15 Custom Shoe Racks for Closet

If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your closet space, the best way is to upgrade your shoe racks. It’s easy to find the perfect stylish shoe rack in stores these days and they can often be bought for £20 or less. The great thing about these storage racks is that you don’t have to be an expert shoemaker in order for them work! You just need a slight idea on what shape of rack will go well with your selected design, then mix and match some materials around for it. While there are many elements that can go into building your own custom-made shoe rack, more often than not wood is used as a strong foundational material.

If you do decide to build your own shoe rack, keep in mind that you are designing the part of the closet that people will see when they walk in through. You want to make sure that it is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. For this kind of custom shoe rack, there’s a wide selection of designs available ranging from modern styles to classic designs. Other elements like color, metal, and glass can also be added for a customized look. 

15 Custom Shoe Racks for Closet
15 Custom Shoe Racks for Closet

1. KAMO Sliding Shoe Rack

KAMO Sliding Shoe Rack
KAMO Sliding Shoe Rack

A KAMO Sliding Shoe Rack is a well-designed way for you to store your shoes in your closet. The KAMO Sliding Shoe Rack features a steel rail that you can slide on the floor of your closet, which means it’s not permanently attached to any wall. This helps give you more versatility and lets you use the rack in any corner of your closet.

Carousel Shoe Rack 

A Carousel Shoe Rack is a rotating walk-in closet style shoe rack. This type of shoe storage rack is most popular in the home. It offers you plenty of space to store your footwear collection while making it easy to find the right pair and convenient to put away at the end of a day.

3. Pull out Shoe Rack

Pull out Shoe Rack

Pull out shoe rack is an essential household accessory for the closet that allows you to get organize and store your shoes. It can prove to be very difficult and time-consuming to find the perfect place for everyone’s shoes. With a pull out shoe rack, you can have multiple storage options in one, so it creates more room in the closet area.

4. Expandable 24 Pair Tower Shoe Storage Cabinet

Expandable 24 Pair Tower Shoe Storage Cabinet

This suitcase-style shoe rack is designed to hold up to 24 pairs of shoes and will easily fit into a closet or similar small area. It’s made from durable, lightweight aluminum profiles that don’t rust and fold flat for storage when not in use. The top rack folds down for stashing shoes that you want in plain sight and the bottom rack is tall enough so it won’t be too awkward.

5. Space-saving Shoe Stackers

Space-saving Shoe Stackers

Most people keep their shoes in the closet, but this can lead to a mess. Instead, try Space-saving Shoe Stackers; they allow you to put your shoes in an organized way and use less space.” For anyone who’s ever tried to squeeze as many pairs of shoes into a closet as possible only to have them piled on top of each other, it’s time that shoe stackers became a must-have.

6. Wood Closet Door Shoe Rack

Wood Closet Door Shoe Rack

Wood closet door shoe rack is a easy way to organize the shoes on both sides of the door. The design of this shoe rack is simple, space saving, and durable because of the use of quality pine wood. This shoe rack requires no additional hardware or tools for installation and assembly.

7. Over the Door Shoe Sorage

Over the Door Shoe Sorage

Shoes can be a pain to deal with. If you don’t have the room for a shoe rack then try hanging your shoes from the bottom of a door. This way they are neatly stored, you can see all of your shoes at once and even conveniently grab one without having to search through stacks! 

8. GREJIG Shoe Rack Gray

GREJIG Shoe Rack Gray

The GREJIG shoe rack is a practical way of keeping your shoes at arm’s length. You can use it both for everyday shoes in the hallway or for fancy shoes in the wardrobe. And since the rack is foldable, you can have some extra racks in the hallway closet that you can unfold and stack when you have guests over. The rack holds 3 pairs of shoes and you can stack up to 3 racks on top of each other.

9. Shoe Basket

Shoe Basket

Shoe baskets are not only great for storing shoes, but also for organizing a closet. Shoe baskets are compact and allow a person’s personal style to shine through on the inside of their closet. Beyond that, custom shoe storage is essential as a way of getting rid of excessive clutter and keeping your home tidy and organized.

10. Five Tier Pull Out Shoe Rack

Five Tier Pull Out Shoe Rack

If you have a large shoe collection and don’t have enough room in your closet for them all, then these five tier pull out racks are an excellent way to store your shoes. It’s worth mentioning that these are also known as over-the-door shoe racks, which means they’ll fit easily in any space with a door. 

11. Shoe Rack with Plastic Panels 

Shoe Rack with Plastic Panels 

The shoe rack has three panels made out of recycled plastic, which makes it hard to see through. This creates a nice privacy for your shoes. Another interesting thing about the shoe rack is that it provides storage for other things like hats and scarves as well.

12. DIY LED Shoe Closet

DIY LED Shoe Closet

This is a great project for urbanites or anyone who wants their shoes on display. Furnish your own “mini boutique” with these sleek lights that can be hung on any surface. The LEDs are battery-powered with minimal wiring so the styling possibilities are endless.

13. Walk In Closet Shoe Organizer

Walk In Closet Shoe Organizer

Many people are looking for ways to make their closets more organized. For some, that could be achieved by organizing a closet in an unconventional way like with a walk in closet shoe organizer. There are many different types of shoe organizers but this one is worth the price because it is made out of durable wood and it keeps your shoes off of the floor and easy to find. Plus, it has a shelf on top that makes it easy to store other items so you don’t have to dig through your closet every time you need something else.

14. Shoe Drying Rack 

Shoe Drying Rack 

A shoe drying rack for your closet is a must-have in order to save space and time. Since this purchase will be a long-term investment, the decision is worth the one that you choose it wisely. This allows you to dry your shoes overnight so that they are ready for your morning run or appointments. These racks also allow each pair of shoes to stand on their own, perfect for anyone who has limited storage space and can’t stand shoe clutter.

15. Hand Crafted Custom Closet Shoe Rack

Hand Crafted Custom Closet Shoe Rack
Hand Crafted Custom Closet Shoe Rack

Your Closet Shoe Rack is hand built out of solid wood which offers an elegant touch to any room. It has a modern timeless design that compliments your style of decorating. The beauty of the Hand Crafted Custom Closet Shoe Rack is that it can be customized to match your needs, so it’s a perfect space saver by not taking up any floor space. Whether you’re looking for a way to store sneakers or just organizing your shoes, closet shoe storage has never been easier!.

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