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Top 20 Other Types of Men Shoes






Now that you’ve learned about the types of shoes for men, what do you think? Which type of shoe is best for your style? I personally wear a pair of dress shoes every day, so I would say formal shoes are the most versatile and practical. You’ll want to take into account your style, your occupation, and any special needs when deciding on the right shoe. It’s not always easy to choose the right shoe that fits your style, but you should now be more informed.
If you’re still having trouble deciding which type of shoe is best, or what style to choose, remember that it’s okay to ask a professional. Your shoe store will have experience helping customers select the right pair of shoes. Also, they can help fit the shoes to your style and needs.

types of men shoes

Here are 20 types of shoes for men:

1. Wellington Boots

Wellington boots are similar to the brogue shoes, but they are very different. The main difference between brogue shoes and Wellington boots is that brogues are usually three-quarter length, while Wellington boots are full length. In addition, they come in different styles, such as oxford, breakfront, and lace-ups.

They can be made of different materials such as leather, suede, and mesh fabric. They can be used for working or casual wear. They are popular because their stylish look makes them perfect for special occasions or casual wear.

You don’t want to wear jeans with Wellington boots, because they are casual. They are perfect for wearing with khakis or slacks. The most crucial accent pieces you should have in your closet are a light-colored shirt and light-colored sweaters. For the winter months, you can match them up with a coat, gloves, scarf, earmuffs, and hat.

Wellington Boots

2. Winklepickers Shoes

Winklepickers Shoes are pretty unique and do not match with other style shoes. They are narrow shoes with a round toe and silver metal tip. The heels of these shoes are much higher than ordinary shoes. The look of the winklepickers is quite retro, but it still attracts people because of its vintage impression.

They are not that popular nowadays; hence, you may need to search around before finding winklepicker dress shoes for men online. These shoes are an excellent choice for business meetings or formal occasions. You can wear them with a suit or even a casual outfit to add a stylish touch.

Winklepickers Shoes

3. Budapester Shoes

Buds are the most popular brand of shoes. The BudaPresto is an acceptable choice for work or formal occasions. The style is trendy in Europe, especially in Hungary and Austria, where it was first introduced. Made of synthetic materials, these shoes are durable and comfortable. Although they can be worn with long pants or jeans, they are most commonly used with cuffed trousers and shorts in the warmer months.

They are an excellent casual shoe choice for either a man or a woman. They look very stylish and add a bit of uniqueness to your wardrobe. If you are looking for a different style of comfortable and durable shoe, the BudaPresto is suitable for you.

Budapester Shoes

4. Derby Shoes

Derby shoes make people stand out with their unique design. People can see these shoes everywhere if they are wearing them. You will see them in most styles of clothes, styles of hair, and designs of nails. It is due to its versatility that makes it is very popular with most men. Different types of derby shoes suit different people’s needs and tastes. They are more comfortable to wear than other materials. It’s a good choice for those with a high instep or high arches because they can fit perfectly on the feet.

The shoe has a front part with an extended vamp at the top, which rises from stiff leather. The material mainly used is leather since it’s lightweight and breathable.

If you’re looking for a shoe that will make a statement, Derby Shoes are the best fit for you. These shoes can be seen in most styles of clothes and designs of nails. In addition, they are versatile, which is why they have been so popular with men from different backgrounds. 

Derby Shoes

5. Brogan Boot

A pair of brogan boots are stylish shoes with a pointed toe. They are straightforward to wear for men who are short in height. Brogan boots are also famous for people who work outdoors, such as construction workers. The shoes are mainly made of genuine leather that is textile-blend or suede.

These boots have a standard design regardless of the manufacturer, but each brand has a different style and additional information to look at. Therefore, you should pay full attention to details before buying brogan boots for men.

Brogan Boot

6. Creeper Shoes

Creeper shoes are the preferred type of footwear for lads who want to look slimmer. They have a lot of holes in them so that they fit the shape of the foot perfectly. The shoes are made of leather or nubuck, but some also come with mesh for maximum breathability.

The shoes are used by men who have larger feet, flat feet or look to enhance their slimmer appearance. They are for men who want to look slimmer and have larger feet.

Creeper Shoes

7. Buck Shoes

Buck shoes (also known as hunting boots and work shoes) are leather or nubuck shoes traditionally used for hunting and work. It is a shoe with a high top and flat sole designed to be worn with heavy clothing such as trousers, jeans, and overalls. Also, the shoes are usually made for either casual or dressy occasions. The shoes can be made of different materials such as leather, suede, and mesh fabric.

Buck Shoes

8. Wedges Work Boot

 This is a trendy style of work boots. It is used for all working men. The design is efficient, and it can suit any weather conditions. It has the same function as traditional work boots by protecting your feet, ankles, and lower legs from heavyweight, dangerous materials, hot temperatures, water, abrasions, and cuts.

The wedge work boot also provides you with a solid gripping force to prevent slipping off. In addition, the shoe’s traction offers maximum traction on a wide range of surfaces during a variety of weather conditions.

Wedges Work Boot

9. Timberland Boots 

Timberland boots by Timberland are entirely made of leather material. Their upper is fully lined with full-grain leather for lasting durability. Once you try out the style, you will be impressed with its structure, which is always rugged-looking and simple enough to wear with any type of clothes.

They are trendy among the working class because they are durable and sturdy yet stylish enough to match any outfit or casual wear.

Timberland work boot

10. Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are shoes for indoor use. They are usually made of rubber, plastic, or other materials. Flip flops are worn while walking on sandy beaches, in hotels and resorts, at home.

They can be leather sandals with decorative ridges and holes for comfort and a great look, or straightforward ones with only one color and plain sole for a comfortable walk on any occasion.


11. Crocs

Crocs are slippers or slip-ones that have a unique design with a rubber sole. Sometimes the shoes have a strap that you can put your hand through, which is not too comfortable. However, the shoes absorb shocks and give a good grip on slippery surfaces, making them ideal for people who love going out to run or slipper around at home.

The best materials used in making a pair of crocs for men are synthetic materials such as rubber and leather.

If you’re looking for something practical and fashionable, then these shoes are perfect for your needs. Crocs are also designed to be more comfortable if you have flat feet. They are great to wear with an outfit no matter what the occasion is.

Crocs unisex shoe

12. Huaraches Sandal

Huaraches are a type of sandal, most commonly made from leather. The vamp or upper is usually slim and wraps around the foot and ankle. The sole is usually very flexible and often made from natural materials such as leather or jute.

Huaraches are usually worn with a suit and tie and during the day for work. They can also be worn with a pair of jeans and a blazer at night. The shoes are perfect for warmer days when you need something to wear comfortable and stylish. 

Huaraches Sandal

13. Jika-tabi Shoes

These are famous shoes for men because they are made of traditional Japanese materials. They are usually made of red calico or dark blue cloth, washed with natural detergents, and then dyed with natural dyes. The shoes get twisted into the shape of a flat shoe from its uppers and soles together with shoelaces. It is very comfortable to wear as it has soft leather uppers and flat soles. Besides, they can be matched with any outfit as they come in various Western suits or casual wear.

Jika-tabi Shoes

14. Moccasins

In the United States, moccasins are popularly worn as bedroom slippers. In other parts of the world, they are more frequently worn as casual dress shoes for men. The shoes with soft soles and no heels are comfortable enough to wear all day long. Besides, those coming from the Native American heritage love to wear moccasins as a cultural tradition. These shoes for men can be made of faux suede or leather material. Many moccasins also come with a soft rubber sole. 


15. Snow Boots

Snow boots for men are a recent trend that is taking the world by storm. These boots are designed with waterproof properties that prevent snow and ice from entering the boots, keeping the feet dry and warm. These boots come in many varieties, such as snow boots on sale, knee-length snow boots, men’s snow boots on sale, and men’s winter knee-length snowy boots. They usually have a rubber sole to ensure traction and durability when walking through major cities and towns during the winter months.

Snow Boots

16. Cleats

Cleats are the most popular shoe types for sports. They are made with specific designs to enhance the performance of the athletes. They can also be used for indoor sports on the carpet, tennis court, soccer ball, etc. Different brands with various designs manufacture these shoes. These shoe types are usually sturdy and robust. With competitive sports competitions becoming more popular among young people, they will be a big hit.


17. Calf Boots

Calf Boots, also known as “cowhide boots” or “boots with fur lining,” are handmade leather boots with a felt lining. They’re made with the same quality of calfskin used to make cowhide coats and jackets. This is why they’re called calf boots. The fur lining gives the calf boots a very soft, warm, and cozy feel. They’re excellent for the cold season.

Calf boots are very popular with men who want to look stylish and trendy. They can be worn with trousers or denim jeans or even shorts to complete different types of outfits, whether you’re going to work, school, an evening party, or just hanging out with friends.

Calf Boots

18. Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot shoes are also known as “sneakers” or “sneaker boots.” The style of these shoes refers to the lack of any type of upper covering, such as laces or other parts where the shoe is sewn together. They are casual shoes that are usually worn without socks. Barefoot shoes may also be called “sneakers” due to their resemblance to athletic footwear, but they’re far less formal than sneakers. In today’s fashion world, there are a lot of men wearing barefoot shoes because they look sporty and relaxed. The sneakers can be combined with any casual outfit you prefer to make a fashionable look. Just keep in mind that it’s not appropriate to wear these shoes with formal dresses or ties. Instead, you can wear them with dress pants or jeans and a T-shirt or a polo shirt.

Barefoot Shoes

19. Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are fashionable, practical, and durable footwear that is specially designed for motorcycle riding. The boots have a short toe section, a high shaft, and a heavy-duty zipper closure system. They also come in different heights and styles, which can be used for general purposes.

Motorcycle boots are made of full grain calf leather, cowhide leather, or synthetic leather. The leather is selected according to the weather conditions in which it will be used.

Motorcycle Boots

20. Russian Boots

Russian boots are about as old as the military, but they’ll still be a relaxed look for men to wear. These rugged leather boots come in different styles and trends. They’re made from heavy leather, with a thick sole to support your feet.

The boots have a high heel or a low heel to suit your style and preferences. With durable traditional designs and trendy looks, these boots will look great with a jacket or other pants you have in your wardrobe.

Russian Boots
Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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