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Are Dansko Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?






There are many ways to treat plantar fasciitis. For example, many people choose to stretch the plantar fascia and strengthen it or use a walking shoe with an elevated heel which offers more support and allows deeper flexion. Others find relief through pain-relieving medications such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Another option should be considered: wearing shoes with built-in arch support, which helps alleviate pressure from the plantar fascia while still offering some level of motion control.

Dansko CEO and store

Specifically, good shoes for plantar fasciitis are the Dansko Professional clog. They provide excellent arch support, ease pressure on the plantar fascia, and encourage proper posture. Additionally, the clog’s elevated heel and rigid sole give it motion control and stability to help balance and minimize instability while walking.

Additionally, regular use of this shoe may prevent you from needing surgery in the future. Are Dansko shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

You can find your Dansko shoe size in Dansko shoe size chart

Are Dansko Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis?

Dansko men shoe

Yes. Dansko shoes are an excellent option for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. The shoes provide stability and support to traditional orthopedic shoes while offering the breathability of lightweight open-toe mary jane style shoes.

Another reason Dansko may be suitable for plantar fasciitis is that they can help ease your pain with tight-fitting around your arch and heel.

A contoured heel cup and a padded heel counter make the shoe extremely comfortable and supportive. If you have plantar fasciitis, you may want to look into finding an athletic shoe or shoe with shock absorption at the sole or arch. There are also shoes out there that provide good arch support and stability, such as Dansko.

Dansko shoes are suitable for plantar fasciitis patients because they have a contoured heel that helps relieve tension in the foot and ankle. In addition, the arch area of Dansko is padded, providing an extra cushion when you are on your feet all day. This helps prevent any discomfort from occurring when you’re on your feet all day.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the foot fascia that causes heel pain and significantly affects the patient’s daily activities. This is a common disease in the community, shared in middle-aged men, athletes, and hard workers. Approximately 70% of patients with plantar fasciitis have associated heel spurs.

Plantar Fasciitis cause

The plantar fascia is a thick, elastic muscular tendon composed of collagen fibers that extend from the heel bone to the tip of the metatarsal bones near the toe. The plantar fascia participates in forming the physiological arch of the foot, thereby reducing the pressure that the foot has to bear, making walking easier and protecting the joints of the foot. Anything that damages the plantar fascia leads to plantar fasciitis.

The most prominent symptom of plantar fasciitis is a lot of pain in the heel, especially in the early morning when you wake up. Therefore, treatment of plantar fasciitis needs to be done promptly and adequately so that the disease does not progress chronically, recur many times, change gait, and significantly affect the patient’s life.

Causes of plantar fasciitis include factors that affect the plantar fascia. These injuries stretch the plantar fascia, lose its elasticity, and reduce the load-bearing capacity of the plantar fascia. In addition, the body’s pressure from walking a lot, standing for a long time, or using shoes with too hard soles for a long time is also the cause of plantar fasciitis.

Features of Dansko Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis

Dansko clogs


Dansko shoes are designed with professional features that help alleviate the pressure of plantar fasciitis, one of the leading causes of heel pain. The most critical design feature is using a PU outsole to provide better support and shock absorbency. This minimizes strain on your foot by distributing weight evenly, reducing pressure on any one area. 

Dansko also includes a removable insole, which can be taken out to provide even more relief for your feet while you are resting or sleeping at night. The other primary design feature is its lace-less construction. This helps your foot breathe and move freely, allowing for better circulation of blood and nutrients to promote faster healing. Of course, it would be best if you always looked for a slip-resistant outsole, too, to maximize comfort while walking, running, or backpacking.

Cushioned Insole

dansko white shoe

Dansko shoes have a lot of features that make them a good choice for plantar fasciitis. The most important feature is the insole which is designed to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis. It comes with a deep heel cup and foam midsole to give your foot the maximum amount of support. In addition, it has an anatomic design to help align your foot in place and provide excellent support. The removable insole has some thickness and is designed to push the foot back into its ideal position. This position is known as the neutral position. To offer maximum comfort, the insole also comes with a deep heel cup and foam cushion.

Slip Resistant Outsole

Dansko clogs come with a slip-resistant outsole to prevent accidents from happening while wearing this shoe. If you have been experiencing any discomfort after standing for a long time, this is a good option for your plantar fasciitis treatment. The outsole is molded with a deep heel cup design to provide maximum comfort and support for your feet. The outsole is made of slip-resistant rubber with flex grooves to give you better traction. In addition, the patented Wave plate technology provides enhanced flex and stability for the foot.


Dansko clogs have a lot of features that make them a good choice for plantar fasciitis. The most important feature is the insole which is designed to relieve pain from plantar fasciitis. It comes with a deep heel cup and foam midsole to give your foot the maximum amount of support. In addition, it has an anatomic design to help align your foot in place and provide excellent support. The removable insole has some thickness and is designed to push the foot back into its ideal position. This position is known as the neutral position. To offer maximum comfort, the insole also comes with a deep heel cup and foam cushion.

Wide base

Dansko shoes have a broad base, which means that they generally have a higher heel than most other brands. It is not just an aesthetic feature; it is also meant to provide additional support for your feet.

They can offer more space under your feet for proper arch support and the protection of your foot. If your feet feel tight and angled, this can cause the poor function of the muscles and tendons around your feet. This is where Dansko excels; they provide a broad base, which helps cushion that arch and avoid stress. This not only provides more comfort but also gives you better stability while walking or standing still.


Dansko’s shoes are specially designed to support your feet and provide proper support for your arches. In addition, they provide high arches, which help to keep the muscles in the bottom of your feet firm. This helps prevent plantar fasciitis and presents a better posture when you are standing still.


Weight is an essential factor in maintaining your balance. While it is true that Dansko shoes are very light, they are designed to support the total weight of the ankle. This means you’ll be able to walk comfortably, whether you’re walking or running, throughout the day without any problems.

The flexibility of the shoe

Flexible footwear ensures that your foot can move without restriction. This is one of the best features of Dansko shoes, which are pretty flexible, whether because of their weight distribution or by addressing their comfort. Other shoes on the market provide this type of flexibility, but it’s clear that Dansko does it best. Their footwear offers excellent support throughout the day and reduces any extra pressure on your feet.

Benefits of Danskos for Plantar Fasciitis

Dansko shoe style

There are many benefits to wearing Dansko shoes for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. One of the main benefits is that Dansko help reduce pain in the feet, knees, hips, and lower back due to the added support. They also offer a much softer footbed that spreads support evenly rather than concentrating it in certain areas like other brands. The combination of these three elements can assist in reducing pain that is associated with plantar fasciitis.

Dansko shoes are also beneficial for people with plantar fasciitis because they help reduce their risk of injuring themselves while walking. In addition, Dansko shoes are durable and built to last, causing minor wear and tear on the feet, putting a lot of stress on the plantar fascia. They also provide stability through the entire foot, therefore taking some weight off the heel.

Finally, Dansko shoes can be worn for years without needing replacement which helps keep their integrity. This means they will last long term and not get torn or worn down over time. With so many benefits, it is no wonder why so many people choose to wear Dansko when suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Top 3 Dansko Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis affects the lower part of the foot and results from inflammation and tearing of the connective tissues that support and protect the foot. It can be excruciating, which is never difficult for many people to endure. That’s where these shoes come into play: they’re specially designed for people with plantar fasciitis with a protective gel that’s both flexible and supportive. They also have a built-in heel counter that helps reduce pain during activities like standing, walking, or running.

And choosing a pair of shoes to minimize the pain of plantar fasciitis can be difficult, so we’ve put together a list of some of the best shoes for the profession. This will make choosing the best plantar fasciitis shoes much more accessible. Here are some of the best Dansko shoes for people with plantar fasciitis.

Dansko Paisley

Dansko Paisley

An upper made of Scotchgard-treated leather is water and odor-resistant; a DuPont Sorona membrane provides humidity management; Cleansport NXT for odor control is found on the outsole; and a Vibram rubber outsole is ideal for both dry and snowy situations. Removable, triple-density footbeds incorporated with Dansko Natural Arch Technology give underfoot support. A dual-density polyurethane/EVA heel cushion maximizes shock absorption, while a carbon-rubber outsole wedge provides torsional stability. 

Dansko XP 2.0 Clog

Dansko 2.0 Clog

Dansko XP 2.0 Clog is an excellent choice for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. It’s one of the best-reviewed shoes by people with this condition, and it’s stylish enough to wear for a night out or on the way to work. A soft footbed provides ventilation and reduces heat build-up. Coupled with a wide box foot shape for a comfortable toe-wide movement, a lightweight EVA midsole reduces fatigue in everyday wear and provides stability and high shock absorption. 

Detachable dual-density engineered PU footbed with Dansko Natural Arch™ technology – TPU arch stabilizer for exceptional all-day support, high-abrasion TPU heel counter for support walking motion, allowing your heel to move up and down freely, plus a non-slip rubber outsole suitable for dry, wet, and oily/wet surfaces It’s also available in men and women. Dansko 2.0 Clog is an excellent choice for people with plantar fasciitis.

Dansko Fawna Black Milled Nappa

Dansko Fawna Black Milled Nappa

If you are looking for a shoe that guarantees pain-free walking, then the Dansko Fawna Black Milled Nappa is just what you need. These shoes are handcrafted with a one-piece Nappa leather upper and a full footbed. The inside is designed with a soft lining for maximum comfort for your feet. Removable, molded EVA footbed with optimal cushioning and arch support. Rubber outsole for long-lasting wear resistance. They’re also made from rubber in the heel area, providing extra flexibility and support for people with plantar fasciitis.

These are stylish classic shoes that will go with any outfit. They come in many different colors and designs. However, you can only buy them in black milled Nappa leather. They cost $189 for women and $199 for men.


Is Danskos bad for your feet?

No. “All shoes hurt your feet to some degree, but Danskos are designed to be better for your feet. People with plantar fasciitis should wear shoes with low-heel arches and soft soles, like Dansko.”

If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or anything related to foot pain, chances are you have a hard time finding a good pair of dress shoes. You’ve probably tried many brands that are advertised to be comfortable, but after trying them on, you realize they are not. I was in the same situation not too long ago. My commute to work is about an hour each way, and I’m on my feet the entire time, so finding something comfortable for me has been a challenge.

Do Dansko shose have arch support?

Yes. Dansko shoes are designed to provide your feet with the support they need, thanks to their patented foam-cushioned insole.

Understanding the cause of solving foot pain is often the most critical part of the equation. This means that if you’re wearing shoes that don’t properly fit your feet, you’re more likely to hurt yourself than if you wear a shoe that’s meant for your specific needs. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the Dansko shoes and how they can help you if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Why are Dansko shoes so good?

Many people who have plantar fasciitis use Dansko shoes. People use Dansko shoes for different reasons. One of the most popular reasons is because they are comfortable, and many people who suffer from plantar fasciitis find them very helpful in reducing their symptoms. The other reason is that they are suitable for your feet, as you can always choose a shoe with proper arch support to make sure you don’t risk injury. Additionally, the shoes are very durable, so that you will have them for a long time.

How are Dansko shoes supposed to fit?

Usually, Dansko shoes are made for all-day comfort. So the heel area must have enough padding around the heel so that there is no pressure on the front part of the foot. The back of the shoe should have a sturdy frame and grip to help keep it in shape. There will also be some material on the top to let in, so there’s not too much pressure on any areas, but tight enough that it doesn’t fall off easily. 

At the front of the shoe, there should be a snug fit that allows for free movement. The end is where it gets a little more complicated. Ultimately determine the shape of the shoe, but also how it will fit your foot. There are some differences between the standard and width, but most people will fit the standard width.

Are Dansko shoes good for wide feet?

Yes. Dansko is one of the most prevalent foot surgeons’ recommendations for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. The orthopedic design of Dansko shoes is suitable for people with wide feet. In addition, because of the unique, tensioned strap on each side, which automatically puts pressure on the plantar fascia and distributes it over a greater area than many other types of shoes, it’s an excellent choice for someone with this condition. Also, the soles of Dansko shoes are made from a soft PU (polyurethane) material that is particularly effective in preventing and reducing plantar fasciitis.

Are Danskos supportive?

Yes. The Dansko shoe offers superior arch support and is certified by the American Pediatric Medical Association as a functional shoe for foot support and alignment. In addition, the shoes are designed with a wide toe box that gives your toes plenty of room to move without being constrained in a small space. With these features, Dansko’s is perfect for working in environments where you have to stand for long periods, such as at a restaurant or school lunchroom. Even for people with plantar fasciitis.

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