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24 Ideas Of Shoe Racks 2023






Where would we be without storage? Especially in this day and age of living in small spaces, we can all benefit from some extra space to put away our stuff. With the invention of built-in shoe racks, we have tons of options for storage, right where you need it! Just give me a location to find them and I will show you the different styles.

Your shoes always seem to be in the way when you come home from work. You kick off your heels and throw them in the corner of the room, slinging your sandals on the floor. The next morning you wake up to a disaster and it takes five minutes just to find anything matching to wear.

Shoe Rack Ideas for Interior

1. Closet Shoe Rack

A traditional shoe rack with a pull out shelf. You can stack shoes vertically or horizontally on the shelves and keep them from touching the floor to avoid ground dirt. It’s not quite a shoe rack, but this closet-friendly gadget helps you store your shoes and keep your closet organized. It also walks you through how to organize the closet in a few steps and it has tips for managing wardrobe logistics like seasonal transitions and preparing for new job interviews.

Closet Shoe Rack

2. Shoe Pole

A metal pole that you can drill into your wall for a vertical shoe rack that saves space and makes organizing easier. It is not hard to install, so you won’t need your partner’s help! Get creative with this one and paint it in any color to suit the room decor. 

Shoe Pole

3. PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer 

PVC pipe shoe organizer is an amazing DIY project for those of you with a lot of shoes to store. It makes the best use of space and it even has cubbies for your heels, flip-flops, boots, and more. It’s a great way to keep your shoe collection out of view and organized.

PVC Pipe Shoe Organizer

4. Painted Shoe Bench With Stained Top 

The way the closet organizer company describes this product (and the end result) sounds like a pretty cool idea. You get one of these $35 painted pieces of furniture from Ikea and then put whatever fabric you want on top of it. Then you can decorate the top or stain it to match your living room or bedroom.

Painted Shoe Bench With Stained Top

5. DIY Shoe Display   

If you want to find something a bit more elaborate than the shoe racks above but you don’t want to spend a fortune, here’s a DIY project on how to make your own display case. It’s not complex and it allows you to decorate it in any way you want. The only downside is that you’ll need some time and hard work to put together this piece of furniture.

DIY Shoe Display

6. Peg Board Shoe Rack 

This is another one of those shoe rack ideas from Ikea. It doesn’t cost that much, but it gives you easy access and full use of the wall space. The downside is that you’ll have to repaint the wood after every shoe-yanking session.

Peg Board Shoe Rack

7. Wall Mount Shoe Storage 

There are a lot of closet organizers out there, but this is unique and has a great minimalist look to it. Something about how it’s mounted to the wall gives it an industrial look, but it’s still pretty clean and easy to configure in different ways.

Wall Mount Shoe Storage

8. Rolling Shoe Storage Bins  

You can’t see it in the photo, but these bins are actually made out of plastic storage bins that were spray painted a nice shade of white. This is another great idea for those who don’t want to spend too much money and don’t want an ordinary-looking shoe rack with all the boring wood. It’s also a great idea if you have a lot of different shoes and boots because you can pick the plastic bins that are best for each pair.

Rolling Shoe Storage Bins

9. Shoe Storage Baskets and Bench  

Shoe storage baskets and bench is convenient. You can get one of these $35 shoe storage baskets (it comes with a bench) from Ikea and put it in your bedroom, living room, or just about anywhere. The best part is that you can adjust the baskets to fit each pair of shoes that you have.

Shoe Storage Baskets and Bench

10. Copper Pipe Shoe Rack   

You’ve seen the pegboard shoe rack and the plastic storage bin shoe rack, but here’s a different take on shoe storage. Copper pipe shoe rack is made out of copper piping and it’s actually much cheaper than you might think. This blogger only spent about $15 on it and wrote up a very detailed tutorial on how to put one together.

Copper Pipe Shoe Rack

11. Slatwall Shoe Display  

Shoes are in fashion these days, but not all of them fit into plain old shoe racks. I’ve seen a lot of slatwall shoe display ideas for sale recently and I love them. They let you organize your shoes by color and by type (sneakers, heels, flats, loafers) and they provide a minimalistic way to store your footwear.

Slatwall Shoe Display

12. Paint Can And Pallet Shoe Racks 

If you’re not into all of that painted furniture, here’s a $25 solution. It’s just a rack (made out of paint cans and a few pieces of wood) and it’ll look exactly like the one you’ve made paint can and pallet shoe racks

Paint Can And Pallet Shoe Racks

13. Shoe Display Hooks  

You needn’t spend too much money on housing your footwear. These shoe display hooks cost about $10 for 10 hooks and you can put them up in minutes. The problem you might have is finding a wall that the hooks can stick to because they have adhesive on them.

Shoe Display Hooks

14. Wall Mounted Shoe Rack   

This one is similar to the wooden shoe rack on the left, but it’s made out of metal and costs about $50 for two. There are also a few different hooks (about $10 for four) that swing and allow you to choose how you want to display your shoes. You can hang them on their sides or keep them upright depending on whether there’s a shelf above what you’re putting it on.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

15. Industrial Shoe Rack   

Here’s another industrial-looking shoe rack that looks like it was built out of scrap metal. The posts are made out of angle irons, the corners are made out of nuts and bolts, and the whole thing is mounted to a wall with flathead screws. It costs about $30 to make and it should last you a lifetime.

Industrial Shoe Rack

16. Cardboard Shoe Rack  

It’s pretty cheap to make a cardboard shoe rack, but it looks like it came from a company that wants you to buy from them. The cardboard shoe rack looks like something you’d find in the department store and for about $25 (on sale), you can get a pack of two.

Cardboard Shoe Rack

17. Shoe Rack Upcycled   

Here’s another really interesting take on DIY shoe storage. There’s a lot going on with this one, but the best part is that you can customize the rack in any way that you want. You can paint it and add hooks or shoes, you can use different types of wood and metal, or you can paint them all black. You have a ton of options.

Shoe Rack Upcycled

18. Skateboard Shoe Shelves   

I’m big into DIY projects and I like to see people try to reuse and recycle things. You probably have some old skateboards lying around your house that you don’t want anymore and you can put the rack up on the wall in a few different configurations. This is actually a great project for kids because they can paint the boards whatever colors they want.

Skateboard Shoe Shelves

19. Spinning Shoe Rack   

This is another really cool idea for anyone who has a lot of different shoes. The spinning shoe rack costs about $160, but it’s really easy to use. The thing you have to do is spin the wheel with your foot to move the shoes up or down.

Spinning Shoe Rack

20. Shoe Rack Made Out Of Pallets   

The main part of this shoe rack is made out of pallets and it looks like you can store a lot of shoes in it without worrying too much about them getting scuffed up. It costs about $50 and takes about an hour to build, but it’s worth every penny. You can even add an additional shelf or two if you want.

Shoe Rack Made Out Of Pallets

21. Crates Shoe Racks  

This is another great version of the old shoe rack that you probably lock up at night at your work desk to prevent people from stealing things off of it. It costs about $5 for 16 crates and they work exactly the same way as a regular shoe rack.

Crates Shoe Racks

22. Over-The-Door Shoe Rack  

I’ve been looking for an over-the-door shoe rack for a while and I finally found this one that costs about $20. It looks like the ones you’d find at a store and it’ll hold up to 10 pairs of shoes in no time.

The Container Store 24-Pocket Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

23. Wood And Metal Shoe Bench   

This really cool DIY project is called a shoe bench and it looks like something you’d pay $100 or more for if you bought it from a store. It’s made out of wood and metal, so you can use it in any room of your house.

24. Mirrored Shoe Rack  

If you have a lot of shoes in your house, this is another great way to store them. The shoe rack has a mirror on the back and all of your shoes are visible from the front. It costs about $35 and you can put your shoes on hangers or store them in boxes.

Mirrored Shoe Rack
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