the First Jordan Sneaker






Michael Jordan is a name synonymous with greatness in the world of basketball. From his awe-inspiring dunks to his clutch performances, Jordan’s legacy as one of the greatest basketball players of all time is unquestionable. However, there’s another aspect of Jordan’s larger-than-life persona that often piques curiosity: his shoe size. 

Despite his exceptional height, it’s not just the number that makes his shoe size remarkable; it’s the impact he made through his signature line of sneakers. The Air Jordan shoes revolutionized the sneaker industry and became a cultural phenomenon, transcending the realm of sports. 

Michael Jordan

Jordan’s shoe size became a symbol of his larger-than-life presence on the court, his dominance, and his indelible mark on the sport. Whether you’re a sneaker enthusiast or a basketball fan, exploring Michael Jordan’s shoe size offers a glimpse into the legacy and impact of a true sporting legend.

What is Michael Jordan’s Shoe Size?

Michael Jordan shoe size

Renowned for his unrivaled skill and awe-inspiring abilities on the court, Michael Jordan solidified his status as the epitome of basketball excellence. If you find yourself here, undoubtedly, your curiosity beckons you to uncover the enigma that is Michael Jordan’s shoe size – a testament to the magnitude of his presence both on and off the hardwood.

During his illustrious tenure in the NBA, the towering 6-foot-6 superstar exhibited an intriguing peculiarity when it came to his footwear. With an inherent sense of individuality, Jordan sported a distinct arrangement of sneakers, often mismatched in size. His left foot comfortably settled into a size 13 shoe, while his right foot demanded a slightly larger size 13.5. 

It is not unexpected that the shoe size of an extraordinary athlete like Jordan exceeds the average shoe size of an American man, which is typically around 10.5. This fact serves as evidence of Jordan’s impressive physical build. Towering at an impressive 6-foot-6 and weighing approximately 215 pounds throughout his illustrious NBA career, he effortlessly commanded attention on and off the court.

A remarkable era defined by his dominance unfolded as he gracefully led the Chicago Bulls to an astounding six NBA Championships. Such unparalleled success catapulted the Bulls to unprecedented global popularity, firmly cementing Jordan’s legacy as the greatest player the league has ever witnessed. His unparalleled accomplishments still stand today, leaving a permanent stamp on basketball history.

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Impact of Michael Jordan’s Shoe Sizes on His Career

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan’s shoe sizes did not have a direct impact on his career as a basketball player. While it is true that he wore larger-sized shoes compared to most players of his era, this was primarily due to his foot size and not a deliberate choice made to enhance his performance.

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A Wide Range of Physical Attributes in NBA Players

The NBA is home to a remarkable assortment of players who exhibit tremendous diversity in terms of their physical characteristics, including size, length, and weight. This assortment is particularly evident when examining the contrasting dimensions of guards and big men. Guards, for instance, can vary significantly, with some standing as short as 5’10” and weighing a mere 180 pounds, while big men can tower at an imposing 7 feet tall and weigh close to 300 pounds. Naturally, this broad spectrum of body types is also reflected in their respective shoe sizes.

It is generally assumed that the taller or larger a player is, the larger their feet will be. However, this assumption does not hold true in all cases. Curiously, there are several big men who possess relatively smaller feet in proportion to their overall size, just as there are guards or wings who sport notably larger sneakers. The relationship between foot size and player stature varies from one individual to another, defying a simple pattern.

At present, the average shoe size in the NBA stands at an astonishing 14.81. This significant measurement highlights the tendency of guards to opt for larger shoe sizes, even though some big men may choose smaller sizes. Because of the rigors of their activity, it is safe to assume that most professional basketball players have significantly larger feet.

Smaller Footwear in Comparison to the Norm

In light of the aforementioned information, it might come as a surprise that Michael Jordan, a basketball legend, wore a relatively average-sized sneaker, specifically size 13. Not only does this size fall within the normal range, but it also falls below the league average. Delving further into the dimensions of the GOAT, one can’t help but find this fact intriguing.

Standing at an impressive 6’6″ and weighing 215 pounds, the Chicago Bulls guard’s measurements are comparable to those of other players of similar builds, such as James Harden and Zion Williamson. Typically, players with such dimensions tend to possess feet that are several sizes larger. However, it is important to note that Jordan’s shoe size was not small relative to his frame but rather slightly below that of his competitors.

In light of this information, it becomes all the more remarkable that Jordan possessed exceptional jumping ability. His athleticism triumphed over the limitations of his comparatively smaller feet, enabling him to achieve remarkable verticality without any hindrance. This distinctive attribute allowed him, as well as other players with more ordinary foot sizes, to excel on the court.

Emphasis on Skill Rather Than Size

Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the pinnacle of basketball prowess, rightfully receiving the title of the greatest player of all time. His unparalleled skills and unique playing style set him apart from his peers. With the ability to run, jump, hustle, score, and defend at an elite level, Jordan effortlessly garnered multiple MVP awards and numerous championships throughout his illustrious career.

When considering these exceptional achievements, it becomes evident that the size of Jordan’s feet had no discernible impact on his game. Despite having smaller feet compared to many of his counterparts, Jordan exhibited an extraordinary level of athleticism, proving that foot size does not directly correlate to an individual’s basketball prowess. While unusually large or small feet may present challenges for some players, such cases remain relatively rare.

Interestingly, having larger feet can actually lead to certain issues over time. While a broad base may grant guards additional explosiveness, the increased surface area also renders them more susceptible to injuries, particularly ankle-related ailments. Conversely, Jordan’s relatively smaller feet likely played a role in his exceptional durability during his prime. He managed to maintain his health and well-being despite his propensity for aggressive drives to the basket and awe-inspiring dunks. 

What Accolades Has Michael Jordan Garnered? 

The new Michael Jordan MVP trophy

As a highly acclaimed athlete, Jordan stands among the most decorated in history, amassing numerous prestigious honors during his illustrious NBA career. Notably, he achieved five NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards, secured six NBA championships, and claimed six NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) accolades. Below, FN provides a comprehensive list of all the distinguished accolades earned by this remarkable star, organized chronologically by year.

Accolade Years
NBA champion 1991–1993, 1996–1998
NBA Finals MVP 1991–1993, 1996–1998
NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) 1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998
NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion 1987, 1988
NBA All-Star 1985–1993, 1996–1998, 2002, 2003
NBA All-Star Game MVP 1988, 1996, 1998
All-NBA First Team 1987–1993, 1996–1998
NBA All-Defensive First Team 1988–1993, 1996–1998
NBA scoring champion 1987–1993, 1996–1998
NBA steals leader 1988, 1990, 1993
All-NBA Second Team 1985
NBA Rookie of the Year 1985
NBA All-Rookie Team 1985
NBA Defensive Player of the Year 1988

Release of the First Jordan Sneaker: A Momentous Occasion in Athletic Footwear History

Nike Air Jordan 1
Nike Air Jordan 1

The release of the first Jordan sneaker in 1984 marked a significant milestone in the realm of athletic footwear. This momentous occasion coincided with NBA rookie Michael Jordan’s endorsement deal with Nike, setting the stage for a legendary partnership that would forever change the sneaker industry.

A Groundbreaking Contract: Nike’s Faith in Jordan’s Potential

Jordan’s contract with Nike was nothing short of extraordinary, spanning five years and carrying an impressive value of $500,000 annually. This groundbreaking deal demonstrated Nike’s unwavering belief in Jordan’s exceptional basketball skills and his immense marketability.

Exceeding Expectations: Air Jordan’s Unprecedented Success

The captivating documentary series “The Last Dance” unveiled fascinating details about Nike’s ambitious sales projections for Air Jordan sneakers. Initially, Nike aimed to sell $3 million worth of Air Jordans by the fourth year of the contract, displaying their high hopes for the iconic shoe line.

The sales performance of Air Jordans defied all expectations. In the inaugural year alone, Air Jordan sales skyrocketed to an astounding $126 million, shattering the initial sales target by an astonishing margin. This resounding success was a testament to Jordan’s unrivaled talent, his global appeal, and the profound connection he forged with fans worldwide.

Jordan’s Initial Reluctance: A Fascinating Revelation

Surprisingly, “The Last Dance” shed light on Jordan’s initial reluctance to sign with Nike. His interest lay primarily in a partnership with Adidas, envisioning a fruitful collaboration with the renowned sportswear company. However, unforeseen circumstances prevented the realization of this desired alliance.

Adidas faced challenges in materializing a signature shoe for Jordan at that time, hindering the potential collaboration. Despite his preference for Adidas, the door was left wide open for other athletic footwear brands to step in and secure a partnership with the budding basketball superstar.

The Converse Conundrum: Nike’s Opportunity

Converse, a well-known competitor in the athletic shoe industry, had already assembled a remarkable roster of basketball legends like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Consequently, the brand found it challenging to give Jordan the attention he deserved, considering the presence of these established superstars. This circumstance allowed another prominent player in the industry to seize the opportunity and leave a lasting impact.

Nike seized the opportunity presented by Jordan’s hesitance to sign with Adidas and Converse’s inability to prioritize him. Armed with a visionary approach and an unwavering commitment to creating an iconic line of sneakers for Jordan, Nike emerged as the perfect fit for the basketball legend, forging a partnership that would redefine the sneaker landscape.


The release of the first Jordan sneaker in 1984 not only marked a significant moment in athletic footwear history but also laid the foundation for a groundbreaking collaboration between Michael Jordan and Nike. This enduring partnership surpassed all expectations, propelling Air Jordans to unprecedented heights of success. “The Last Dance” offered fascinating insights into Jordan’s initial reluctance and the fortuitous turn of events that led to Nike’s emergence as the ultimate destination for the iconic basketball superstar.


Has Michael Jordan always worn the same shoe size?

Yes, Michael Jordan has consistently worn a size 13 throughout his basketball career.

Did Michael Jordan’s shoe size contribute to his success as a basketball player?

While his shoe size didn’t directly contribute to his success, it is believed that having larger feet can provide better stability and balance, which may have aided Jordan’s agility on the court.

Are Michael Jordan’s shoes available in various sizes?

Yes, Jordan Brand offers a wide range of shoe sizes for consumers, typically ranging from size 7 to size 18 (US).

Does Michael Jordan have the largest shoe size among basketball players?

No, Michael Jordan’s shoe size is not considered the largest among basketball players. There have been players with larger feet, such as Shaquille O’Neal and Bob Lanier.

How did Michael Jordan’s shoe size affect the design of his signature shoes?

Jordan Brand designs shoes to accommodate various foot sizes, including larger sizes like Jordan’s. The design and structure of his signature shoes aim to provide comfort, support, and performance for athletes of all sizes.

Do Michael Jordan’s shoes come in half sizes?

Yes, Jordan Brand offers shoes in both whole and half sizes, allowing for a more precise fit.

Are Michael Jordan’s shoes available for kids?

Yes, Jordan Brand offers a wide range of shoes for kids, including sizes suitable for different age groups.

Did Michael Jordan’s shoe size influence the popularity of his brand?

While his shoe size itself may not have directly influenced the popularity of his brand, Jordan’s incredible basketball skills and charismatic personality played a significant role in establishing his brand’s popularity.

Are Michael Jordan’s shoes only available in the United States?

No, Jordan Brand has a global presence, and Michael Jordan’s shoes can be purchased in various countries worldwide through authorized retailers and online platforms.

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