FRANCESCO MORICHETTI was born in the late Seventies in Civitanova Marche in the footwear industrial district of the Marche region. As a young boy, he started to work in his family business, breathing “the art of making” amid the smell of shoe uppers and the toil of old workers. He was taught the rules and learnt how to break them to satisfy his innovative spirit. Today, having contributed to several successful brands, such as No-l-ita, he can finally dedicate himself to developing his style on the international market.

FRANCESCO MORICHETTI possesses a passion for craftsmanship, weaving, stitching, the colour of materials and the tactile sensation of objects. The quality of materials is the first element: it guards a secret, just like emotions stem from your heart, take light through your eyes and reach your hands. These are the reasons for the brands ongoing search for new technical solutions either to respect or to abuse materials, always in a sensational way.

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