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Cake Size Chart: 5 Popular Types of Cakes






On the day of your wedding or birthday, you will be able to share the most meaningful and significant event of your life with your loved ones. Involved in this process is the selection of a breathtaking location, the selection of gorgeous floral arrangements and décor, &, of course, the creation of a fantastic food and drink menu guaranteed to delight guests. 

Chocolate Milk cake
Chocolate Milk cake

Another important action to take? You must pay attention to the importance of the cake. When it comes to producing cakes for celebrations, the flavors and designs of the cakes are both crucial components. However, the cake sizes and the number of servings are critical factors.

Using this cake size chart, you can ensure that your cake is appropriate for every occasion. This chart will assist you in determining how many servings your cake will produce and how much cake batter and frosting you will require to complete the task at hand!

Cake Sizes And Servings Chart

Cake Sizes And Servings
Cake Sizes And Servings

When preparing a cake to serve at a specific event, it is reasonably necessary to have the appropriate number of servings to accommodate your visitors adequately. To ensure that your guests have a good time during your party, you should offer each of them a slice of the cake you made. Because of this, the number of servings and the cake size are pretty significant.

How significant are the majority of cakes? The majority of people bake their cakes in a round pan. In addition, the eight and nine-inch diameters are the most frequently seen. Remember that the number of people attending your wedding or birthday celebration will determine the size of the cake you order.

A typical cake has dimensions of approximately 2 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch, which translates to approximately 5 centimeters by 10 centimeters by 2.5 centimeters. However, not all cake slices are the same; the baked cake type determines this distinction.

For example, tall layer cakes have become increasingly popular at events, making cutting and serving cakes problematic for some people. The number of layers, the size, and the amount of the buttercream layer, among other things, can all be affected by the cake’s height.

Types of 4-Inch High Party Cakes 

Heart shape party cake
4 inches Heart shape party cake


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings
4 in. 8 8
6 in. 12 12
8 in. 20 24
9 in. 24 32
10 in. 28 38
12 in. 40 56
14 in. 63 78
16 in. 77 100


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings
6 in. 12 18
8 in. 20 32
10 in. 30 50
12 in. 48 72
14 in. 63 98
16 in. 80 128


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings
6 in. 8 14
8 in. 18 22
9 in. 20 28
10 in. 24 38
12 in. 24 56
14 in. 48 72
16 in. 64 94


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings
6 in. 6 8
9 in. 14 18
12 in. 38 40
15 in. 48 64


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings
7.75 x 5.5 in. 9 13
10.75 x 7.8 in. 20 26
13.5 x 9.8 in. 30 45
16.5 x 12.4 in. 44 70


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings
7 x 11 in. 24 32
9 x 13 in. 36 50
11 x 15 in. 54 74
12 x 18 in. 72 98


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings
9 x 6 in. 9 13
12.5 x 9.5 in. 28 38
16.5 x 12.5 in. 40 56


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings
10.25 x 7.4 in. 12 18
15 x 11 in. 20 32
19.25 x 14.25 in. 42 66


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings
6.75 x 6.75 in. 13 19
10 x 10 in. 30 40
13.25 x 13.25 in. 64 72

Types of 3-Inch High Party Cakes 

3-Inch High Party
Round shape 3-Inch High Party Cake


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings


6 in. 12 12
8 in. 20 24
10 in. 28 38
12 in. 40 56
14 in. 63 78
16 in. 77 100


Size Party Servings Wedding Servings


9 in. 11 17

What Are The Criteria For A Delicious Cake?

Rainbow Delicious Cake
Rainbow Delicious Cake

First, you need to master the criteria of a delicious cake. Not only that but ensuring safety is an essential criterion that cannot be ignored. Cakes are not too strange, but only some know how to choose a place that sells reputable and quality cakes.

A delicious cake must include the following criteria

  • Good ingredients, clear origin
  • Cake embryos are made on the same day to avoid cake embryos left for too long, which will lose their quality, and even become unsafe to use. You need to ask the bakery carefully before ordering.
  • Accessories need to be kept clean and of clear origin. Avoid using accessories of unknown origin. 
  • Eye-catching and reasonably decorated cakes also help us feel more delicious.
  • The level of sweetness of the cake filling and cake embryo must be just right, not too sweet, too fat, or too pale.

Ingredients for making delicious cakes

It takes many ingredients to produce a cake that is both delicious and safe. The essential ingredients include:

  • Cake embryo: made from eggs, cream, pure fresh milk, sugar, and other necessary ingredients
  • Cake filling: made from pineapple jam, strawberry jam, chocolate, almond jam, corn, etc.
  • The cream topping on the outside of the cake is whipped from fresh full-cream milk dedicated to making cakes. There are many types of creams from many different brands. 
  • Cake decoration accessories: Finally, decorations and cosmetic creams will be adorned outside to make the cake more vivid, beautiful, and meaningful.

Delicious cake recipe

In terms of the recipe, there are currently many recipes for making cakes that are extensively disseminated across the internet. You can readily obtain that recipe on youtube or sharing websites that focus on baking or cooking. On the other hand, every bakery has its own “trade secrets” to make its cakes stand out from those sold in other stores.

Choosing Birthday Cakes for Loved Ones

Chocalate Birthday Cake
Chocalate Birthday Cake

Because people of varying ages have varying preferences, it is essential to select a birthday cake for a loved one in a manner that considers both the nature of your relationship with that person and their personality. A unique cake should be selected for each thing, and having a cake themed after each will make the birthday more memorable.

Cake for adults

The birthday of grandparents or parents is an opportunity for children and grandchildren to express their love and gratitude to their parents. Older people often choose birthday cakes with elegant colors; deep tones will be an intelligent choice, the taste is usually not too sweet, and the motifs are in the shape of the zodiac or delicate shapes. , upright. Family members will feel the love you send.

Cake for kids

It is hard to have a baby’s birthday without adorable and hilarious birthday cakes since they delight the baby. If you are a girl, you should select cakes with bright colors such as pink, yellow, or orange, as well as decorative motifs of animals, the baby’s age, or dolls, etc. But girls are more important than boys. The baby’s age should be reflected in the photos of automobiles, superheroes, and cakes, and parents should be sure to select age-appropriate hues like gray, blue, red, etc.

Cake for friends

Because these are people who know each other reasonably well and have a fairly close relationship, when selecting birthday cakes, rather than opting for traditional, somewhat elegant decorations like those found on cakes for adults, you might select one that is decorated somewhat mischievously, “heavily,” and branded as a genuine best friend. For instance, selecting a cake by the zodiac sign of the celebrant or sending naughty photographs along with one-of-a-kind birthday wishes to a close buddy on his special day.

Printing your image at a birthday party will be a particular thing in the eyes of friends, and while looking at the cake, you can identify who the party’s host was. One of the popular trends among young people in today’s society is a birthday cake with a photo. You don’t need to be concerned about ordering a photo-printed birthday cake because both the ink and the printing paper are safe for consumption, so many cake shops now accept them.

Cake for lover

This is a unique gift you offer to your significant other, and you choose to decorate it with bright colors, such as red roses. In addition, you may decorate it with heart-shaped motifs, flowers, and messages of love, which is a terrific choice for expressing your feelings for that particular individual. The celebration will be cozier, warmer, and sweeter thanks to the presence of a birthday cake.

What Factors Affect Cake Pricing?

Cake rack in Bakery
Cake rack in Bakery

There are a lot of people who are curious about the reason why they do not offer the exact cost of the cakes. The short answer is that it is not possible under any circumstances. Each and every cake has a unique design. The price of your cake is determined by a number of factors, including the degree of difficulty of the design, the amount of time and labor that went into making it, and the size of the cake.


You may have noticed that the calculator at the top of this page has a price setting for the cake’s volume in cubic inches, and that’s because there is a pricing setting for that. This setting is reflective of the expense of the ingredients that are utilized. For instance, the price of a cake prepared from real dark chocolate containing a high proportion of natural cacao will be more than the price of a cake created from a ready-made chocolate mix.


Do you make your home in one of the world’s most densely populated metropolitan areas, such as New York or Los Angeles? Then, you must increase the price by at least 25% over the market average. On the other side, prices will be lower in areas with a lower population density.

The number of tiers

The baker will have to put in more effort with each subsequent tier, and additional frosting or icing will be required. Cakes with the same number of tiers but different numbers of guests might have drastically different price tags due to the difference in the number of tiers.

The baker

The look of a cake and its flavor are highly dependent on the skill of the baker who made it. Cakes are not mass-produced items. Therefore, it should not be surprising that high-end bakeries demand far higher costs than the norm. It is possible that other bakers have less experience or talent, and as a result, they will charge less to compete on price.

Toppings and decorations

Last but not least, the couple has the option of topping their cake with components that are either edible or inedible, depending on their inclination. Some examples are small buttercream flowers, a cake topper depicting a married couple, and ribbons wrapped around the cake.

Suggestions and a quote

A skilled baker can guide you on the most appropriate course of action, given the circumstances. Additionally, they will provide you with one or more pricing quotations upon request. Most of the time, the fees associated with this job are implicitly included in the overall price of the cake so that you won’t find a separate line item for it on the invoice.

Icing or Glaze

The cake is finished off with a layer of frosting. It wraps around the outside and significantly impacts how the cake appears overall. The frosting cost can vary depending on the type of frosting, as some ingredients are more straightforward to deal with than others.

The height of each tier

Although each tier’s height can range from 3 to 8 inches, the standard height for tiers in a cake portions chart is 6 inches. However, the height of individual tiers can vary significantly. You can select a cake with a lesser tier height if you want to spend less money, or you can select a greater tier height if you want a more impressively massive cake.

Top 5 Most Popular Types of Cakes

The indispensable dish on the elegant dining table is cake on big occasions or birthdays. The cake is small but mighty; it helps people gather closer together and brings joy to those who enjoy it. Today we will introduce to you the top 5 most loved delicious cakes.

Traditional cake

Rainbow Delicious Cake
Rainbow Delicious Cake

Traditional cake must have become familiar to everyone on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. With an eye-catching and attractive decoration and delicious taste, the cake is a gift to help convey the message of love and affection to the cake giver. 

Traditional cake usually consists of a cake core and an eye-catching fresh milk cream. Besides, jams and fresh fruits are also excellent choices to increase the flavor and freshness of the cake.


Cheese cake
Cheese cake

Cheesecake is a famous and popular dessert all over the world. Cheesecake has two main parts: an irresistible creamy cheese layer and a cake base made from crumbly biscuits or soft gato cake. Cheesecake is a relatively easy cake because you may not need to use the oven to make this irresistible fatty cake still.

Thanks to this unique taste and simple way of making, this cake is now made a lot to give gifts on birthdays or other special days, etc. If you are a fan of the flavor of cheesecake, you can easily create it on your own at home without having to spend a lot of time preparing the ingredients or using an oven.

Mousse cake

Mousse cake
Mousse cake

When it comes to mousse cake, everyone immediately thinks of the cool, smooth, melt-in-your-mouth ice cream. In French, this type of cake also means “foam,” mousse is a cake with a beautiful appearance with a layer of gato or a thin layer of biscuits on the bottom, and on top is a smooth cream that melts like a sponge. The attractive fruit flavor is sure to leave an unforgettable taste with anyone.

Mousse is a cake with a relatively simple way of making. You can make your own at home without using too many tools and still be able to produce a very delicious cake. This is also an excellent suggestion for birthday gifts for loved ones that you can make yourself!

Seeing the mousse is seeing the freshness!


If you are a fan of sweets, no one is fascinated by the cake originating from poetic Italy – Tiramisu. Each layer of soft and smooth cake blends with the greasy cream mixed with the bitter taste of coffee, so it’s not dull.

In particular, Tiramisu is also considered a very romantic cake for couples. This cake is also called “pick me up.” Cake originated from Italy, symbolizing intense love because the cake has both a bitter taste and a sweet taste, as well as a love that is both happy and painful. In addition, the cake is called the queen of all cakes by the pastry world. So if you are planning to make a cake for your loved one on your birthday or anniversary, take advantage of this cake!

Ice cream cake

Icecream cake
Icecream cake

Ice cream cake is relatively new and highly unique. Instead of the usual gato cake core, the ingredient of this cake line is the ice cream that we still enjoy. Ice cream is poured into the cake mold and put in the freezer compartment to solidify. Then separate and layer the thin layers together and decorate as eye-catching as a regular birthday cake.

Since the main ingredient is cold cream, this cake line will be more suitable for birthday parties in rooms with the air conditioning on.


What are the standard dimensions of cakes?

Cakes are frequently measured in inches, and some standard sizes include 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches in diameter, with 6 inches being the most petite and 12 inches being the largest of the bunch. You can serve anywhere from five to seventy-two people from a six- to twelve-inch cake, but the exact number will depend on the number of people you intend to serve and the size of the portions.

What kind of dimensions do most birthday cakes have?

The number of visitors attending your birthday will largely determine the size of your birthday cake. In addition, the majority of the time, a round cake pan is used for baking birthday cakes. As a result, the most common sizes are eight & nine inches in circumference. There are a couple of 12-inch-diameter birthday cakes available at the same time.

What is the height of the tallest cake?

Thrissur, in the Indian state of Kerala, is home to over 1,500 bakers and chefs who collaborated to produce the world’s longest cake. It measured roughly 6.5 kilometers in length and 10 centimeters in width. About 27,000 kg were contained in the cake. It was distributed across tens of thousands of tables spread across the open ground.

What is the largest size of cake available?

What could a more fitting remembrance of your nation be than a considerable cake modeled after it? This enormous structure was once a wedding cake created in Seattle in 1962. It is often considered to be the enormous cake in the world. It towers over seven meters in height and weighs more than eleven and a half tons! That is one substantial-looking cake!

What is the customary proportion of a wedding cake?

Servings of wedding cake typically consist of slices measuring one inch thick and two inches long. A larger slice for a party is 1.5 inches by 2 inches in dimension. Many bakeries provide cake tiers with heights of either 4 or 5 inches, which needs to be considered when making size calculations.

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