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Top 16 Canadian Boot Brands






As just a Canadian boot wearer, hungering for Wesco, Nicks, White’s, and other American shoemakers on Instagram is a risky and most expensive undertaking. Even Indonesian shoes have additional costs after the rate of exchange and the additional $50-60 delivery charges, and we are frequently subject to $50+ in obligation fees regardless of where the shoes come from.

It makes sense, then, to look within our own limits for the best Canadian-made boots.

The Canadian boot manufacturers listed below are well worth a look, no matter which side of the southern boundary you live on.

What Are The Best Canadian Boots Brands?

Below are the 16 best Canadian boots companies available on the market. Each and every brand has its own highlights, styles, designs, advantages, and disadvantages.


Anfibio boot brand via Official site

Anfibio has made the commitment to be 100 percent Canadian Made since its founding in 1968. Anfibio boots are the Canadian comparable of Timberland boots not particularly horrible looking, but designed for comfort and warmth. They have full-grain leather uppers and shearling, wool, and microfiber linings.

The Nordik costs $430 CAD and features a gusseted tongue and foldable shearling collar for added waterproofing. The boots are equipped with glued-down commando soles, which is prevalent in snow boots, so resoling could be a problem.


Arc’teryx boot brand via Official Site

You won’t be disappointed with Arc’teryx if you’re looking for winter boots for outdoor activities such as ski touring, hiking, or mountaineering.

Arc’teryx is a Canadian company located in North Vancouver that was established in 1989 and is widely known among outdoorsy types.

Their outdoor footwear, clothing, gear, and a variety of other accessories are some of the most popular outdoor products worldwide.

Arc’teryx boots are designed not only to withstand extreme cold but also to aid in navigation in rough terrains.

The brand provides both women’s and men’s winter boots made of high-quality materials for harsh environments.

The head office of Arc’teryx is in Canada. However, the company has warehouses and production facilities all around the world.

Their products meet both harsh quality and safety standards. Although the prices are generally high, I believe they are warranted by the quality they provide.

Baffin Boots

Baffin Boot Brand

Baffin Boots may be a perfect pick for you if you are looking for boots from Canada that are designed for harsh winters.

This Canadian brand creates some of the warmest snow boots as well as other cold weather goods to undertake in the chilliest climates.

All of their shoes, including women’s styles, have a tough and sturdy appearance. So, if you live in rural areas and/or a bitterly cold area (for example, Alaska, Yellowknife, or Calgary), these can be the best winter boots for you.

They do, nevertheless, have this pair of Light Snow boots as well as adorable lower shaft shoes like the elegant Aspen and cute Tessa. They also sell waterproof urban boots like the Stratford knee-high boots and the Kensington black bootie.

Boulet Boots

Boulet Boot Brand

Boulet was established in 1953 as the St-Tite Shoe Company in St. Tite, Quebec, and was quickly granted an agreement by the Department of National Defense to manufacture boots for the Armed Forces. In the 1960s, the brand expanded its production to become the very first Canadian company to expertise in Western boots. For those who don’t know, the Boulet family has expanded manufacturing further, with the fourth generation joining the firm in the 2010s. The business now hires over 200 people and produces over 200,000 pairs of shoes per year.

Even though Boulet Boots specialize in Western boots, they also have an informal line. In particular, their 8900 series boots are only under $300 CAD and have premium full-grain uppers, soft leather lining, durable Goodyear welts, stacked leather heels, as well as a wide range of Vibram outsoles. The brand’s Hillbilly Golden Leather above patinas gorgeously and pairs well with business casual or jeans ensembles.

Canada West Boots

Canada West Boots via Official site

Since 1978, Canada West Boots has offered a variety of winter shoes and boots with a “fashion twist.” Their designs are really exquisite and have that distinct Canadian style that sets them apart from other manufacturers’ product lines.

The company provides Romeo shoes for both women and men that are suitable for daily use, going to work, or taking a stroll in the local park.

They are designed with comfort in mind and are available in a variety of styles. They are made of premium leather and have Vibram soles. They provide excellent cold-weather protection and have a great quality and price ratio.

Canada West Boots, generally speaking, has been in this industry for many years, providing everyone with the chance to experience genuine Canadian quality.

Furthermore, the brand frequently introduces new product lines, attempting to stay up to date with industry fashion trends while adhering to its conventional style.

Cougar Canada Boots

Cougar Canada Boots via Official site

Almost all Cougar waterproof boots are crafted in Canada and come with a 6-month warranty. Nordstrom, Zappos, and Bloomingdale’s all sell them.

The Women’s Cougar Boots Collection has been absolutely impressive in 2019, with a lot of glamorous styles introduced to their iconic favorites. A lot of which are still in operation in the winter of 2022.

Which of these Canadian brands’ snow boots is my personal fave? The 39068 Original, also known as the Cougar pillow boots, are fantastic in genuine leather.

They are at the top of my list because of their subtle platform and profound track sole. They are also highly common Tacoma winter boots, which have a sporty yet elegant look.

If you want a cozy-looking snow boot, the fuzzy Verity style (available in three colors) is a great pick.

They come in a large selection of winter boot styles for men, women, and even children. They, just like some other brands of their sort, have begun to produce winter boots that do not resemble traditional snow boots. The Dickson boot and the Dubliner sneaker boots are two examples.

But don’t let that fool you. They are just as weather-resistant and insulated as their more sturdy counterparts. Not to mention Cougar is among the best boot brands to dress up in the rain.

Cougar boots for women cost between $120 and $240 and have temperature scores of up to -30C.


Wohlford Boot Brand

As you might know, Dayton Boots is a much more informal Canadian boot brand that has been in business since 1946, manufacturing winter boots with as new and unique an appearance as possible.

These boots are also great for daily use, having been designed specifically for those who require safety and quality. This brand’s product prices are a little high, but the product lines are also of the best quality.

All boots, predictably, are made of high-quality materials. It is now a brand with a sterling reputation, as well as notoriety for producing boots that are distinctive in both style and design.

Dayton Boots, on the other hand, attempts to pass on its own customs that have evolved since 1946, which distinguishes it from many other competitive brands.

It is also a famous brand associated with such unrivaled safety that the company provides an excellent guarantee for all of its consumers’ products. For instance, if your boots break due to manufacturing flaws, you could really contact them at any time.

What about today? Dayton Boots is presently one of the top brands in Canada, where all production takes place. Its prominence, nevertheless, extends far beyond Canada.

This is primarily due to the fact that Dayton’s boots have been handmade for further 70 years using the same techniques, as well as their capacity to be refurbished and resoled, allowing them to last for years and years.

Owner of Dayton has renamed to Wohlford&Co.


Kamik Boot brand via Official site

Kamik is also another famous Canadian brand that sells winter boots. They also create other items such as jackets and sandals.

The winter boots are really distinctive, and there are models for women, men, and children.

Kamik was originally established in 1898, has a really long and distinguished history, and offers a solid warranty on its products.

The quality of their goods is obviously visible, which has been a hallmark of this brand for over 120 years.

Kamik presently employs over 400 people and operates entirely in Canada, with product lines primarily manufactured in North America, allowing their consumers to make the most of a wide range of high-quality footwear at reasonable prices.

La Canadienne

La Canadienne via Official site

La Canadienne is a well-known Canadian brand that specializes in the manufacture of women’s winter boots, providing the market with a variety of models, designs, and styles.

Boots with high heels, low heels, sneakers, sandals, and even a variety of accessories are all available.

All boots are of high quality and created with unique materials to provide maximum comfort. The great majority of them are probably more suited to daily life.

This brand’s products are manufactured not only in Canada but also in Spain and Italy. The design is exceptionally sophisticated, and the style is typical of the La Canadienne brand. And more importantly, the prices are also affordable to everybody.

With its more than 70 years of experience, La Canadienne has won the trust of so many consumers from all around the world.

It is particularly admired for designs that incorporate exceptional functionality with aesthetic appeal.

La Canadienne is primarily based in Montréal. However, their products could also be found in various stores online and across North America.


Martino boot brand via Official site

Actually, Martino shoes is a division of the Auclair and Martineau corporation, which was originally established in 1956 in Quebec and continues to operate there today, despite the fact that its designs are well-known around the world.

In addition to Martino, the company recently introduced two other brands, Amimoc and Maël.

They primarily manufacture various types of boots, such as moccasins, snow boots, and casual footwear.

The manufacturing is completely made in Canada, and the models vary for any and all kinds of consumers, women and men, with an extremely elegant style and great craftsmanship.

Auclair and Martineau presently employ nearly 100 people and design not only a broad set of leather snow boots but also numerous accessories.

The fact is that it is no random occurrence that it is one of Canada’s best-known shoe manufacturers, with more than 60 years of experience, which handles to assure high standards of quality and performance for all of its product lines.

Mellow Walk

Mellow Walk Boot brand via Official site

Basically, Mellow Walk is notable for its safety boots. They also have a variety of winter boots for both women and men.

All of their safety boots are designed and produced in Canada, Toronto, and are comfortable and long-lasting.

The brand has a variety of styles, designs, and colors to suit every need and personal taste. Mellow Walk’s product lines are therefore ideal for those seeking exclusive and one-of-a-kind footwear.

Since 1993, the brand has primarily operated in Toronto. They began by making hand-sewn ladies’ boots and quickly became popular not only in North America but also in regions as far away as the Middle East.

It has become one of the most common Canadian footwear brands due to the enthusiasm of its employees and the consideration of customer requirements.


Pajar boot brand via Official site

Pajar Pajar boots first appeared in Montreal in 1963. The Canadian Heritage Collection has still been manufactured in Montreal, despite the fact that the vast majority of their manufacturing has moved abroad. The Alex G, their best-selling winter shoe, is a 6-inch ankle boot with a durable nubuck and leather upper. 

A lot of the brand’s lineage options are lined with genuine shearling sheepskin to keep your toes nice and warm during the brutal winters – some are even equipped with outsoles with a detachable ice gripping spike system that is typically created to increase traction in icy conditions without destroying your floors.


Royer boot brand via Facebook Official

As some of you might know, Royer is a quite famous brand that sells a wide variety of winter boots. The company’s style is evenly matched and not dissimilar to the classic style of typical Canadian boots.

Royer offers casual or flawless winter boots for walking in challenging environments, going to work, and daily use.

They are among Canada’s most well-known brands, and they have recently made inroads into the rest of the globe.

Royer actually deserves special attention due to its low prices and high overall product quality.

Louis-Philippe Royer established the brand in 1934, and it has since offered leather boots at reasonable prices, particularly given the high quality of its products.

Besides, Louis-Philippe Royer uses Gore-Tex linings and Vibram outsoles for excellent walking performance.

Until this day, the brand is primarily based in Quebec, where it was founded, and a lot of its boots are manufactured in Canada.

Santana Canada

Santana Canada boot brand via Official site

It is the fact that Santana Canada is unquestionably the most athletic-looking boot brand among the gaggle. Check out the widely known Marlyna boots or the relatively low Milly boots from the far more iconic lace-up snow styles with an après-ski boot attraction.

Both styles come in a multitude of colors, as well as some exciting opposite color laces!

In addition, Santana even creates boots that are less sporty in appearance, such as completely waterproof leather faux-fur lined knee-high boots. These are the great snow boots that just don’t simply look like snow boots, with a -20C temperature score and the appearance of a laid-back moto/riding shoe combination.

The brand is also known for their weatherproof Chelsea boots, which are ideal for looking stylish in the town.

To make sure that their boots can withstand the toughest winter conditions, this Quebec footwear brand used Pro-Dri waterproofing, thermal insoles, and toasty wool lining. Nordstrom has the most recent Santana styles.

Sorel Snow Boots

Sorel boot brand

Sorel creates one of the most distinguishable Canadian winter boot brands. Particularly with their renowned and gorgeous Joan of Arctic lace-up knee-high boots with furry styles and newly developed comparable Tofino II lace-up knee-high boots with furry shades.

This Sorel design is already one of the most legendary and adored winter boots to dress up in the town or as a fashionable après-ski boot. Back in the day, I wore my own pair of white Classic Sorels!

While it is not owned by the Canadian anymore, Sorel was born in Kitchener, Ontario, before even being acquired by Columbia in the 1960s.

I absolutely adore how Sorel plays with different textures, materials, patterns, and colors to offer interesting alternatives to the traditionally black winter boot. This is a popular boot brand among Canadians.

Their toughest boot? Of course, the Glacier XT Boot is as tough and durable as it appears. They also have a lot of adorable, city-friendly short winter boots, like the Next Leather boot and the Slimpack Duck boot.

Sorel’s boots range in price from $110 to $300 Canadian, and a lot of different styles could really keep your toes toasty up to -32 degrees Celsius!

Sorel has enlarged their winter shoe range to also include less thick and heavy boot options, slippers, stylish footwear, and fashionable winter coats and accessories, in addition to a variety of styles for the entire family.


Viberg boot brand via Official site

For those who don’t know, Edwin Viberg moved to Canada from Sweden when he was 21 and started making footwear for logging camps from his own leather goods store in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. As the logging camps moved even farther west in 1949, Edwin decided to follow and continued making boots. Edwin had a stroke that compelled him to quit, and in his 80s he was forced to hand over the reins to his son Glen.

After that, Viberg quickly established a firm hold in the Japanese fashion industry, which sought out American-manufactured workwear. Brett, Edwin’s grandson, came on board in 2007 and was helpful in promoting and optimizing the Viberg Service Boot, which was focused on a boot that had been out of manufacturing for more than 40 years.

Nowadays, the Viberg Service Boot is regarded as a holy grail by lots of boot enthusiasts and by many as a superfluous indulgence at over $700. Shell Cordovan and Horween Chromexcel are among the many kinds of leather, toe structures, and lasts available.

Look for seasonal releases such as single-piece Shell Cordovan slippers/loafers and hiking boots with Italian styles.


Many of the same manufacturing problems that have plagued the United States are affecting Canada: a lack of proficient employment and increasing prices have ended up causing numerous brands to shift manufacturing somewhere else. I encourage all of our readers to consider supporting some of these Canadian brands in order to help preserve our iconic brands.

Steven Ta
Steven Ta
I am a professional photographer and shoe-lover. With a deep-rooted passion for all things footwear and years of hands-on experience, I am your go-to guide in the awesome world of shoes
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