Sergio Rossi, the brand, originated in San Mauro, Pascoli, in the Romagna region of Italy. Sergio Rossi inherited all the tools and traditions of a great artisan from his father: an extraordinary and intuitive ability that was never taught, but perfected as he observed all the gestures, the expertise, and tricks of the trade that would soon became natural movements – something one knows without ever having learnt. He reproduced those skills and then enhanced them, as though he had been reciting a lesson learnt by heart.

Thirty years after the creation of the first shoes bearing his name, Sergio Rossi’s success is obvious and measurable, attracting international attention and red carpet renown. In 1999, Gucci Group finalized the acquisition of the Sergio Rossi brand and started opening numerous prestigious boutiques accross the globe, establishing the brand as a real worldwide phenomenon

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