The RAGEN brand was inspired by the fusion of two rich colorful heritages forming a unique ensemble of charmed jewelry for the chic urbanites.

 As a child, Negar received her first piece of charm jewelry and immediately developed a fascination for symbolic and expressive gems.

When Negar was very young, her family moved to the sunny south of France, where her aesthetic vision was shaped by Mediterranean hues, southern European flair, and glittering landscapes. Later, as she moved to NYC and immersed herself in the fashion world, the urge to channel her creative energy into designing jewelry grew. A trip to the Middle East provided the final push and inspired RAGEN, a ravishing brand that brings together Negar's lifelong inspirations and affinity for sophisticated designs.

The pieces in the RAGEN collections are remarkably delicate, easy to wear, all while maintaining a strong magnetic look. The collections were designed to allow the pieces be worn layered, making the line playful and ept to be worn with other fine jewelry.



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